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One of our guest stars for episode 11.15 is bringing us attention in some unexpected places.

Wednesday's episode 'Beyond the Mat' takes Sam and Dean into the world of wrestling. Supernatural cast wrestling star 'The Miz' in this episode. His appearance is garnering attention from many wrestling sites. shared the promotional photos for the episode. 411 Mania wrote The Miz to Guest Star on Supernatural Wednesday Night . Wrestling News Worldwide reported The Miz To Guest Star On Upcoming Episode Of “Supernatural” . From The Miz To Appear On Supernatural Wrestlingzone mentioned us in twice in their roundup of wrestling news, here and here . and also covered The Miz's appearance in their news roundups. The wrestling community is on board as well

Of course, The Miz, himself, is promoting the episode both on Twitter

and Instagram

.@cw_supernatural is not ready for #ShawnHarley

A photo posted by @mikethemiz on

This has been a really good season and it looks like this episode and its guest star might bring new viewers who could come to love the show as well. Welcome Mike,The Miz aka Shawn Harley.


# sylvia37 2016-02-23 13:56
Supporting Cast Jared and Jensen? :)
# Grace232 2016-02-23 16:13
I know nothing about wrestling, but with that comment, it is clear the guy has a sense of humor. Bet the guys had a lot of fun working with him.
# BoGirle 2016-02-23 18:30
I don't know anything about wrestling either, and frankly the whole sport kind of bores me. But that being said, this episode seems to be really fun and I love the fact that the guest star might generate some viewers outside the norm for this show. All it takes is one episode to get hooked......tha t's what happened to me. The J's look like they are having a ball! Who wrote this one?
# Sylvie 2016-02-24 08:01
I am really looking forward to this episode. I used to love watching wrestling when I was a kid, even went to a few matches! I don't follow it anymore, but just the preview brought back some good memories for me. :D