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Here are the photos for episode 14

The Vessel


and the promo

Dean is on the submarine and it looks like somebody thinks he doesn't belong. There's a woman on board, and I will be very interested to see what the explanation for that is, since women weren't generally welcome in the military at the time. She also has an interesting mark on her shoulder. What does that mean? It's not the MOC, but it looks mystical. Crowley's back and is Lucifer's prisoner. It looks like he's still feisty! Dean tells people he's on a mission from the future. I wonder how that will go over? Sam is hanging out with Lucifer and in one shot it looks like he is gobsmacked by something. Does Casifer say something to twig Sam that he isn't Cas? Or is it something else? If Sam does realize this Lucifer is in Cas will he be able to hide the knowledge? Or will he and Lustiel have a fight? Let us know in the comments or in the discussion thread for episode 14.

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# cheryl42 2016-02-10 16:31
I can't wait for this one. The original synopsis was confusing but I like that Casifer (or Luciel) is staying behind with Sam. And Dean on a sub. It sounds great.
# Didi 2016-02-10 16:42
Cas is not wearing a trench coat in these pics. That alone should be enough to make Sam skeptical. As Jen mentioned in an earlier post, the Keep Grinding video from a few weeks ago shows Sam pointing a gun at Casifer - Casifer is wearing the same suit... I don't think this ep will be Sam lite at all. Also looking forward to the Berens/Dabb collaboration on the script.
# paladinteacher 2016-02-10 17:01
There is a brain on the cutting board in the first picture. It looks like he is slicing something else, though. What's that going to be for?
# cheryl42 2016-02-10 17:07
It looks like part of a brain in sandwich sized slices. Yum!
# Didi 2016-02-10 19:53
Oh, that's just our silly little Lucifer trying to fit in with the boys.
# spnlit 2016-02-10 17:54
Maybe there are several reasons why this episode is entitled "The Vessel" Dean of course is on a vessel the submarine and maybe the girl with the mark is somehow a vessel of some type and she has some info to help with the Darkness and just maybe Sammy discovers that Cas is a vessel for Lucifer! I am quite excited!
Barbara Maake
# Barbara Maake 2016-02-10 20:17
I looked closely at the symbol on the woman's upper chest and I'm pretty sure it's a hieroglyphic meaning "beautiful girl who is totally out of place on a sub." Either that or "the search for the HOG is a massive boondoggle." I always confuse those two hieroglyphics!; )
# eilf 2016-02-10 21:40
I want to like this and the site won't let me. So, LIKE! :P
Barbara Maake
# Barbara Maake 2016-02-10 22:26
Thanks eilf! I have to admit I couldn't stop giggling when I was typing it. I thought of a lot of different translations for the symbol before settling on those two. I'm sure you could come up with some good ones!:)
# eilf 2016-02-10 22:37
Some of the best entertainment in life is when you make yourself laugh, right? :D

I don't know why it wouldn't let me like using the heart buttons though. It works fine on my computer just not on the tablet.

Off to Houston tomorrow to see the boys! Wish me luck:D
# Jen 2016-02-10 23:02
Oh me too Please elf Say Gidday from Australia, a big hug, some kisses and ummmmmmmm :o:o:o:o Please just say gidday and give us all the gossip Thanks
# YellowEyedSam 2016-02-11 06:34
Wonderful! Drop Jared a line we need some yellow eyed Sam, tortured Sam, and evil Sam :P
Barbara Maake
# Barbara Maake 2016-02-10 22:39
Also, have a wonderful time at the Con this weekend! Tell the Js I said hello.;) And please report back with all of your impressions in great detail. That way I can vicariously attend the Con.:)
# eilf 2016-02-10 22:49
# eilf 2016-02-10 22:49
duplicate post
# ScifiSpirit 2016-02-10 21:23
I'm actually really excited to see the Sam/Lustiel interactions. I have full faith in Sam here. And I'm really curious just how "smooth and cool" Lucifer is going to be able to act around his One True Vessel, who said no to him against all odds and who also happens to be the only person on the entire planet that has bested him! One thing that will never got old in this show is Sam kicking the devil's ass! I hope we get a hint of that here. Looking forward to it either way though!
# AlyCat22 2016-02-11 03:31
I'm thinking once Sam finds out it's going to be less kicking ass and more collaboration? Dean's still back in the past. Lucifers in control. Sam won't kill Cas to get to him. I think Sam still believes Lucifers their best shot against Amara (not vesselwise, I don't see Sam agreeing to that anytime soon) seeing as Dean has more or less taken a knee in regards to her. Letting Sammy take the lead and man the helm. See what I just did there. ;) It looks like Sam is clueing in in a few of those pics in the library, I don't think Lucifer will be able to pull the wool over Sammys eyes for long. Dean's instincts are telling him something is off about Cas but he's too spun on his axis over trying to get a hold of whatever this thing with Amara is. I don't see this ending well for Dean. Sam and Cas I don't know!

I know some are bitching about this season but I have to admit I'm liking it. I like when the filler/standalo nes still move the ball a little further down the myth arc court. It feels more like Seasons Four and Five. They are keeping me guessing that's for sure!
I also think they still aren't going to go the romantic/love thing with Dean and Amara as so many fear. It's an attraction and bliss...but I'm waiting for the twist. And you know there is going to be one.

I think the girl on the sub is a spy either for the US or one of our allies. I think she's who killed the Nazi commander and that's why she's on the sub. Mission accomplished. So looking forward to this one!
# Didi 2016-02-11 04:03
AlyCat, I agree with mostly everything you said here. I'm also loving this season - like you said, it's a bit of a throwback to S4 and S5. Mark P. is also in this ep, so this should interesting- Casifer, Lucifer (hallucifer, maybe), and Sam... These boys just can't catch a break.
# Jen 2016-02-11 04:11
Alycat I agree with you on all said. She may have been after the HOG for a organization like the MOL to protect it. She is definatly not a sailor I think the sub was sent to pick her up then got in a altercation with a german sub, and originally all on board plus the HOG were sunk. Dean has to get the weapon and back before the sub goes down. History can't be changed but Dean taking the weapon should be ok.
I am concerned however that Cas/Lucifer might tell Sam he won't bring Dean back if he doesn't swop vessels, The episode being called "The Vessel" emphasis on THE VESSEL
The only problem with this idea is that in the video "Keep Grinding" it appears Dean is back Sam is ok == and Dean says "we will save Cas, ice the devil and ............ Amara
Barbara Maake
# Barbara Maake 2016-02-11 07:18
I'm thinking once Sam finds out it's going to be less kicking ass and more collaboration?
I like this thought Alycat. And it would fit in with one of Carver's cryptic hints about unholy alliances, or however he phrased it. It also could prove to be an exciting plot: they're working with Luci while not trusting him, and wondering what will happen if/when he helps them ice Amara- how will they then manage to defeat him? I think there are a lot of interesting possibilities for how things will play out, and like you I love that they're keeping us guessing.

One question: who the heck isn't enjoying this season? It seems to have something for everyone: Sam girls, Dean girls, Cas girls, guys who just like the terrific mix of humor, drama and the supernatural. In my own house we have a nice cross-section of the viewers: middle-aged woman, teenage girl, and 20 year old boy. And we all think it's been an excellent season. So who are these foolish people of whom you speak? ;)
# Jen 2016-02-11 07:45
Collabarate with Lucy OH my goodness How could you trust Him I would be watching my back all the way How exciting oooooooohhhhhhh hh this season WONDERFUL Love it Love it
:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:( Still know Bro Hug
# Jen 2016-02-11 07:49
Alycat did you hear the TRAIN WHISTLE in "Love Hurts" TOOT TOOOOOOOT Its back LOL :o
# percysowner 2016-02-11 09:50
I thought I heard it last week, too. I just forgot to note where. I was so sure that someone else would notice.
# Jen 2016-02-13 08:33
Had another look at "Don't forget about me" Couldn't pick up a train whistle
# E 2016-02-12 15:24
Having to collaborate with Luci.....oooooo oh, talk about your double edged sword! I could see Sam doing it though for Dean's sake. There's precedence for this type of thinking from Sam though. In season 7's Repo Man Sam worked with Hellucifer to save Dean from the psycho Jeffrey and risked going nuts by being unable to get Luci back out of his head. Only this time it's the real deal instead of an hallucination. I wonder if he'll feel like he's forced to work with Luci now and then continue to work with him on the Amara problem. I can't wait to see what the ultimate price of that cooperation will be, cause you know there will be a price and it will be high.
# percysowner 2016-02-12 16:04
I don't exactly see what options they have other than working with Lucifer, if that's what they do. They can't send Luci back to The Cage. Cas gave knowing consent, so it's not like Sam and Gadreel where once Sam found out about the possession and then kicked Gadreel out. Dean has admitted he can't go against Amara. Lucifer is going after Amara no matter what. It's not like this is unprecedented. They worked with Crowley when they thought he could get Sam's soul back. They worked with Crowley to stop Lucifer. So the enemy of my enemy is not OOC for the Winchesters.
# Didi 2016-02-12 16:39
Are we certain that Lucifer is going after Amara? The more I think about it, the less I'm sure... I think it's possible that Lucifer may be in cahoots with Amara. Their hatred for God being the tie that binds them together, as well as the fact that Luci wore the mark. Just a thought. What do you guys think?
# BoGirle 2016-02-13 09:20
Its true that we don't actually know....Luci has only said that he's the only one whose a match for her, but he never said he'd fight her did he. Hmmmmmm that would be an interesting and unfortunate plot twist for the boys if they discover that Luci is out, inside of Cas AND that he has no intention of fighting Amara.
# Jen 2016-02-17 03:14
Just when we think we are sorting things out You guys come up with another brilliant thought :p:p:p:p:p My Goodness stop already LOL
We think Lucy wonts this weapon HOG to help kill Amara What if he wont's this weapon just to hide it from The Boys so they can't kill Amara. ??
We also assume that Amara is drawing Dean in to become one / What if she knows Lucy is free and is in the game with him.
What if everything we know and seen is really twisted around the other way and its Team A & L against The Boys, How do you like them apples mmmmmmmmmmmm LOL
# percysowner 2016-02-17 07:31
Although I'm more than willing to buy the idea that Lucifer may not want to kill Amara, I'm less willing to buy the idea that Lucifer sends Dean back in time to find a weapon that is irretrievable just so he can hide/destroy it again. Use it to help Amara maybe, but finding a weapon the boys can't get makes Lucifer seem a bit dim. Now, this may be like the "song" that people heard before they died in Into the Mystic, i.e. a completely botched description, but I'm not seeing the logic in sending Dean to get it if Luci doesn't plan to use it in some way.

I'm skeptical about Luci working with Amara only because I do believe that the big cats can't share a cage. However having born the Mark for so many years may have given Luci a link to Amara that is as strong or stronger than Dean's.
# YellowEyedSam 2016-02-11 05:30
Oh no Sam is alone with Lucifer and doesn't know it! XD This episode looks good. :o

Would also like to add a lulz for what Crowley is wearing haha
# Lilah_Kane 2016-02-11 10:12
Maybe Casifer ate his tailor again? :D

- Lilah
# YellowEyedSam 2016-02-11 19:17
Also guys any idea whats happening with Sam? Its at 0:15
# Jen 2016-02-11 20:06
Can't tell much maybe something to do with Lucy/Cas ????
# njspnfan 2016-02-14 08:39
Wild speculation but maybe he figures out Castiel is Lucifer, Cassifer leaves, and Sam has to tap the power of his soul to bring Dean back from the sub? Henry Winchester was able to time travel using the power of his soul, so maybe Sam picked up a few tricks from all those old dusty books in the MOL library?
# njspnfan 2016-02-12 15:02
Can't see Sam not figuring out that Lucifer is using Castiel as a meatsuit, especially if they're together for most of the episode.

That sigil the woman is wearing looks like she might be an angel? If that's the case, there better be a good explanation because angels weren't around in the 1940's, at least according to Castiel (angels were walking among man for the first time in 2,000 years) and 1970's Uriel (it was against orders to manifest on Earth in a vessel). We know at least one or two angels broke that rule; Gabriel and one of the parents of the nephilim in Season 8.
# spnlit 2016-02-12 18:45
I am impressed by your knowledge of angel appearances on earth.
# njspnfan 2016-02-14 08:41
Fingers crossed that the writers remember the show's history with angels :):)
# Jen 2016-02-13 08:57
I don't get the impression she is a angel I still think she is part of a old organization that was formed to protect HOG - that mark or tatto would be what other members would wear to identify themselves
We don't know what other safety measures where put in place to protect mankind from the darkness if it was ever released I think it might be a sleeper cell (spy talk LOL) like the codex in The Werther Project
I still think this woman was on a misson to retrieve the HOG from the German's maybe the necromancers and the sub was to pick her up. They then got caught in a battle which sunk all on board including the HOG Dean would have to go back to exactly the right moment to retreive the HOG before the sub was sunk
# njspnfan 2016-02-14 08:51
When I first saw the picture, I thought back to the suicide bomber angels at the end of Season 9, that's why I made the association. However, I don't think it's the same sigil.