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Laura Prudom from Huffpost TV has an informative interview out with Misha Collins on the future of Castiel.  Excepts are below.

The May 4 episode has Castiel waking up from his coma. What state is he going to be in, mentally and physically, when Sam and Dean arrive?
Well, once again he’s not going to be the same old Cas. I mean, essentially now he has a broken wall. And he, in some ways, deals with that very well, and others not well at all. One of the bonuses, I guess for an angel, is that an angel with a broken wall is kind of an enlightened being. He sees the absurdity of the universe in its true light. But that makes him a little bit less efficacious when it comes to helping, because he doesn’t really care as much.

I'm not sure how much the show is going to delve into this narratively, so can you expand on what exactly Castiel took out of Sam, in terms of the Lucifer hallucinations? Are Castiel's fears and insanity now causing them, or is it Sam's unique craziness transferred to Cas, or is it truly Lucifer?
Well, it's really actually a little bit of all of the above ...

Oh dear. But it sounds like the hallucinations won't be too much of a hindrance in the last couple of episodes in terms of Castiel's involvement. Is this something he can recover from without lasting damage?
I don’t know about that ... No. Maybe not. I don't know. I mean, it definitely does affect him. It’s not like he can muscle through. He behaves certainly differently now, and I don’t know how lasting that’s going to be.

Let's talk about how this new version of Castiel interacts with Sam and Dean individually in the last few episodes -- Dean and Cas had kind of a bittersweet reunion. Has that evolved in the last run of episodes?
It's still strained. And there's, I think, more of Dean sort of biting his tongue now. But I think that there is a little bit of reconciliation coming at the end of the season.

What about Sam, since Cas did him a solid and took his craziness away?
I think he's a little bit more, you know ... forgiving.

Sam and Dean made the dubious decision of leaving Meg to watch over Castiel. Can you talk about how their stories tie together in upcoming episodes?
Yes, she’s become sort of a helper. It is strange bedfellows once again. But you know, we're used to that. Again, of course, it’s a strained relationship. Cas likes her ... Sam and Dean have a little more trouble with her. [Laughs.]

We know that the guys are going to encounter a new prophet called Kevin. Can you reveal anything about his storyline?
Kevin is an unlikely prophet. The casting is as close as I would imagine to the opposite of what you would imagine a prophet to be.

So, like Chuck, but even weirder?
More so, yes. Or maybe you can say, Kevin is to prophet as Chuck is to God.

Cas and Crowley weren't on the best terms at the beginning of the season. Is there anything you can tease about their interactions towards the end of the season?
Well, they will be ultimately collaborating; although that is, of course, also a strained relationship. [Laughs.] There’s a lot of fence mending to go on, I guess.

A lot of fans were desperate to see Castiel redeemed in some way, and I know you felt the same the last time we talked. Do you feel like his return arc has achieved that?
Yes. I mean, it's not 100 percent satisfying, but let's just say that he's been put on the path to redemption.

Have you had any discussions about your involvement in?
Yes -- those discussions are occurring. Nothing is solid, but yes.

What, in your opinion, would be a happy ending for Castiel?
Hmm, I don’t know ... It would be nice to have him go off into the sunset with a sense of purpose in his life. Maybe he falls, becomes totally human. And has a good job -- let’s say at McDonald's or something like that -- that he can look forward to everyday. [Laughs.] That would be totally satisfying.

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# Reetu 2012-05-06 09:47
Cant wait to hear Castiel/Misha is regular in s8 along with Bobby/Jim..

please be in S8 if not regular atleast recurring star...Love the brothers but love them more with Cass n Bobby.......... ..