: If you have not seen tonight’s episode, “Stairway to Heaven,” then beware spoilers ahead!

Episode Summary: This episode covers the angel war and machinations by Metatron to get the angels away from Castiel. It begins with an angel “bomber” who claims to commit suicide in the name of Castiel. The episode follows the case as Sam and Cas go in search of clues and find what appears to be a stairway to heaven, but instead is a trick by Metatron who is playing Castiel. Back at the angel headquarters, Dean is trying to figure out who the bombers are and of course he brings the first blade, which Sam had asked him not to do in the first few minutes of the episode.  He finds out that the bombers think they have been given orders from Castiel to go on this suicide missions to take out Metatron’s followers. One of the “bombers” ends up being Tessa, Dean’s reaper.

Tessa lost herself in mourning all the souls she couldn’t help and turned to Castiel and became a believer. During the interrogation, she impales herself on Dean’s blade. The angels think Dean killed her. When Cas and Sam return they free Dean but question his actions. Then Metatron, who we find out has been manipulating the bombers all the time,  Skypes in and throws Castiel under the bus by saying that he stole the grace he has and that he’s a liar. The angels in Cas’s army turn on him and demand he prove his fidelity by punishing Dean for Tessa’s death. Of course, Cas says no and the three of them (Sam, Cas, and Dean) are left alone to figure out how to fight Metatron.

The final scene is Dean telling Sam that this is a dictatorship and then talking to Castiel, who swears to use the last of his grace to defeat Metatron. Gadreel shows up and is willing to give over Metatron. He has been angry with Metatron throughout the episode, as we saw. It looks as if Dean is about to agree to Gadreel's help, but Dean instead slashes the angel with the blade. Cas and Sam rush forward to restrain a growling Dean.


1.       Both Metatron and the burnt angel Josiah seem to believe Castiel is turning human. Is this foreshadowing?

2.       Dean seems to be getting more attached to the blade. What do you think he’ll do in the season finale with it?

3.       Dean has changed toward both Sam and Cas, who have noticed. Is this foreshadowing for his turn to Crowley’s side of the world?

4.       Will the angels turn on Metatron? Will Hannah emerge as their leader?

Share your thoughts, speculations, and other issues below!

Next week is the season finale!



# Mick 2014-05-13 23:44
God, I hope they don't make Cas a human.
# JJ 2014-05-13 23:49
Ugh. Is that an insightful enough comment?

I really don't know what else to say. I'm so incredibly disappointed in Supernatural and what it has become. I don't see the heart it use to have. Ahh, it use to be so full of heart! I miss my Sam & Dean. I miss my show.

Apologies for not being more optimistic, but I really can't wrap my head around the episode tonight. I really only enjoyed about 10 minutes. And I HATE that.

I don't have much hope for next week. I don't see how everything can be wrapped up in 40-something minutes. It will be a long summer..in which I have not quite decided whether or not I will be back or not for.
# percysowner 2014-05-14 00:04
I'm 99% sure that they never intended to wrap this up this season. Carver said this was a three year arc and he's sticking with that.
# Tiffany 2014-05-13 23:49
I loved it! The Tessa thing wasn't shocking all things considered. Gadreel had been showing signs of distrusting Metatron for awhile.
# percysowner 2014-05-14 00:10
1. Both Metatron and the burnt angel Josiah seem to believe Castiel is turning human. Is this foreshadowing? Cas turns human/depowers practically on an annual basis. (season 5, losing his powers slowly, season 7 loses powers becomes Emmanuel, season 8 loses Grace at end of season, this season grace stayed lost then he got it back)It never sticks.

2. Dean seems to be getting more attached to the blade. What do you think he’ll do in the season finale with it? Not sure. Killing Metatron is likely. Killing Sam and/or Cas is possible. Going really dark

3. Dean has changed toward both Sam and Cas, who have noticed. Is this foreshadowing for his turn to Crowley’s side of the world? Probably

4. Will the angels turn on Metatron? Will Hannah emerge as their leader? I'd like Hannah to become their leader. I hope she goes to heaven and stays there because otherwise, she's toast. I think we are going to have angel who are going to want to hold onto their vessels and not leave earth as well.
# Alice 2014-05-14 00:36
I think this is going to fall in the "loved it" or "hated it" camp. I'm reserving judgment until the finale, but I hated "Clip Show" last season and I hated this. Why does Andrew Dabb think you have to go into the finale with a really dark story where you have to kill past characters? I don't exactly expect the show to be the way it was, but remember how pumped we were going into the finale after "Two Minutes Til Midnight?" This didn't pump me up or get me excited. It depressed the living crap out of me. Not to mention, it was pretty boring. Here's something that would have been more exciting, Gabriel was the one that showed up in the bunker! He's there to help take down Metatron. That would have been way better than what we got.

I'm sorry, I'm just getting tired of watching other shows pulling off exciting story lines and the show I love the most get it wrong. I want to be entertained, be excited, not angered and depressed. I want this show to have heart again.

Oh, and I forgot to mention, I'm getting sick and tired of Sam storming off to his room every time Dean pisses him off. It's like the baby brother is having a tantrum. Sam is not helping by lecturing Dean. Give him something else to do!
# Puck 2014-05-14 11:54
Aww Alice, it still has heart just not like it did. This "Cas appreciates life" arc seems to be making amends for taking Bobby away, but there's still a giant trucker-hatted hole.

You're right though they do need to give Sam SOMETHING else to do. I thought Sam was still angry? Why the hell did he let Dean get away with the whole "You're being an infant!" line? Wasn't that the WHOLE DAMN POINT of Sam being angry in the first place?!
# tvmonkey 2014-05-15 15:47
Whats the point in Sam being angry when no one cares why he's angry in the first place? The show tells us Dean is right and Sam doesnt have a reason to be mad, he needs to just concede Dean was right and move on otherwise Dean might go dark side (obviously Sam's fault).
# Puck 2014-05-15 20:35
Your sarcasm is so disguised I'm not sure I recognize it? Sam has lots of reasons to be mad.
Rick D
# Rick D 2014-05-19 02:02
So true! Actually Sam is dealing with Dean much better than Dean did with Sam in S4, but as usual on this show- Sam can do no right.
# tvmonkey 2014-05-15 15:43
Right because Sam should have just stood there and taken more of Dean's bullshit? Sam isnt Dean he isnt going to beat the shit out Dean because he thinks he deserves it and he knows that talking/reasoni ng/fighting with Dean is a waste of time when he isnt going to listen. Perhaps Sam should take a leaf out of Deans book and hit him then real of a list of Dean's past failures? Maybe call Dean a bitch and to just get over it?
Rick D
# Rick D 2014-05-19 02:05
Or call him an infant or a girl- another of Dean's faves
# Ginger 2014-05-14 01:16
I don't want to say much about this episode, because I am left still confused as to what the heck this season is about. What's the through-story? There doesn't appear to be one. I am guessing that we will have boring Metatron again in S10; Gadreel (the only angel I had any interest in) is dead next episode, Sam and Dean accomplish nothing again this year (just like they didn't last year), it looks like the first half of the season and all the big issues between the brothers has been forgotten, and Cas -- well Cas is just in the episodes to serve whatever purpose he needs to serve.

Really mixed bag for me. I thought the humor inserted in this episode fell flat and seemed out of place. I liked the tension Dean's edge had throughout the episode. I liked the Dean/Cas 'talk' at the end. I liked Tessa in previous episodes, but I'm downright angry about reapers being angels, so I didn't care that she was killed off. Then there was Gad waltzing into the impenetrable bunker??? When trashed canon takes me completely out of the story and the dramatic impact the episode is supposed to have, there is a serious problem in the LA writers' room. Once again, I was left thinking that JA's performance salvaged the script and, although I liked Gadreel (and Tahmoh's performance) and would have liked to have seen more of his story, I am disappointed in thinking we've seen all there is to that.
# Puck 2014-05-14 18:45
Ya nailed it Ginger!
# cheryl42 2014-05-14 01:33
I will have to say that I cheated a little and read a few tweets and comments before I watched the episode. I really expected to see an absolutely hideous episode. I really liked it. Dean is descending into almost madness. Castiel is being betrayed and out maneuvered by Metatron. Gadreel is coming around a little too late, but better late than never. I would assume that Gadreel would be able to enter the bunker since he lived there for a while (there did seem to be more than one key). Sam is really freaked out by Dean's behavior, but I do agree that Sam walking out of the scene is getting old (however he has been doing that for 3 seasons now). I really think the story is Dean. Everything and everyone else is just an obstacle that he has to eliminate. This is looking like it is going to mean that even Sam can't get through to him now. Yes there isn't a brother bond right now but that is what I think that Sam is going to fight for. I can't see hardly any of these storylines to be resolved this year but I didn't expect they would be so I'm not disappointed in what happened tonight. Over all I have to say I am looking forward to next week and since I am assuming that the brothers are not going to be together until sometime next year I wasn't expecting a resolution to the MOC storyline. Was it the best hour of SPN I have ever seen? No but it did serve, I thought, to set up the finale.
# lkeke35 2014-05-14 14:49
I agree.

I think the through line this season is "I did what I had to." (That line has been said by everyone except Sam and Crowley.) The through line for this entire season has been Dean, though. He's been the focus of the majority of this season and his decisons have driven the plot line since episode one. It started with a decision dean made, and this season wil end with a decision that he makes (probably a mixed one, since that's how the season started.) For all those people who clamored for dean to have his own arc, they got in in spades. It's been about Dean since day one, and everyone else has just been hanging on for the ride, including Sam and Cas.

When Dean said to Sam ,this is a dictatorship, my first thoguht was, when has it NEVER been one. Dean has always been the one in charge, calling the plays. Even Bobby just sort of went along with this arrangement. Even when Sam made a big decision (i.e. season 5) he had to run it by Dean first for a blessing. When Dean isn't around, Sam's life sort of loses momentum and he winds down. (It's lke Dean is the fuel that keeps his engine running.)
My question is, after this season, will that dynamic change? Will he be cast in the role of the repentant, redemptive Castiel next season.

I'm not actualy disappointed in this episode. I'm going to hold off on my real feelings till next week after Its all been put together. . I still think Metatron will be killed just not how it's going to happen. Wil lit be Sam ,trying to do it before Dean does? Will it be cas? I'm very much looking forward to all of it.
# cheryl42 2014-05-14 15:43
I don't know how much forewarning we could have had that the season was going to be powered by Dean's decisions. Every interview I read said the season was going to be driven by Dean and the choices he makes. And boy he has made some doozies. You are right Sam is the only one who hasn't done what he had to do. Maybe that will be Sam's choice. Will he have to do something he has to do or will do he do something that he would never have done "same circumstances".
# tvmonkey 2014-05-15 15:38
Why would/should Sam want to fight for the brother bond? What will he get out of it? Wont it all just go back to how it was before with Dean treating Sam poorly and not respecting him and continuing to always think he can do whatever he wants as long as its in the name of family? If the bond is going to be fixed Sam has to save Dean from the MOC but then Dean needs to take hard look at himself and Sam needs to gain back control of his own life (away from Dean) once they've both done that then they can start to fix things but it should be a long and hard road not just swept under the carpet with Sam conceding that Dean was right and Dean pretending to be sorry just so he can go back to how things were.
# Alice 2014-05-14 01:41
Dean (echoing the writers voice) - "This is a dictatorship." Sam (writers expecting fans to do this) - shuts up and goes to his room.

What's really going to happen (and what Sam should have done), we walk out that door and never come back.

Yep, still pissed. This isn't the first time Andrew Dabb has basically told the fans to go f*** off in his episodes ("Hammer of The Gods," Wedding episode, "Clip Show," "Bloodlines"), and I'm tired of being belittled by his heavy handed writing, or perhaps utter cluelessness when it comes to fan satisfaction. I'm signing off and taking some time to cool off before I end up writing a scathing review, but I swear most of this season is being tossed and going down as the worst next to season seven.
# amyh 2014-05-14 07:35
Seriously Alice I was actuaqlly hoping Sam would tell Dean where he could stuff his dictatorship and leave (which really was just another version of "Im the oldest and I know better).

THe writers seem to want it both ways. They want the viewers to be all worried and concerned for Dean who is supposedly spiraling out of control and yet Cas and Sam cant seem to see it. "Do you think he's differnt?" "He's more tense." Where is Sam demanding info from cas? My Sam would researched it andf when that fails would have made the trip to talk to Cain and gotten answers. I hate how much they are dumbing Sam down.

I think this may be one season two long for me regarding the brothers and they conflict. There simply is NOTHING good between them anymore. And i dont get why Sam HASN'T left. I dont get why Dean didn't just take off while Sam slept. He already doesn't think they are partners and that Sam is a liability.

There doesn't seem to be any cohesion at all. And in the end Dean declares the dictatorship but when GAd arrives at one point Dean looked at Sam as if for his opinion on Gad.
# Puck 2014-05-14 19:02
There doesn't seem to be any cohesion at all.
Yeeeeeeeeeeeeee ah. I realize that the writers want us all to realize they're trying to get Sam and Dean to grow up and quit fighting over every single little thing. That doesn't mean Sam has to lie down and take all the punches (verbal this time) Dean throws at him. That's not the Sam we know--but he does pick his battles. Apparently not enough of them anymore. I guess Sam and Cas are going to have to cuff Dean into the holding cell to detox. *sigh* You hard headed idjit.
Are You Kidding?
# Are You Kidding? 2014-05-15 23:09
You know, amyh, you are a hundred percent right here. The writers do want it both ways. They want the fans to be freaking out and filling the internet with their questions and worries and "hype" but they don't want to lock themselves into an actual story with an actual beginning, middle, end, resolution of plots, character conflict or growth and development and they sure as hell don't want to have the brothers split up because most fans want them together. So they write soap drama - unexplained conflict with the characters (out of character) sniping at each other one week and working together okay the next, so unlike the way people actually deal with problems that the characters have become soap caricatures and parodies of themselves. There are a lot of comments about not being able to see Dean and Sam any more and those commenter are all absolutely correct - the characters aren't people any more, they're cardboard cutouts. Sam has known of the Mark since Dean got it, yet, completely out of character, he hasn't been shown to be researching it at all (despite the fact they live in "the greatest repository of supernatural knowledge of all time"). The writers are certainly milking S4 for all their worth, but the problem is that the situation is not the same as the demon blood infection. Sam was addicted. Dean is not. Dean is being taken over. Sam had Ruby at his ear constantly telling him it was alright, he would be strong enough to beat Lilith, trying to crumble Sam's defences. Dean is completely alone and fighting the effect of the Mark (which no writer has even suggested a hint of what that might be). The problem is that without letting the characters and audience know at least a little of what the Mark is supposedly capable of, no one can predict what might happen. That's not good writing - it means that the audience is left wondering what the hell is going on. Audience participation (for example, in S4, when we were told and shown the increasing effects of the demon blood on Sam from episode to episode and not one writer at that time ever "forgot" that it was having an effect on the character) is essential to building of tension in a story. You take away the possibilities of the audience being able to extrapolate from clues provided and you take away tension and interest. The way this is going, without any parameters for what might happen, means that literally anything could happen and the viewers are forced to just sit and watch like robots. One of the best things about the show in the early seasons was the combination of detective, ghost, family drama and personal sacrifice stories that were intertwined effortlessly from episode to episode. As viewers, we got to imagine what might happen, seeing the clues laid out and the parameters of the lore detailed and sometimes it was predictable but a lot of the times it wasn't at all. Roadkill was a very effective episode for its unpredictabilit y even though many clues were there for the observant. In the last 2 seasons, that's all but disappeared. What clues are included don't make sense and are often either forgotten (like the supernatural mother lode of the bunker, and Dean's speech about knowing more about the things they hunt and having the weapons to deal with them than ever before, but not using either) or deliberately shown to be red herrings or explained away with some minimum, indifferent piece of dialogue. It belittles the characters who seem to have lost their skills, intelligence and knowledge over the last two years, and it belittles the audience by denying them the chance to live the episodes with the characters.

Sam would most certainly have been researching the Mark as thoroughly as he tried to research a way to break Dean's deal. The contrived conflict between them, based in my view, on a writer error that Sam actually remembered his talks with himself when he was unconscious (something that has never been shown to be true in the episodes that followed) is muddying the story horribly and the lack of knowledge of the characters, which most of the serious fans have in bucketloads and the writers have in teaspoonsful, has meant that nothing ever gets resolved, it just gets dropped.

Dean and Sam went through the entire maturing process in Season 5. From splitting apart, to the discussion and resolution in Fallen Idols, to Sam's decision to atone for absolutely everything by taking Lucifer back to the cage and Dean's acceptance of it, there wasn't a need to "mature" them again, the need was to continue the development of both characters to understanding themselves more accurately and how hunting works for them. But again, the writers have chosen to regurgitate previous seasons storylines instead of using imagination to create new ones of their own.
# njspnfan 2014-05-14 08:51
Alice - please reconsider and write your review, scathing or not; I think it would be cathartic for you to go ahead and write it. You're not the only unhappy camper out here..
# LEAH 2014-05-14 01:52
Honestly I didn't like this episode as much as last week. This is the big lead-up to the finale? Disappointing. There were a few humorous moments, very few. As I write this I am having a hard time figuring out what I felt at the end. It sure wasn't excitement to see the finale next week. I guess my overriding emotion right now is, what happened to my show? It was almost like a completely different show. It had some good moments but I can't say I really enjoyed it. All that time in the short-lived angel command center with all the technology just felt odd. The bowling alley scene was weird. Both Gadreel (not even sure if he died) and Tessa, really? Dean being all creepy and googly eyed and dictatorial one minute and cracking jokes the next. Just go completely psychopathic and get it over with already. Oh right, next week.
# GwenT 2014-05-14 01:58
Wow! Apparently, this episode was not well received here. Other than some confusion over the whole reaper thing, I enjoyed it. I guess I just go with the flow, and don't think about what isn't working at the time. True the writing seemed more cohesive in the early seasons, but I don't think things are as bad as all that, are they? Either way, I'm looking forward to the finale and can't wait until season 10!
# cheryl42 2014-05-14 02:21
Is there a way to ask Andrew Dabb or maybe Jim Michaels if the intention was to put the fans in their place? Because if that is true I would assume that a fan backlash might be in order to remind the show that it is the fans that have kept the show going for 9 going on 10 seasons. I personally didn't get that message but if you did Alice I am assuming that other critics and hardcore fans did. That would be a disaster for the show. I would hate to see the quality of the show so seriously damaged just because one of the writers has a vendetta against the fans. I would also assume that Jeremy Carver and Robert Singer were on board with Dabb's decision so if they are culpable they should be taken to task as well. Maybe nobody cares enough about the show anymore to even try to save it but I would hate to see such a fanbased show end its run by insulting it's fans.
# Alice 2014-05-14 22:23
Hi Cheryl42! There's no way to honestly ask. You won't get an answer. These episodes are open to widely different fan interpretation and they prefer to leave it that way. To prove it, someone at our press roundtable at Comic Con in season six asked Eric Kripke a direct question about his intent for "Swan Song" if there was no season six. He bitterly answered "That's open to interpretation. " So you see, they likely aren't going to give away intent. It's their creative license. They highly regard that and their right to express themselves in the episodes.

I don't want to ruin the enjoyment of fans, but if an episode pisses me off, I feel the right to express it. We all do. Of course I come out if there's praise to be done too. I wish it was all sunny "everything is just peachy" all the time, but several of the long time fans that were around when I started watching the show have either quit or are on the verge of quitting. They see what I see too. There's a way to entertain without belittling fans. The way it used to be. Just tell the damned story. If we don't agree, then whatever enjoyment we get from the show is open to interpretation. It's the writers to decide how much they want to leave for the fans to decide.
# aelaine 2014-05-14 02:23
Haven't comment in a long while but still read. You know, I usually just watch and enjoy the show and am Usually happy, but this year, this last half, just no, it is not getting better! I miss Supernatural, what the heck happened to it?? I hate to lose faith but I sure am close. This is not what I fell in love with. I fell in love with 2 brothers that care for each other so much the saved the world, that are in sync, that talk to each other or even yell, this is some other show about something else that has them as sidekicks that don't get along for a not really explained reason. Will they wrap it up by finale? nope, will have to wait till next year but will I be excited to watch? I might just in case it is better but if not I will catch it on itunes when the mood hits me. What this show has morphed into baffles and saddens me. And Alice your poll should include a wtf option, just saying
# NOLANOLA 2014-05-14 13:59
This is no longer my show either. I DO think the writers are talking to fans, AND BELIEVE ME I GET THE POINT. I dvr and watch the same night but I could see me not buying this seasons dvds as I did NOT last seasons. oh well, nothing good lasts forever.
# NOLANOLA 2014-05-14 13:59
This is no longer my show either. I DO think the writers are talking to fans, AND BELIEVE ME I GET THE POINT. I dvr and watch the same night but I could see me not buying this seasons dvds as I did NOT last seasons. oh well, nothing good lasts forever.
Tim the Enchanter
# Tim the Enchanter 2014-05-14 02:32
Oh, I don’t know. Double agents on top of double agents and then they went bowling and stuff. Tessa the reaper angel (or just a reaper or just an angel, I don’t know, joined Castiels side because she couldn’t stand to hear the voices anymore? What exactly was her purpose there? Were we to be more shocked that Dean killed off Tessa rather than say, Flagstaff (appropriate name!) Not that it made much of a difference given that ultimately, her purpose was to die (the curse of the vagina!. I guess it wasn’t Sam’s peen of death all those years! After years of false accusations, he has been exonerated and is free to plunder again, hallelujah!)

Dean’s bringing of the blade and his ‘this is a dictatorship’ speech really didn’t surprise me all that much. I don’t think anyone believed Dean would do what Sam asked re the blade, and he’s held the characteristics of a dictator for seasons now, he’s just never verbalised it. It’s been a case of ‘I lead, you follow’ for yonks. If people don’t do as he expects them then he comes down hard on them, regardless of whatever their reasons are, he listens to no-one but himself, he believes he has the power of life and death over people, especially Sam. Last season he decided Benny was fine to let live because of what Benny did for him, but as soon as he decided that Benny stepped out of line then he was going to be put down, regardless of the reasons why. We see it with Gadreel this season. Gadreel did everything Dean asked of him until such time as Dean threatened his life, but Gadreel deserves to be executed for how he reacted to that?? Perhaps Dean is secretly vying for the position of God.

The ‘infant’ comment, a direct and nauseating reminder of the ‘The Mentalists’. Ironically, in the same episode Sam was being perfectly mature and reasonable, and Dean couldn’t deal with that so out came the hissy fit. (A hissy fit, and he’s nearing 40?)

Sam will serve a purpose one of these days, I’m sure of it. Possibly through fanfiction. While I get why he left after Dean pulled his ‘Me Tarzan’ shite I would dearly love to, one day, see Sam kick Dean squarely in the ‘feels’ (and not the metaphorical ones). The fact that he walked away did, once again, emphasise how surplus to requirements he’s been written. This was just another way to get Sam out of the action, along with having him tied up, knocked unconscious, told to leave the room or sent to the wrong room. Sigh. Perhaps Sam is just so beaten down that he really doesn’t expect to be treated any better. (I bet you’re regretting not going with Amelia now, aren’t you?? At least there you had some bit of self respect and confidence in yourself.) It does leave me worried for next season though. Since Carver took over Sam spent half a season being metaphorically shat upon, then half a season sick, then half a season as an angel, now in the last half a season he’s redundant. I’m dreading what next season will bring for him. He’ll probably stay at home knitting (if he’s trusted with the needles. He might do crochet instead. Less pointy......)

I don’t think Gadreel is dead (and what’s with more of those goddamned slow motion ‘kills’?? Do those in charge not know how ridiculous they look??). Perhaps he’ll be healed , even temporarily, by Castiel’s grace or the residual grace Sam has left in him (if he has grace left in him). It might give him enough time to tell Sam and Castiel what they need to know. If he doesn’t when what a waste of another good character.

Dean talking up teamwork to Castiel two seconds after he informs Sam it’s actually a dictatorship, that was funny! It seems that along with his grace, Castiel’s hearing is going as well. Dean’s getting to be surprising like Metatron. He’s all about those who he thinks will work with him and casts aside those who question him. And they’ve both used that ‘I did what I had to do’ self justification spiel.

Next season will be interesting in terms of how they can salvage the relationship, if they can salvage it. If they don't go with a 'Dean doesn't remember what he did or said under the influence of the blade so there's no need to deal with it' whitewash type scenario (and this is Teflon Dean so it's highly likely) I’m still going with a Sam sacrificing himself to save Dean. (And then I have a burning desire for a little epilogue where we see that Dean lived a long, long life afterwards. And at some stage he picked up the Winchester Bibles (the up-to-date ones) and he’ll realise just how much his brother has sacrificed for him and done for him over the years. The only difference is that Sam doesn’t trumpet what he does. He doesn’t do it for reward or recognition, but because he loves his brother. That would be nice.)

Na ceistanna.
1. Both Metatron and the burnt angel Josiah seem to believe Castiel is turning human. Is this foreshadowing? For the love of all that is good and holy, please no!!

2. Dean seems to be getting more attached to the blade. What do you think he’ll do in the season finale with it? Kill lots. Possibly attack either Sam or Castiel with it, and then cue credits.

3. Dean has changed toward both Sam and Cas, who have noticed. Is this foreshadowing for his turn to Crowley’s side of the world? This is the thing...... For me, the line between Moc Dean and not MoC Dean is very blurred. A lot of what MoC says and does, not MoC Dean has said or did. We’ve seen him go gung ho with kills pre MoC. We’ve seen him lust for revenge. We’ve seen him be an absolutely dismissive gowlbag to his brother. We’ve seen him play sides. We’ve seen him believe his word is law. We’ve seen him lie and be uberly aggressive. We’ve seen him bring up the past transgressions of others to use against them many times. Yeah, he’s amped up, but there’s got to be something there to amp up in the first place.

4. Will the angels turn on Metatron? Will Hannah emerge as their leader? Metatron will possibly be dead, so there will be no one to turn on. I doubt Hannah will emerge as a leader. She’s a woman and she has a fringe. No good leader has ever had a fringe. It's too impractical.
# Sabath68 2014-05-14 13:00
Tim the Enchanter...you said it all, thank you. In a way I'm tired watching how they turned Sam once a highly intelligent ex-Stanford studend aka walking encyclopedia of weirdness into an apathetic damsel in distress, non vocal Dean punch dummy...
The character Dean was from the begining a controllfreak and a narcisst, that was ok, but now he's a über-controllfr eak and psycopath... in a way I find these Nitsche / Freud perception by the S9 script writters quite annoying. I'm still going to watch loyally but probably with less heart. :(
greets from Germany :)
# Puck 2014-05-14 19:20
I loved snarky Dean! I liked sarcastic Dean. I'm not a fan of surly Dean, and yet this transformation is still kinda memorizing 'cause despite it getting worse before it gets better when the dust clears I think both brothers (but mostly Sam) will benefit from it all. If it doesn't kill them both first.
# tvmonkey 2014-05-15 15:28
Their relationship is now in a worse state then when Carver started out. I honestly dont care if they never speak to each other again after next week, I just want Sam to save Dean so he can finally prove to Dean that he does love Dean to the standard Dean expects him to but after than I would prefer next season for Sam to work more with other people, perhaps get into the MOL story-line himself more. They could introduce a few new characters into Sam's storyline and really explore Sam as a person away from Dean.
# Puck 2014-05-15 20:42
Not a wholly bad idea.
# Amyh 2014-05-16 10:27
I'd sell my soul to Crowly for this. I'd love to see Sam have an honest to goodness real bond with someone; a friend who respect him and his abilities who can become a true brother (none of this parent/child crap) to him. Family dont end in blood.
Rick D
# Rick D 2014-05-19 02:17
Amen to you, Amyh. It would be interesting to see some true brotherhood on this show again, and if Dean and Sam aren't capable. well then . . .
Rick D
# Rick D 2014-05-19 02:15
The thing is- even if Sam DOES get to "save" Dean (which I doubt will even happen) - it doesn't change anything as far as Dean's concerned. Dean still thinks he's done more, given more, loved more; and Sam is still just a liability. So nothing changes, because anything Sam says is discounted, just because it's Sam that said it.

I would LOVE for Sam to get to work (or even just SPEAK) with other people, explore Sam as a person away from Dean. Fantastic idea, but since it's fantastic, these writers will never think of it. I'm pretty sure we'll see more of Dean away from Sam however, as Sam is irrelevant.
# Puck 2014-05-14 19:22
AH! I love you Tim! One disagreement: I don't think Dean believes in God for himself, as himself, or any other imaginable way.
# Sharon 2014-05-14 02:33
Sam is there for Dean to batter so we can see how 'dark' he is going with the MOC . Sam if he had some respect for himself should of walked when he learnt about the possession and never looked back but now he has dreadful dictator Dean and his big blade giving him the 'power' and the writers treat Sam like he just needs to shut up . Sam was crucified for what he said in the Purge what reaction tot Dean's behaviour in this episode?
# PENNY JAIME 2014-05-14 02:41
After reading the comments; I'm not sure what people want. I thought the episode was supposed to show how much Dean is changing; and set up the finale. It scored on both counts. It left me with my mouth open; and on the edge of my seat for next week. Still better than any other show to me.
# njspnfan 2014-05-14 08:42
I'd like to like, or sympathize with the main characters in the show, Sam and Dean. It's gotten to the point where I just don't like Dean, or sympathize with him, and barely recognize who Sam is anymore. And this is entirely on the show writers and show runner.
# snoopy-1310 2014-05-14 10:09
Well ever since Season 4 I have felt the same way about Sam - I really have not liked Sam and his behaviour in recent times - so I guess I know how you feel. I don't know why they are writing him so unsympathetical ly. However I am enjoying Deans storyline and ignore the rest - it is still better than other shows so...
# Puck 2014-05-14 19:24
"Revolution" got cancelled. Can we have Kripke and Edlund back now?
# novi 2014-05-14 04:49
I am in a defensive mood and want to put in a few words re episode 9x22. To me it wasn't boring, quite the reverse. Packed with action, with some unexpected turns, and the actors' performances were impressive. They are so good together playing up to each other like musicians in the orchestra. On the whole, I like this season more than the previous one, yes, it's become very dark and gory, but it seems to be trend nowadays - try and watch GoT, Penny Dreadful, or Walking Dead (or True Detective) - the same or similar harsh tone everywhere, and Dean in his current condition would perfectly fit into any of above mentioned shows. One more step and he will make a perfect beast to Sam's beauty :-) And, hey, Tim, you are so exaggerating - Dean does listen to people, or at least he used to, before MoC. Actually it's always been one of his good traits - being able to understand and take pity, even now, under the growing power of Mark Dean is still capable to emphasize, just look at his face when Tessa is telling how badly the souls behind the veil are suffering.
There is one thing I didn't like though. No, two. 1 - they killed Tessa, the dastards! 2 - the title. Like last week when we were left guessing which of the characters is now the King of the Damned, this time again - no stairway available.
# Puck 2014-05-14 19:58
So you wanna forget he flipped out on the idiot doctor chick by flipping the table over and knocking her backwards? I found that shocking and more than a little appalling for him to do to a girl or at all. Dean is usually respectful towards women unless he's being a major player.
# mary9930 2014-05-14 06:19
I loved this episode so much that I wasn't even distracted worrying about what other fans would think about Tessa as an angel. I loved the nod to The Following with angels killing themselves supposedly for Castiel. I loved Hannah. I loved the surprise ending. Fans have every right to hate this episode but don't forget those of us who are more than happy with the show right now. I wonder how it's doing in the ratings. Maybe I'm not alone.
# njspnfan 2014-05-14 06:57
Didn't care for the writing in this one but will reserve judgement till I see the season finale. But, so far, I don't like how the season is wrapping up. Up to a few weeks ago I had a very favorable view of S9 but that's changing fast. Hope they have something good in store next week, otherwise this season will have gone completely off the rails.

Still not sure why they brought back Tessa, just so we could find out reapers are unhappy because they can't do their job, then just killing her off?

Dean's dictator speech didn't surprise me; Dean really puts the dick in dictator. if anyhing, it was refreshing to hear him be honest about it for a change. And, on the bright side, Sam had something to do this week, he got to solve the why is 6 afraid of 7 riddle for Castiel. I would have preferred that Sam just grabbed his crap and high tailed it out of the bunker after Dean's dictator speech.

And Metatron has gone from a great bad guy to just downright annoying.

So I guess next week will be the Battle of the BADS (Battle of the Arrogant Dicks), Metraton and Dean. Really not caring who wins at this point.
# Jo1027 2014-05-14 08:19
This: "Dean's dictator speech didn't surprise me; Dean really puts the dick in dictator. if anyhing, it was refreshing to hear him be honest about it for a change. And, on the bright side, Sam had something to do this week, he got to solve the why is 6 afraid of 7 riddle for Castiel. I would have preferred that Sam just grabbed his crap and high tailed it out of the bunker after Dean's dictator speech."

Doesn't surprise me either. Dean has been this way for a loooong time. Only difference is that now he's at least being honest about it. Had I been Sam I would have told him to go screw himself and left. Dean thinks he's god so let him prove it by himself.
# Victoria 2014-05-14 08:24
I absoultely love this show and I love Sam & Dean better than any show or characters in all of my 58 years......but I don't hardly recogniize them anymore.......s o sad to see where the writers took us this year. This show is and always has been about the brothers - together against the world!! What happened to that?? I can't believe that Jeremy Carver has allowed it to get to this point. I thought he knew these guys and the heart of this show better. I can't believe the writers have torn them apart so horribly and I have to even say I'm disappointed that J&J haven't taken a stronger stand to say "wait, this is the wrong path for Sam & Dean". After the finale last season, we were so hopefull and so excited to see Dean protect Sammy again and for the brothers to get back together, united in their love and devotion to each other above all things, to fight the fight against evil......not each other. Both J&J still do an amazing job with what they have to work with, but I so miss Sam & Dean. The fans have helped make this show what it is and I'm afraid the fans are reaching the end of their rope.......I can't bear to think of this show ever ending.....but at the rate they are going, I'm afraid a lot of fans will reach a point that they wish it had ended several seasons ago, rather than see it at this point. I am holding on to hope for next week. I am holding on to an interview fromo Jeremy Carver earlier this year where he said he knew the brothers' bond was the heart of the story and they would get back together and their bond would be stronger than even they knew........tha t's a whole lot to cram into next week's show at the rate we're going.....I guess we'll see. Please, oh please let next week end as good as last season and give us hope for season 10!
Disappointed By It All
# Disappointed By It All 2014-05-14 08:26
Perhaps memories are short in the fan world as well as the writers room of SPN. Dean has been a lot more angry, dark-edged and close to becoming a monster in earlier seasons than he's managed so far this season with the on-again, off-again Mark of Cain. Perhaps no one remembers Bloodlust or Devil's Trap or even more recently Dean telling Sam he should've killed Linda Tran when Crowley was possessing her. Guess not. No Mark, just trying to get the freakin' job done before it becomes more of a mess. You don't think Dean's anger is justified? This season he tried to save his brother's life, found out the angel he thought was a good guy was actually a time bomb, accepted Sam's condemnation of him in the matter of allowing the possession, has been bounced and played by angels, Crowley, Abaddon and Sam, been told over and over that he's weak, useless, afraid to be alone (which in itself was rich considering his comments in Free to You and Me), a psycho, a burden and a killer and menace to society who doesn't protect and save people (unlike the PC angel who got the gig by possessing a doctor) but rather just likes to solves problems by killing everyone - after everything he's done, everything he's sacrificed, I think he's got a reason to be pissed and I would be too.

No plots, just plot bunnies. No evolution of story. No resolution of story. Characters regressed back and forth through earlier seasons incarnations with no justification or explanation. Is Carver attempting to turn Supernatural, an adult tv show, into a teen angsty supernatural melodrama? Seems that way to me. Abaddon screamed that she would raise Hell to Earth. Nothing happened and then she was killed. Crowley is addicted to human blood - not just purified blood but any old blood and then he's not. Metatron throws all the angels out of Heaven, gets bored sitting there by himself after a week or two and returns to earth to stir things about. Exactly what is his motivation? To star as the hero of a story he's written? In fan fiction I believe the term is self-insert. Is the Scribe of God a bad fan fiction writer? Golly gee, it does seem that way, doesn't it?

The writers can't write. The directors can't direct. They've sacked the continuity person and the new makeup crew don't remember and can't even be bothered to check where Dean's tattoo is supposed to sit. And it goes to air. For those in mourning for the Supernatural that was, you're right to be grieving and it will only get worse. For those who love it, good for you. If you ever get the chance to sit down and watch the series from the first episode up to this point, you might change your tune, but if you only started in the last two years it'll never bug you.

Is this post negative? No. It's not. It's cyncial but it's also the truth, right down the line. And telling the truth - not glossing it over and airbrushing it out of existence and pretending that the Emperor is wearing clothes when he's actually running around butt-naked is not being negative at all. I'm happy for those who can overlook the killing flaws in what was a completely unique and incredible idea, and in the first 3 seasons, a show that delivered powerfully with good stories, a wonderful overarcing mythology, good performances from leads, secondary and even the smallest of roles in each episode. I'm sad for the wasted potential and what looks to me to be a deliberate destruction of two actors careers, forced into dialogue and sequences that depend heavily on movie quotes and other people's idea but that's life, innit?
# njspnfan 2014-05-14 08:47
A minor quibble; is it true that the only thing that can kill Metatron is the First Blade, or is Dean just having delusions of grandeur? Metatron is an angel so he can be killed with an angel blade, can't he?
Disappointed By It All
# Disappointed By It All 2014-05-14 08:51
You're right - at least according to the writers a while ago. However, since no parameters have been put into place regarding Metatron (he refers to himself as God, Tessa says God is dead, blah blah), I would imagine that the writers feel justified in changing the rules as they go to make it impossible for anything but the blade to kill Metatron now. Does it make sense? No. Do the writers care? No. Suck it up.
# njspnfan 2014-05-14 08:56
LOL... your "suck it up" comment makes it sounds like you're one of the show's writers lurking on TWFB.
Disappointed By It All
# Disappointed By It All 2014-05-14 09:05
GOD! Wash your mouth out with soap immediately! I hate the current "writers" (and I use the word reluctantly because actual writers can plot, understand characterisatio n, continuity, developing a story on multiple levels through different scenes and through the viewpoints of different characters, build in pace and rhythm to create tension and never ever dissipate tension unnecessarily will ill-timed toilet humour) on the show. I hate what they've done to the characters, the fact they believe that their "ideas" are more important than the premise of an existing and original show to the point where they continually trash the canon and history, trivialise every season's outcome before they arrived and make a mockery of the pain and suffering that the characters have gone through from the beginning. There is no medieval torture routine too bad to inflict on those people. Or as Dan Ackyroyd once said in "Sneakers" - twenty years in the electric chair - that'd be a fitting punishment.

Sarcasm is the wit we use when we can't say what we'd really like to in a public forum. It might be the lowest form of wit but at the very least mostly it's not four-lettered.
# sylvia37 2014-05-14 09:20
All I can say is I know there's something wrong when I would rather watch Sam and Castiel interact then Sam and Dean. It's twisting my stomach into knots that I feel this way. And if they drag this stuff out through Season 10 and Dean doesn't learn something from it and Sam doesn't get to say anything about it, I'm not sure what I'm going to do. Is it really sad that I wish Souless Sam would make an appearance and remove Sam's filter for just a bit so he can let Dean have it?

I so want to love this show and my boys again.....sigh. .......
# Amyh 2014-05-14 09:48
Sylvia, I have to agree with you. I would rather see Sam interact (and bond) with anyone other then Dean. Maybe Gadreel wont die. Carver has successfully eviserated the brothers' bond.
# Sharon 2014-05-14 10:24
I would love to see Sam look Dean straight in the eye and give him some home truths but Dean cannot remove the blind spot in his eye so it would be a waste of time.
# mary9930 2014-05-14 09:29
Would it be possible to start a positive thread to discuss this episode? There may be people hesitating to comment worried they'll get lost in the flood of negativity.
# cheryl42 2014-05-14 11:54
That is a great idea. But maybe some of the other reviews will be more positive. So those that liked the ep can comment there.
# Puck 2014-05-14 20:43
So far the comments on Sofia's review are positive. :) Far Away Eye's comments are usually positive too but she won't have it ready until at least tomorrow I'd imagine.
# Alice 2014-05-14 23:22
mary9930, Let's Speculate comments are meant to be a free for all. The moderating rules are pretty lax and all opinions are encouraged. They're meant to capture immediate reactions from the fans. Cheryl42 is right, the individual episode reviews are usually much friendlier, especially positive ones. If the review is positive, I try to keep the spirit of the comments in that tone. Sofia's was pretty upbeat and there's more coming.
# mary9930 2014-05-16 07:38
As of the time of this comment 32% of those who voted in the Stairway to Heaven poll gave the episode a 9 out of 10. The next highest group gave it a 6 or a good rating. I have no problem with criticism or negative comments. Personally, I find it more interesting to read comments that challenge what I think. I just hope all those voters who liked the episode weren't scared off by the tone of this thread. "Just get over it" & "It's good to see that the writers don't have to justify their stupid stories since the fans will do all that work for them, coming up with the most ridiculous and implausible connections based on their crappy memories" are the kind of replies to specific posts that stifle a true free for all.

Of course it's possible that most of the voters don't comment or that people who didn't like the episode are more likely to want to vent. I just hate to think that positive posters feel less welcome on this speculation thread.
Are You Kidding?
# Are You Kidding? 2014-05-16 10:02
It would seem as if you didn't notice that those comments you've quoted were made in response to quite different contexts within this topic, not to those posts from people who are keen to say they liked the episode.

I've read through this topic a few times and have not seen one reply to people who simply want to post a positive comment on the episode. There have been posts in response to raising of the Sam/Dean issues here and there, and posts in response to fan justifications of writer errors, but no one here, so far as I could see, has responded in any way that might be considered bruising to the posters who have said that they loved the episode.

It's a tad dictatorial to expect a thread to hold only one type of posts, isn't it? Slightly discriminatory against those who are of a different opinion? Is it that all people should think the same? Or that it's uncomfortable to read opinions that differ?

With the suggestion you've made here, taking quotes out of context and attempting to portray anyone with a negative view of the episode as deliberately trying to bring down those who have a positive view, it would appear that you would be happier and more at home on a topic where everyone is forced to have the same view as yourself or could be ... what? Deleted? Banned? for giving their opinions?

It's hard to see how "positive posters" would be made to feel unwelcomed on the topic, given that none have.
# mary9930 2014-05-16 13:01
You may have misread my comment. I was discussing the tone of the thread and how aggressive or antagonistic posts could scare off someone who already disagreed with the majority of the posts. I in no way implied that anyone was intentionally trying to bring down those with a positive view. I freely admitted that the voters who liked the episode may simply choose not to post but it deserves courteous consideration. I clearly stated that I enjoy differing views so I don't know where you got the idea that I only wanted one type of post unless you mean I only want respectful posts. Your characterizatio n of me as dictatorial & discriminating is disingenuous at best. If you disagree that any of posts crossed the line you absolutely should speak up for yourself but that doesn't need to involve name calling.
# Athena59 2014-05-14 09:37
I loved the episode! A complete emotional rollercoaster and it didn't take the "easy road" of going where we expected it to. I was horrified and thrilled and shocked and yelled at the TV. Isn't that precisely why we keep watching year after year?

I don't get all of the hateful talk about not just this episode, but the show and everyone who works for it. Of course some episodes work better than others, as well as some storylines. For a show that has been on for 9 seasons, that's to be expected. I think it is a credit to the show that we ARE so invested and get so passionate about it.
# Lilah_Kane 2014-05-14 11:33
It is so hard to speculate when there is only one episode left. My mind is totally blank but here goes...


1. Both Metatron and the burnt angel Josiah seem to believe Castiel is turning human. Is this foreshadowing?

I don't think Castiel is turning human. More like if something is not done he will explode. It doesn't sound good anyway what they say.

2. Dean seems to be getting more attached to the blade. What do you think he’ll do in the season finale with it?

Attached? Dean is totally of the rails. He is even hostile because of the mark to those he cares about. Let's just say he has done a lot on the episode before and this that is not at all like him. At the moment he is a monster but I am sure we will get old Dean back. Probably even more wiser on some matters. Cheering anyway to him survive out of this! And to how far he will go in the final? He took already a nose dive on this episode so I don't even want to guess it.

3. Dean has changed toward both Sam and Cas, who have noticed. Is this foreshadowing for his turn to Crowley’s side of the world?

Dean ended in a way their brother ship/partnershi p on the last part of this episode. And he did it literally dropping the anvil on Sam's head. Sam's face reflected more that now we will talk! When he left to take his things to his room. If Gadreel didn't show up who would have known what Sam would have said as he was heading back. Now we will never know or maybe in a final we will. Dean and Cass talked about the Trio to make this. That gave hope but seeing Gadreel made that fly out of the window. Fully knowing his actions and deceiving with "good intentions" he sliced Gadreel. Sam and Cass had hard time to hold him still.

4. Will the angels turn on Metatron? Will Hannah emerge as their leader?

Hopefully and Hannah might be a good possibility for that.

Can't wait for the final! Poor boys. All three of them. :(

- Lilah
# SickNTard 2014-05-14 11:43
This is my absolute favorite show EVER! But, the end of this season is killing the show for me, the last few episodes have been dreadfully boring and really destroyed what was otherwise a solid season. Andrew Dabb is officially my LEAST favorite writer and last night's episode was terrible. It's obvious to me that when Ben Edlund left for Revolution he took the heart and soul of the show with him. Please bring Kripke and Edlund back now that Revolution is cancelled. And please get rid of the writers who are ruining this show. I want SPN to go on for many more years but with recent episodes I don't see that happening, it's so disappointing.
# eilf 2014-05-14 12:24
I am going to give my opinion of this episode first and then see what everyone else thinks.;) It seems to have been polarizing...

I liked it. I thought it was very funny in places and Dean was actually scary in other bits when he went around the table and attacked the angel. It was all so different from everything we have seen this year so far. More intense and with more characterizatio n somehow. Both Dean and Cas found themselves in situations where they hadn't done wrong (well Cas HAD with the stolen grace) but previous evidence led people to believe that they could have done it...which was an astonishing change in the usual storyline. It was all so different that I was actually holding my breath to see what Cas would do when the angels demanded he kill Dean...and normally there wouldn't be any doubt.

Sam's only role in it seemed to be to be the peacemaker but since he didn't get tied to anything or knocked out and nobody brought up the Apocalypse (while various other misbehaviors WERE brought up) I am accounting that as a win.

I didn't really see it as a whole episode though, it seemed to be part one of a two-parter so it is hard to judge everything that happened. For example, Sam just leaving the room after Dean laid down the law. I mean Sam knows he can't beat Dean at the moment he is too strong but to just leave? I wonder had he gone to fetch something to help him and that was why he came back so quickly.

Here are my other questions / points:
How did Gadreel get in the bunker?
Can we stop killing recurring characters? Thanks.
I liked the retconing of reapers as angels ... it was so blatent, I have to give them points for just going for it.
Really? Stabbing someone you are shaking hands with? I don't think Dean should be allowed watch Game of Thrones anymore.
Is Gadreel dead? I don't think so...yet.

My theory is that since Gadreel's meatsuit seems to be done for, Castiel will get his angel grace (maybe the entire angel?) I think Dean is going to stab Metatron and it is going to have no effect (on the angel M) and I think Metatron is going to possess Dean since Metaron will then be down a meatsuit too.

I would like to see Gadreel's storyline not just stop dead like that.

I have a totally out-there theory that since Sam had some sort of link to Lucifer, which was passed on to Castiel, maybe it was a small amount of Lucifer's grace? If it infused Castiel's grace, then perhaps when Metatron stole the grace (we don't know what he did with it for the spell, he might have added it to his own grace) he got the Lucifer bit too. The reason for all of this pass-the-parcel is because probably the only creature in the universe likely to be immune to the first blade is the one responsible for it. Lucifer.
As a theory it's a touch unlikely ....
# cheryl42 2014-05-14 12:37
As someone else pointed out Dean and Sam seem to have their own keys. It is possible that Gad having lived there for a few months might have snagged a key.
I was sad to see Tessa go. But she seemed tortured enough that she wanted to end it all. Question...wher e is Death.
I am prepared for the reaper onslaught. I am sure it will be brutal.
Dean is so not caring who he ganks now. If he doesn't like you, sorry your a goner. Sam I'm looking at you.
No I think I see a grace exchange in Gad and Cas's future.

Hmmm...interesting theory.
# nappi815 2014-05-14 20:55
well my guess is that the bunker isn't angel proofed as cas is able to get in. I mean I know cas was let in, but if I remember correctly, in dtah cas noted to dean that he couldn't enter a certain bldg. because it had angel warding on it. I took that to mean that if something had angel warding on it, not only could they not enter on their own, but they couldn't enter at all. so the very fact that cas is in the bunker leads me to believe it isn't angel proofed. as for gad getting in, he's an angel..he doesn't need a key. cas opened the panic door without touching it...why could gad open a door without touching it...locked or not? I guess I really didn't think too much of gad getting in the bunker. :D
# Puck 2014-05-14 12:31
HELL YEAH!!! This is the show I signed on for! I spent most of the episode with my jaw hanging wide open at all of Dean's darkness--that will clearly get worse--unless I was taking a slug out of my beer corresponding to Karen's Bingo boards! One other exception was tear-inducing laughter when the officer-on-the- scene at the ice cream parlor addressed Sam an Dean as "Spears" and "Aguillera." That whole exchange was PRICELESS!!!

I loved Gadreel's expressions as he thought Metatron's plans were getting more and more dubious (I agreed). I loved all the pop culture references particularly the "Last Crusade" ploy (not only does the flick make my Top 10, but as we move into the season 9 finale and season 10 this overall arc may in fact be Supernatural's last crusade). Dean's continuing decent into darkness (although I like Far Away Eye's idea of ascension, too) is still riveting to me, but I'd like to see Sam do something more than just snap awake to almost shoot his brother (warranted) and then read the warning on the wall. It seems he barely cared Gadreel got into their super-secret hideout and where was the fury over possession, Kevin, or even angelic homicide? I don't think Dean actually delivered a death blow to Gadreel despite his intentions and I'm worried Cas is going to burn out.
# lkeke35 2014-05-14 17:19
Yeah. I do recall yellnig at my TV that Metatron has no f**ing clue what he's doing at all. He seems pretty diabolical, ( more than a little Dr. Evil.) and he's just bumbling his way through all this. Now that's he's gotten wwhat he wanted...what now? What was the purpose of kicking all the angels out just to let them all back in. And I'm not buying that whole make them stronger as a family stuff. He seems to just be making it up as he goes.

I loved watching Dean lose it. He's not so much dark as I've seen him be darker and angstier than this but become more the unlikeable pr***k that I hated in the first season. I think I'm going to like it even more next week (or be crying .Its a toss-up.) But for me ,the episode was exciting enough. I'll know how excitingwhen next week gets here. Whether or not all this will fall flat or not. Nevertheless, what I expect is for Dean to be the season's "Boss fight" as Sam calls it. I expect to see Metatron get offed. I can hope.
# Puck 2014-05-14 21:06
Don't you know it?! And given Dean's defiance lately and complete destruction of Abbaddon I bet Metatron is going to get an equally grisly fate. The sooner the better I believe. In the history of this show I don't think there was a villain I hated more! But Ikeke he's a writer he supposed to make things up...*insert sarcasm here.* Metadork is no Chuck and Andrew Dabb is no Eric Kripke.

If this writer's theme for this season has been "I did what I had to" then mine was "AHHH! Dean, no!!!") And you're right there's been badass awesomely angry MOC!Dean that reminded me of DALDOM "You're gonna die Dean and this is what you're gonna become!" Dean/OTHOAP "You're not gonna like what's going to walk back through the door" Dean. This week Jensen sold us on Dean's growing darkness, and it was pulse-pounding, it made Dean utterly unlikeable. I bet I will tear up, too, when the damn finally breaks. Jared (and Felicia) certainly did last year. "SO?!" (and "It was a hobbit hole and that means comfort.") I usually only tear up at TV series finales not even chick flicks but then I don't watch them. These guys they know how to rip a girl's heart out.
# eilf 2014-05-14 12:43
And now I have read the rest of the thread ... well all right then, glad to be on the positive side for once ;) I think that a lot of what people have a problem with depends on what is going to happen in the finale.

I could have a totally different opinion of the episodes when seen as a pair

I do think that the writers are playing with us to see how far they have to push Dean. I don't think they are there yet.
# LEAH 2014-05-14 16:14
I hope they push it all the way. I want Dean to completely lose himself. I agree eilf that we do need to see both episodes to better judge. I had an initial bad reaction but I think much of that was because it was sad and depressing. We just seem so far from any good resolution and having this go on into next year bothers me. But it is what it is. Please no fratricide!
Rick D
# Rick D 2014-05-19 02:46
Oh, I don't know, maybe fratricide is a good idea. Let Dean kill Sam, and let Sam stay dead this time. At least Jared can then go work on a project where his work is respected.
# LEAH 2014-05-24 00:04
Yeah Rick D. what a great idea. Take Jared away from a show that he loves working on. That has made him a rich man. Take him away from a crew he loves working with. Take him away from what he has given a decade of his life to and he is extremely proud of just because you are unhappy! Don't you think he would leave if he felt he was disrespected? Give Jared some credit.
# cheryl42 2014-05-14 12:47
elif I agree if fans are having a problem with how Dean is acting now I think next episode isn't going to make anyone feel any better.
# iamsam1013 2014-05-14 13:01
I'm on the positive bandwagon. I thought it was great. I love that Sam didn't walk out on Dean. I think it shows that he loves Dean too much to let him face this alone, even if Dean is being a complete jerk to him. Obviously, Sam realizes that talking is not going to have much effect. I think the purpose in using Tessa was to show that even she recognized the change in Dean. She even made that point to Sam. Cas and Sam know him best, but now, it seems to be obvious to everyone he comes in contact with that he's off the rails.
# NOLANOLA 2014-05-14 13:50
Reapers have always been angels......... ..angels of death, remember.
# LEAH 2014-05-14 17:00
Good point Nolanola!:)
Are You Kidding?
# Are You Kidding? 2014-05-14 17:05
Wow, been awhile since you've watched the older seasons, hasn't it? Reapers were not angels of death - Death was THE Angel of Death, according to Bobby. Reapers worked for Death. It's good to see that the writers don't have to justify their stupid stories since the fans will do all that work for them, coming up with the most ridiculous and implausible connections based on their crappy memories. No wonder the current writers don't bother with explanations or rationalisation s of what they write!
# LEAH 2014-05-14 17:12
At the same time it was never said definitively that reapers are not some form of angel also. Any chance you could be less rude?
Clarice 0909
# Clarice 0909 2014-05-14 17:17
As I was a little bit in doubt if reapers are or are not angels - I went to this source to check.. and according to them - they are...
I really don't think that the writers would be so lazy not to check some of the most basic things related to the mitology of the SPN.. principally having the fandom that they have... They might not be perfect but I don't think they are dumb...
And just my two cents on the epiisode... I loved it....
Take care everybody,
# cheryl42 2014-05-14 17:13
Reapers were never explained in the earlier seasons other than when one was coming for you that was it (unless of course Azazel possess one or Alistair does a spell or whatever the story needed them to be). As far as I can remember a reaper was an agent of Death. No one ever said they were not angels or they were. But I am on the who cares about reaper lore bandwagon so whatever works for your enjoyment or non enjoyment.
# LEAH 2014-05-14 17:15
Thanks Cheryl and I agree.
# JudyLee 2014-05-14 14:07
Well, I"m definitely in the "pro" camp. I loved the episode. I loved the writing. Here are a few thoughts:

Regarding reapers as angels, I was able to connect those dots by remembering the Rit Zien, a class of angel healers who are able to mercy-kill mortally wounded angels. Obviously, there are a number of different classes of angels with specific sorts of jobs. Reapers did come and go in both heaven and hell, so it's possible. I would love love to see Death again. What an awesome role and actor.

I'm not worried about Cas dying. He seems to be on the instant resurrection list for all eternity, plus they just announced his contract is renewed for Season 10.

I wasn't concerned about Gadreel getting into the Bunker without a key (a lack of keys has never stopped Sam nor Dean, and Gadreel must have learned those tricks). I thought it more interesting that Sam sensed his presence before he saw him in the great room. We had only heard the thump of his boots when Sam came a-running.

The 7-8-9 riddle was a hoot, and I like that they didn't completely spoil Cas's naivete by giving him ALL the cultural references. He still didn't make the Indiana Jones connection with "Only a penitent man shall pass," and that was one of my all-time favorite scenes from any movie, so I approve. I was instantly hoping that the stairway to heaven would involve "stepping out on faith." I loved that Cas didn't understand that pop-girl-singer -last-names were not the same as the uber-cool musician names the boys usually chose.

I've recently purchased the blu-ray dvd set for seasons 1-8 (thanks to a large South American river and) thanks to a recommendation by one of our trusted pundits. I'm totally enjoying every single one of Jensen's freckles. I'm also enjoying all the amazing original music which isn't included on the Netflix version. This is my 3rd or 4th or 15th viewing of many of the early shows. If you take a look back to Season 2, Dean was seriously dark. Sam commented about him being super scary at times. Several people have mentioned 2x3 Bloodlust. Clearly, Dean is an emotionally unstable guy! We're just going to have to be patient.

Thinking about the MoC, I've noticed no mention in Timothy Omundson's twitter about venturing back to Vancouver for more filming as yet. (Lindsey did mention she was reprising Tessa earlier this year.) He may be the key to Dean's salvation. Perhaps when Dean kills him, the MoC will lose its juice. Or perhaps as Collette was Cain's saving grace by loving him unconditionally and giving him the strength to overcome his killing ways, someone (Sam? Lisa? Some other female destined to die prematurely?) will be the one who loves Dean so completely that he will be able to drop the knife in the bottom of the ocean again ... encased in a solidified cement truck.

I'm recalling a couple of Jensen's comments regarding the end of the season. He said Dean was going to get dark ... so very dark. He said he was very surprised by the last script with a "Oh wow, they went there." But I trust J2 to protect our interests in Sam and Dean. They still repeat Kripke's early instruction that the show's ultimate success depends on the relationship between the two brothers. I believe they have our backs. We should enjoy the ride. I can hear Bobby chiming in with "Quitcherbitchin!"

You know you're a Supernatural addict when you have Supernatural dreams, and I did actually ... just recently. In this dream, Dean was the one roped and tied, and for some reason, he could not get to the blade. Sam was not tied up (shocking) and could gain access to the blade, so Dean transferred the MoC to SAM!! Sam was reaching through the bars of a jail cell, yelling at Dean, "GIVE ME THE MARK, DEAN! NOW!!" I woke up with my heart pounding!

One final thought ... if they start the season finale with Chuck's voice saying, "Endings are hard! Any chapped ass monkey with a keyboard can poop out a beginning..." well ... I just bought a big box of Kleenex. I get choked up just writing that. I do dearly love this fandom ... almost as much as the show and the boys, themselves.
# Lilah_Kane 2014-05-14 14:31
I am actually happy we have a positive train going here. I have way more to talk about but unfortunately need to save some for other reviews! I would go detailed how much I loved this and that. There was a lot of stuff! And yes, Dean is unfortunately in a deep dive and next week we will see how badly.

- Lilah
# LEAH 2014-05-14 15:12
Deleted out of respect for the "positive train" :) I may repost it later if necessary.
# Bluepony 2014-05-14 17:12
I'm definitely on the side of loved this episode. Part of that is due to the darkDean storyline. I have been waiting for 9 years for the story to be about Dean so I'm good. That being said, I agree with the poster up thread who said that Sam would have found out the consequences of the MOC if he had to find Cain himself. Hopefully Sam is realizing that Sh*t is going to hit the fan and he will have to step up and handle the situation because Dean will be too far down the rabbit hole. Can't wait for next week.
# nappi815 2014-05-14 17:14
i didn't get to watch until now because of the damn subway series here in ny, but i did look on twitter this morning and i saw a bit of negativity which had me even more curious. but i have to say, when it ended, i didn't get all the negativity. it wasn't the most exciting eppy 22, but i enjoyed it.
i liked the the humor. i like metatron. he's so overconfident, it's going to bite him in the ass. i still have this gnawing feeling that metatron led dean straight to the moc because he wants to use dean as his weapon against humanity. maybe metatron want's his own version of lucifer. metatron didn't seem to fear the presence of dean with the blade in the preview. i can't help but wonder why that was.
sam already said that he thought the blade was turning dean into something, but i think dean's actions during this ep has proven that to sam. ( and cas too)it's always darkest before the dawn, and i believe dean has just entered into the darkest hour.
let me just say that sam since show began has been shown to be so very different in nature than dean is. dean has always dished it out and sam has always taken it. that's just the way it's been for the most part. that's sam. sometimes i wish sam would just punch dean in the nose. there have been so many times over the years that i wished sam would've just told dean to screw off. on a rare occasion, we did see sam stand up for himself. but sam picks his battles when it comes to dean. most of the time, sam just lets it roll off. while i want to slam dean against the wall, i can't help admire sam for that. because it takes a strong person to let things go the way sam has. he has incredible strength of character. sam has always allowed himself to be dean's whipping post. i give him such credit for that. it truly is an admirable trait that sam has. dean's dictator line....that aint nothing new. how many times over the years has dean said to sam....because i said so, because i'm the oldest that's why, i know what's best, i'm steering this ship...at this point in time i can see sam letting crap like that roll right off...
i didn't get the impression that sam stormed off to his room though. i actually got the impression that sam knew that dean was totally off the rails at the moment and he didn't want to say the wrong thing. sam's a thinker. he's the needs to take a walk type to cool down, think things through and then reacts.
the above poster is right, sam had time to think, he knows that there's something seriously wrong with dean....sam may have very well had to pick his words carefully, but he may have returned to continue that conversation that dean seemingly thought ended...only gad showed up. i don't know...but i do know that sam most likely let it roll off...doesn't mean he ceded though...like i said, sam knows how to pick and choose his battles.
i didn't see sam as having nothing to do. as a matter of fact, i enjoyed the sam/ cas scenes most of all. and sam is anything but insignificant. sam is the only one who will be able to save his brother and the one who has the smarts to figure out how. sam will have plenty to do very soon.
i don't think dean will kill sam but he may very well threaten him with the blade. i do see sam prevailing in the end here.
as far as the boys relationship... .cheryl has said it and i agree, if one were to tune in for the first time and see the boys, one wouldn't even realize these boys were having problems.
i do see where carver is taking the boys relationship and i'm excited to get there. i'm not home and can't really get into it, but let's just say that carver is finally dealing with the boys issues in the only way that will actually work for the winchester boys, especially given past history and that's by walking in ea. other's shoes. if you watch from beginning of s8 to where we are right now, you can see the path in getting here. if you look back to the past, you can also see how we have gotten here. even as far back as s2, if you listen to dean's speech to sam, it was mostly about his responsibility to sam. how taking care of sam was his job. how he failed in doing his job. what if sam had actually heard that speech only to forget what was said upon returning to his body. how do you think sam would see himself even subconsciously? perhaps as nothing more than dean's burden? what about the speech at the end of ahbl2? dean told sam that he did what he did because it was his job to look out for him. again the speech centered around dean's duty and not so much about sam himself. sam has through the years seen himself as a job to dean and when he let dean down over and over, sam saw himself as a failure in dean's eyes. the speech in the church was the first time that dean ever told sam that he came first in his eyes. he didn't mention that sam was his responsibility. sam believed that dean for the first time trusted in him. i feel that sam believed that dean loved him for who he was and didn't just consider him his responsibility, but as his brother. when dean lied to sam at the beginning of season 9 and continued to lie to him, taking from him his agency and trusting in an angel instead of trusting in him sam questioned dean's motivations at that church. maybe dean didn't trust in him as he believed dean said he did. maybe, the way sam sees it, dean still doesn't trust in sam...he doesn't see him as an equal partner...he didn't choose sam for sam, he was simply just saying what sam needed to hear. but dean still only sees sam as his job. as someone he's to forever protect...as his burden. this is not true of course, but it is understandable how sam could lead himself to believe this. sam posing to dean that he did what he did for himself, so he wouldn't be alone, is in part very true. it's had dean take a long hard look at himself. something that is long overdue. dean needs to understand what it is that truly drives him to these extremes. i think sam is right when he says dean doesn't want to be alone. but dean also loves sam and that too is a reason why dean does for sam what he does. but sam misinterprets dean's motives because of the self loathing he feels for himself. he doesn't see himself as anything but dean's burden...tell me dean , what is the upside to me being alive? dean does see the upside though. it's all so convoluted. i personally feel dean's own self loathing is why he fears being alone. it's not sam he doesn't trust, it's himself. he deflect alot of his own feelings about what's wrong with him onto sam. he gets mad at sam for things he himself has done as well. he's hypocritical... a do as i say not as i do type. he sees things the way he sees things instead of how they are. he hears what he wants to hear instead of what is being said, mostly in regards to sam...but as i said, it's a deflection i think and has more to do with his own self loathing. the path taken now has dean having to come face to face with himself. not only that but both boys will live in the other's shoes and come to truly understand the other's perspective..so mething neither have really done before. this is the path to get us there....and i happen to like it. it makes sense in the winchester world to get these boys to finally deal with their personal issues in this manner. they will be stronger in the end. their bond will grow. they will change and accept ea. other like they never have before. it's coming...it just doesn't make sense to happen instantly....it 's a journey of self discovery...for both of them and in the end the boys will love ea. other more and understand ea other and all these misperceptions they have of ea. other will finally be done.
# lkeke35 2014-05-14 17:43
I do so love your posts Nappi: you have a way of clarifying exatly what's going on in the brother relationship for me and stating exatly what's at stake. For me the endgame ofr this show is a psitive one and sometimes you gotta walk through fire to do that. The only way through it is through it. I can see the evidence that the brrothers still love each other. I can still see the devotion and the bond. It's strained, but it's there and just glad I'm not the only one who sees it .

So, thank you!:)
# kaj 2014-05-15 04:37
i didn't get the impression that sam stormed off to his room though. i actually got the impression that sam knew that dean was totally off the rails at the moment and he didn't want to say the wrong thing. sam's a thinker. he's the needs to take a walk type to cool down, think things through and then reacts.
the above poster is right, sam had time to think, he knows that there's something seriously wrong with dean....sam may have very well had to pick his words carefully, but he may have returned to continue that conversation that dean seemingly thought ended...only gad showed up. i don't know...but i do know that sam most likely let it roll off...doesn't mean he ceded though...like i said, sam knows how to pick and choose his battles.
i didn't see sam as having nothing to do. as a matter of fact, i enjoyed the sam/ cas scenes most of all. and sam is anything but insignificant. sam is the only one who will be able to save his brother and the one who has the smarts to figure out how. sam will have plenty to do very soon.

Hi nappi815, I agree with you. I enjoyed the episode. I think it's a tight script and everyone has a role, an important role. We now know that Sam is not oblivious to what happen to Dean because he talks to Cas about it. And what you said above correlates to what I posted bellow. Sam is not Dean right? If Dean has to rely on his muscle to solve things (including when Sam was on a bender in S4 and when Sam was souless he uses his fists because the's the only thing he knows how to do to solve things, to express his anger) Sam prefer to use his brain.

It's established in S8 that Dean is the brawl (like the Campbels) while Sam is the brain (like the winchesters and MoL). Sam has to think of a trick to outpower Dean, to think of the right word to get through to Dean. Dean may win in strength now but Sam has his brain. For someone who figures out at a drop of a hat that by reciting the exorcism backwards will fors a demon back into it's host, Sam SHOULD be able to think of something CLEVER to outmanuver Dean AND Metatron. Because come one Brain VS Brain, a thinker VS a thinker, a Nerd VS a Nerd, Metatron is Sam's perfect opponent.
# amyh 2014-05-16 12:45
Nappi, I really really hope how you are seeing the boys is the way the writers see things with them. More and more I feel like Carver has irretrievably destoryed the brothers relationship... ..that they would be better off as Dean suggested in season 5....choose a hemisphere and seperate. But there is a tiny, tiny grain of illuminescent in my heart called Hope. It's dying a little more with each episode but II think posts like yours and others keep that tiny grain of light alive.

That maybe Hope stiill exists. I don't know if I beleive it...but then i think of what Sam said in Roadkill....."H ope is the whole point."
# NOLANOLA 2014-05-14 17:15
I will not get into an argument with you young people but WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU CALL A BEING THAT WORKS FOR THE 'ANGEL OF DEATH'.......

a demon.......... .......C'MON people. TTFN
Are You Kidding?
# Are You Kidding? 2014-05-14 17:17
A reaper.
# NOLANOLA 2014-05-14 17:21
What ever makes you happy, pumpkin....:p
# cheryl42 2014-05-14 17:30
# LEAH 2014-05-14 17:29
May I refer you to Clarice's comment up thread and the link to Wiki. Thank you Clarice 0909!:)
Are You Kidding
# Are You Kidding 2014-05-14 17:41
May I remind you that Wiki is written by fans for fans and they updated their information as soon as the spoilers came out to incorporate the new "canon" by the writer? I'm afraid that retconning the origins does not constitute a logical response. Alastair had a whole ritual for the killing of reapers. The preacher's wife in Faith bound with the deepest black magic...as someone else has said...it's not important. There are so many thing that have been screwed up by the writers that it's the tip of the iceberg. I just find it interesting that instead of saying, oh yeah, it was a screw up, so many fans insist on rationalising and coming up with explanations themselves for why it WASN'T a screw up.
# cheryl42 2014-05-14 17:52
# njspnfan 2014-05-14 18:26
I don't think it's a matter of thinking that reaper lore is sacred. In fact, when you think about it, a reaper being a type of angel kind of make sense, just like the Rit Zien being "angels of mercy". I even defended the rogue reaper stuff last season and am by no means a canonista. But there has been a pattern of carelessness and continuity errors under Carver's reign that's really starting to add up. Since Season 1, if you got a demon in a devil's trap, they couldn't escape, even Abaddon. What if all at once, in Season 10, they decide voila, demons can now escape an unbroken devils trap. Would that sit well with everybody? If you're going to create a set of rules to play by in the Supernatural world, there should be valid reasons or explanations for changing those rules, not just lazy and sloppy writing. Just my two cents..

This episode invoked strong reactions on both sides and, while I'm glad many enjoyed the episode so much, I've seen a lot of valid reasons above by the people who didn't enjoy the episode, and I don't think it's reasonable to dismiss them.
# cheryl42 2014-05-14 18:53
Sorry I thought I was being very careful to make it clear I was talking about me and how I enjoy the show. I know that to many fans reaper lore is very "sacred". Many of the reviewers on this site as well as commenters have a huge problem with how it is being portrayed. I thought all I said was that it wasn't important to me. But since you have taken offense I will gladly remove my post. I really do not want to add to the already volatile atmosphere here.
# LEAH 2014-05-14 19:17
Cheryl your comment was just fine. You are never dismissive. In fact you are one of the most pleasant people who post here.:)
# njspnfan 2014-05-14 19:43
Cheryl42 - no offense taken by me; I enjoy reading all opinions; was just trying to explain why some of these things are bothersome to some people.
# LEAH 2014-05-14 19:03
Hi njspnfan, I don't think Cheryl is being dismissive. We all have our opinions and most of us are very respectful of the other posters even if we disagree! The following post was left as a direct response to me for just saying someone had a good point. If this isn't dismissive and condescending I don't know what is:

Reported Permalink
Quoting "Are You Kidding" :

"Wow, been awhile since you've watched the older seasons, hasn't it? Reapers were not angels of death - Death was THE Angel of Death, according to Bobby. Reapers worked for Death. It's good to see that the writers don't have to justify their stupid stories since the fans will do all that work for them, coming up with the most ridiculous and implausible connections based on their crappy memories. No wonder the current writers don't bother with explanations or rationalisation s of what they write!"
# njspnfan 2014-05-14 19:44
Leah - agreed, everyone needs to chill out a little on both sides.
# Puck 2014-05-14 21:11
I saw where Ben Edlund posted an apology for the "Grand Canyon" retcon. ;)
Are You Kidding?
# Are You Kidding? 2014-05-15 23:28
Yes, I saw that too. It made me wonder if Carver had issued a "no apologies, no explanations, no excuses" protocol for the writers that it took Edlund leaving the show before he could finally say it. In the scheme of things, it wasn't such a big gaffe, although it was an interesting one, since the Grand Canyon stands out in the memory. He could've picked any childhood memory of the brothers, added something new and interesting to the episode in the same amount of words, but didn't. And no one said anything about it, even during and after the fan uproar. Why would that be?
Clarice 0909
# Clarice 0909 2014-05-14 18:19
# kaj 2014-05-15 02:35
This comment is probably one of the very few positive ones but I hope it helps counterbalance the negative feels here. I watched the episode AFTER reading all of the comments here and I was nervous. I thought I was going to see episode but no. I like it. Now, I will try to see this episode as objectively as I can. It reminds me of season 6 with angels war but with different taste yet similar feels.


Okay, that’s nice trick for a writer. Haven’t tried it myself … hmmm … that’s food for thought. Anyway, if I read this as a book then I will be gripping the papers and gaping at the complexity of it. Why is everyone think that Metatron is an annoying enemy I have no idea. He is smart. And anyone who usually root for an underdog should appreciate his smart in this episode. Metatron is a nerd. He’s old, not handsome and short. He’s the kind of guy who gets shoved off into high school lockers. Who get laughed at when he tries to ask a pretty girl out just because he isn’t a jock and isn’t popular. All nerds should cheer when Metatron manages to play the handsome males of the show like a fiddle. (Handsome being Sam, Dean, Cas, Gadreel) Hail the nerds! That’s why they get rid of Charlie earlier because if Charlie knows about Metatron she will call his ploy a long time ago. It’s like playing games and riddles. War of the nerds!

It correlates directly to Metafiction. This is truly Met’s work behind the scene. He laid the groundwork ever since Metafiction, recruiting Tessa and the other bombers then brainwashed them to spy into Cas’ army and finally activating suicide bombing at Met’s order when he thought Cas’ army is getting big enough. Metattron has played Castiel exactly like he wants him to be making himself as hero by creating a faux enemy to gain sympathy of the other angels. The only wild card now is Gadreel.

Now, for someone who is capable of pulling the stunt above, do you really believe that Met doesn’t know about Gadreel’s change of heart? I’m still on the fence on that. If Metatron really a smart nerd then he will not completely trust Gadreel. The true gambler will always keep his card close to the chest. If I’m Metatron I will lure Gadreel into a false sense of security, telling him my faux plan and giving him my false trust because Gadreel has been compromised. A true follower will not agree to meet my enemy twice. Gadreel is at risk of being compromised. I will let Gad to see Sam and Dean and see where it goes from there. If the Winchesters believe him then it will be easy to feed them false information but if they don’t believe him then Gadreel is a loose end that needs to be cut because Gadreel has a history of disloyal. There’s no guarantee he will not betray me in other chance. Gadreel is dean sooner or later because he can’t make up his mind and chance sides as the wind goes. If I’m a real commander of a legion leading to war I will cut loose Gadreel. He is a kind of soldier that’s easy to get persuaded. I can’t afford a crack in my army.
But Metatron can also fall for the oldest trick in a book. Getting too high on his premature winning and getting careless. Since he’s beaten Cas and regained the angels under his wings, he doesn’t realize that Gadreel has slipped through his fingers. Too buoyed of the momentary winning and hasn’t realize that Gadreel has betrayed him for real.

Or the last speculation, that Gadreel’s act of rebellion, or questioning every Metatron’s order is only a ploy to trick Sam and Dean. Metatron will make it so as if Gadreel has loose trust on Metatron and turns against him instead. Gadreel will be a double agent and knowingly feed the Winchesters the false information, faking the conflict between him and Metatron. Just like Ruby did with the other demons. Remember when Ruby was tortured by Alistair and hated by the other demons but in truth she was Lilith’s man all along and no one knows. The perfect spy. If the show intends to make Gadreel as Dean’s Ruby, then this plot will likely happen. (I personally love this plot because it will make Metatron closely rivals Azazel in term of smarts and evil planner. And I say closely because I still think Azazel is the best villain)


There are questions why Tessa is used here? On what purpose?
Okay, Now the Tessa’s death scene is needed for a build up to get the angels to distrust Cas. Dean knows Tessa and we already see him interrogating an angel he doesn’t know (because Dean thinks all angels are dicks except cas). He’s callous and has no mercy. He goes in the interview room thinking all of the angels are lying. Remember last episode when Dean said “you think nobody’s lying, well, I think everybody’s lying. It’s a gift.” This episode correlates to that scene. Dean enters the interview room thinking that they’re all lying UNTILL he meets Tessa. Now, Dean knows Tessa. Despite the Moc’s influence he is still willing to give Tessa the benefit of the doubt and probably because of their history he is rather fond of Tessa.
The purpose?

1. It gives us insight to the fate of those poor souls behind the veil. Kevin and the others. We know Kevin said it’s bad there but Kevin didn’t go into details, right? He just said it’s bad but how bad? Now, we know from Tessa that they are suffering. That it is bad enough to drive even an angel of death (reaper) to commit suicide. Makes me wonder of the fate of the other reapers. Are they also suffering like Tessa?

2. It gives a shadow plot to Metatron’s mechanism. Imagine if it was another Angel other than Tessa. Josiah maybe? Dean will not incline to listen to his reason why he becomes a bomber. It will also be hard to give Josiah a proper motivation if he wants to impale himself on Dean’s blade. What for? Any other character beside Tessa will be canon fodder, not important because they lack history with the show and audience. Why would we care of any other angels’ motivation. What motivation do they have to be a bomber? Just mindless devotion towards Cas? (which is false by the way) It’s not very believable.

3. To show how much Tessa’s death NOT affecting Dean. He doesn’t want to kill her and yes his demeanour when interviewing Tessa is completely different to when he interviews Flagstaff. Dean is a tad softer with Tessa, willing to listen to her and reminiscing about the first time they met. It’s ironic that she has to die by his hand (another lost soul by his hand although he doesn’t mean to hurt her).
Sam : Cause if you stuck to it Tessa would still be alive. Without her we aint got jack.
Dean : You think I don’t know that? You think I wanted that to happen?
You see the truth is, Dean is caught off guard when Tessa off herself. If it is another angel he wouldn’t give a damn but it’s Tessa. Dean should’ve shown more regret for her death but no. Dean’s reaction is too stoic.
Play back to 6.19 when Cas had to kill Lenore. Lenore wanted to die because she can’t take it anymore.
Dean said : We’ll lock you down till this whole thing is over, okay? Witness protection. You’ll be safe.
Dean said : So why don’t you just jam an angel blade to your throat and call it a day?
See the difference in those two dialogue? (Yes I replay them) And Lenore was a monster while Tessa a reaper who had helped Dean a few times before.

4. Now, this is the most important purpose. To thwart Dean about the true nature of Metatron’s hand in the creation of the bombers. We know later on that Tessa is recruited by Gadreel which means she follows Metatron willingly. But Metatron then brainwashed her to spy into Cas’ army and be his follower. She has to do it for a long enough time so that the other angels and Cas believe her loyalty to them. So, when she carries out Met’s task she can lie convincingly that Cas sends her instead. The other angels will believe her because she has been one of them long enough.
Tessa : … he said I was chosen because I was strong. Others they couldn’t handle this. They’re too weak.
She intends to rile Hannah up, to rile all of them up, to frame Cas, make him look bad in front of his followers. The other angels believe her and start to doubt Cas.
Dean of course is distracted. Tessa doesn’t say who her true boss is. She doesn’t mention Metatron at all and Dean quickly distracted by the story of her suffering and her plead for dead.
Dean : Why are you doing this?
Tessa : Castiel… (It’s clearly choreographed or brainwashed)
Dean : No forget Cas. Why are you doing this? What would make a person wanna pop their top? I’ve been in a bad shape but I have never been that damn low.

At this point Tessa has a perfect opening to feed Dean another reason why she becomes a bomber, a distraction. Not that the story of the souls screaming and suffering is not true. It’s true and because it’s true and believable, Dean believes her. And Dean doesn’t question her anymore about who her master truly is. If it is any other nameless angel, Dean would not be inclined to believe their sob story, would not be inclined to ask why they are doing that for, would just torture them to get an answer to the truth just like what he does to Flagstaff.
Why can’t it be another reaper? Again Dean knows Tessa. If it’s another reaper then Dean will not be inclined to be nice to her (assuming the reaper is also a girl). Dean’s method in questioning will not be different than when he questions Flagstaff. He probably will not care enough to ask why she wants to die. The scene will not flow naturally if the nameless reaper suddenly angsting and telling Dean about the sad story of hearing the souls suffering. The dialogue will feel forced and awkward. The audience will not be invested enough on her and why would Dean be invested on her? He doesn’t know her, not like he knows Tessa. And he barely reacts when Tessa dies much less other reaper.
It’s a cover behind a cover.

There are lots of reason why it has to be Tessa. In writing sometimes we have to sacrifice a character to get more depth to the storytelling. Just because it’s Tessa it hurts more. It brings more impact to the audience, right. Just like now, some of you guys are protesting why it has to be Tessa. Why Tessa has to die. Whyyyyyyyyyyyyy yyy…
# kaj 2014-05-15 04:10

I Remember season 4 when it's all about Sam. Sam went dark and drinking blood while Dean just angsting and hurting. Season 5 when Dean is supposed to have a plot as the Michael's sword. Cas speech when he said “The one who start it has to be the one who end it.” But in the end Dean's role is replaced by Adam. Dean's no longer driving the plot but again it's given to Sam as a redemption so that Sam can sacrifice himself burning himself in the cage to pay for his sins (drinking blood, releasing Lucifer).
Dean has always been the one who runs around ragged taking care of others. In S2 he agonized over seeing Sam in pain due to the vision and the worry of Sam becoming evil just like John warned him. Of Sam as one of Azazel's soldier. Dean is the one who tried to fix things telling Sam that “No Sam you won't be turning evil like Max because you have me.” Season 4 he tried to stop Sam from seeing Ruby, to force Cas to learn free will and see that the Angels were (still are) as corrupt as the demons. Dean tried to fix Sam's addiction. He would rather let Sam die than turn evil because he can't bear seeing his little brother become evil. (He sounds like Cain didn't he? So, of course Dean is worthy of the Mark) the MoC storyline would correlate better with S4 and it should be the story of Season 5. Season 6 he tried to fix Cas problem, to help him, telling Cas to come to him if he needs help with the angel war so that they can fix it together until Cas said “It's not broken Dean!” Season 7 is served as Cas redemption arc with Dean trying to fix the mess left by Godstiel (Leviatan). He's always running around ragged fixing everybody's problem and everybody's messes.

Finally now Dean have something going on with him that is not angsting, not becomes a drunk, not a pathetic cry baby hunter, not the one who gets lied to by Sam (S4), by Castiel (S6). I for once am happy. Dean has always been violence but it tripled by MoC. I think of the mark as the stripper of all exhibition. Like Soulless!Sam, here Dean is not soulless but his soul, his conscience is being numbed down and his ruthlessness is being amped up. He doesn't care of everyone, doesn't care of Sam or Cas. He's turning into Not!Dean. Dean that we know before is lost to the MoC power and that is the whole point. Dean has always been the one who tells the story BUT now when the storyteller is getting off the rails WHAT WILL THE OTHERS DO? I'm really enjoying this. I wanna see what Sam will do to save Dean what Cas will do.

There's one question. When Sam was on a bender what did Dean do? He stayed with Sam even though he's hurting and in pain seeing Sam suffer and turning dark with DB. How he had to swallow the hurt of being called weak and pathetic? HE STAYS LOYAL. No matter how many times the others around him hurt him he stays loyal and now when Dean is on a bender what will Sam do? That's the core of this half of season. When the flip is switch, when the little brother is the one who has to take care of his big brother, the one he idolize (Oh I still think Sam still think of Dean in high regard despite everything as Season 8 speech is the proof. Trial and Error speech, Sacrifice speech to name a few. How Sam regret has always been for disappointing his big brother) what should Sam do? I WILL NOT tell Sam to leave. Sam has always been leaving in the past. Now, when Dean needs him the most. Dean who has been Sam's parents even more so than John, who has raised Sam, who has protected Sam ever since childhood. Sam has to step up. He has to rein Dean in and save his big brother from darkness.
But Sam is not Dean. When Sam was on a bender and ran around with a demon, Dean used physical force to rein him in, he fought Sam, hit Sam because that's the only means Dean knew how to handle things. Dean thinks himself a grunt, not smart, a mere muscle to Sam's smart. The only think he knows how to do things if by physical force. Sam is not Dean, he can't use the same method as Dean. Sam takes pride in his mind, his smart. So, in true to his character Sam will not rain Dean in by force, will not hit Dean like Dean hit Soulless!Sam, he will reason with Dean because Sam has always has a way with words. Now that Dean refuses to listen to reason because it's a dictatorship maybe Sam has to remember that there's still a brotherhood between them. If partnership doesn't work maybe he should try brotherhood instead.
Everyone is enjoying Sam and Cas interaction because Dean is off the rails. Just similar to S4 when Sam was off the rails and Dean confide in Cas.

Season 1-5 = Sam's storyarc
Season 6-7 = Cas's storyarc
When it comes to Season 8-9 = Dean's story arc, hell yes! Why not?
# Sharon 2014-05-15 07:51
Season 4 Sam story was in the background while we focused on Dean's return from hell. Season 5 was just as much about whether Dean would say yes to Michael and Dean got the pov . A case for those seasons and season 7 being Dean seasons are just as strong and as Dean has both narrative and pov his role is central to everything going on. I could not care if they gave Dean a 100 MOC sl's but you need to give Sam a narrative and pov not continue to give that to Dean and also the mytharc on top I do not believe Dean is owed that much . Nothing was created for Sam out of the possession sl apart from being used to push Dean into the MOC ,there were threads they could of picked up for him that would of given him the character storytelling and pov he desperately needs which would not of stopped Dean seeking out the MOC . Instead we focused on Dean while Sam got 10 mins with Cas in the bunker and like I said I do not believe Dean is owed the mytharc /pov/narrative all together and that to have a true show about two brothers you need to write for both , this season we have not had one Sam centric episode and yet there was so much to garner from the possession and violation for Sam.
# njspnfan 2014-05-15 08:11
without having this devolve in to the usual Sam v. Dean pablum, IMO the writers have had a difficult time keeping both brothers actively engaged in the story, at the same time, over the past two seasons. They did a really good job in S4/S5 but S8/S9, not so much.
# sylvia37 2014-05-15 09:07
Definitely don't want this to turn into a Sam VS Dean free for all, but I have to agree with you here. We lost Sam's POV in Season 4 when they decided to make the DB drinking a big reveal for the season and they've never picked it back up. Things may happen to Sam, but most of the time (please notice I say MOST of the time), the show is dealing with how Dean handles it or feels about it. I have no problem with Dean getting the action this year, but it would be nice for Sam to have had more of a balance. My fervent hope is that Sam really gets to not only be the one to save Dean, but to actually express his feelings about all of this next year. I really do love them both, and I really do love that Sam is who he is and uses his brain instead of his brawn most times, but he NEEDS to be allowed to express how he feels about the way Dean treats him and it not be about DEAN. It needs to be about SAM. Yes Dean has protected him and loved him and tried to save him etc., but that doesn't mean that he should get to say and do whatever he wants and Sam just has to take it. There has to be some balance and I really hope that's where they're headed.
# E 2014-05-15 09:08
I agree Sharon; add to the fact that Season 3 was ALL about Dean and his deal (Sam got to freak out and be ineffectual and then ultimately fail) and season 4 was primarily about Dean's growing relationship with Castiel, his manipulation by Zarchariah AND his terrible feelings of guilt over what he was forced to do in hell, once agin there was not much left over for Sam other than to have his story "play out in the background" which is a direct quote by Mr. Kipke himself. I have never understood nor agreed with the argument that Dean has had no story line especially lately. When looking at the details of the various seasons it simply does not pan out especially when you consider POV of which Dean has always had the lions share. It has been especially bad this season; without any attention to Sam's feelings on his possession it has primarily become a device simply to get the ball rolling on the Moc. Basically it means that Sam has had no POV as per usual, AND that he's now had no storyline as the one supposedly designed for him has been usurped to motivate Dean. Is it too much to ask for even one moment of Sam insight? Or even an episode like Dog Dean Afternoon, where something wacky or interesting happens to Sam? Has there been even ONE episode this year like that for Sam? Castiel got I'm No Angel and Heaven Can't Wait, even Jody got Alex, Annie, Alexis, Ann and Garth got Sharp Teeth. I feel that Sam deserves at least one centric episode in his own show.
# kaj 2014-05-15 04:10
double post
# njspnfan 2014-05-15 08:10
# Prix68 2014-05-15 11:41
My speculation is that Sam is going to kill Dean by shooting him but will find out Dean is immortal, like Cain is, and can only be killed by the first blade. I believe Dean will be the "big bad" in S10 and Cas and Sam will work together to stop him. Save him? Something along those lines. Dean will have killed Metatron and both heaven and hell will have been restored to some semblance of normal before this happens.
# JudyLee 2014-05-15 11:49
That gives me goosebumps!
# percysowner 2014-05-15 13:04
Although I would really enjoy Dean being the big bad for season 10, I would hate Sam trying to kill him. No matter how justified or how necessary killing Dean might be, fans would NEVER get over Sam trying to kill him. I mean the hate for Sam saying, no I wouldn't save your life by handing your body over to an angel against your will, is continuing and not subsiding. Maybe, maybe if Sam did it to save Castiel, there might be some support. But if Sam does it to save the world, or God Forbid himself, the outcry will be awful.
# tvmonkey 2014-05-15 15:07
That would change the whole dynamic of the show. It would no longer be Sam and Dean against the world but Sam and Dean against each other. Also Dean is the shows POV, do you really think they'll make the hero of the show the bad guy and the POV of the show from the side of the bad guy? Wont that mean the brothers will be separated for at least the first half of the season? They cant exactly go on MOTW cases if one is evil and the other good(or pointless because lets face it Sam is pointless)?
# percysowner 2014-05-15 15:18
I don't disagree and I really don't think it will happen. I also know that before the writers strike Kripke intended to have Sam go darkside while saving Dean, which had the potential for Sam to be the big bad for the season and Carver seems to be paralleling season four pretty hard. He may intend to go with that original concept. Now back then, the boys weren't emotionally estranged so they could have had Sam doing iffier and iffier things while Dean tried to reign him in. Now, the boys would have to separate. Since they both want to work less hours having them in separate storylines and acting independently would give them both time off. I would also hope that if Dean does become the antagonist for part of the series that the writers would finally be FORCED to give us some Sam POV, since having him stand in the corner or leaving the room so Dean can talk to people would no longer be an option.
Rick D
# Rick D 2014-05-19 02:39
Except the first blade couldn't kill Cain, so why would it kill Dean?
# LEAH 2014-05-15 13:51
I've decided to repost a comment I deleted yesterday:

I am going to say this and withdraw from the site for awhile. Dean is not supposed to be likable right now!! I get that and any criticisms about how this is affecting him is fair game. What I find upsetting is how many people are using the MoC storyline as a jumping off place to demean Dean as a character in general. Many are cheap shots and unfair. Dean has never been a perfect character and I am one of the first to admit that! But I get so tired of the accusation of tyranny, cruelty and just plain meanness that frequently get leveled at him. Has he been some of those things at times? Yes! But at his heart he has always loved his brother fiercely . He has, almost without fail, been there for his brother. He has loved, protected, worried about, and watched over Sam his whole life. Has he made mistakes? Damn right. He has made some huge ones, especially this season. But this is a good man and a good brother who has done his best despite the sometimes impossible situations he has faced. The same people who cry about mean things said about the character(s) they love have no problem disparaging Dean in the least. It is a team sport at the moment. Criticizing is one thing, this goes beyond that. It is using the MoC to say 'Well hey, this is just how Dean has always been anyway'. I am not good with the cute quips and flowery words but I am one of only a few Dean fans left here and I had to make an attempt to defend him.
# tvmonkey 2014-05-17 13:45
You wouldn't know Dean was the one in the wrong by the comments from the vast majority of fans. All I see is fans using Dean's behavior as a way to demean Sam's character. Saying that Sam deserved Dean telling him off and being ungrateful and calling him childish for walking away from Dean after his little dictator speech. What did people expect Sam do do? If he's confronted Dean people would have been calling him and idiot for even trying while Dean is under the MOC, if he's left he would have been lambasted by every reviewers and vast majority of fans as being childish. Seems to me Sam cant win either way. Maybe he should have gotten down on his knees and begged Dean to make him his bitch?

Dean has not been unfair treated by anyone this season. Carver, the writers, the reviewers or the fans. Pointing out a few noticeable truths about Dean's character ie that he has always operated as a dictator is not demeaning his character. I guess that is unless you dont like the fact that Dean is being called out of his less likable traits for a change. The shows never does that and there are plenty of reviewers and fans who seem to wear rose tinted glasses when it comes to Dean. Dont worry though I'm sure all will be back to feeling sorry for poor wronged Dean again next season.
# LEAH 2014-05-18 16:08
I don't know why I am even responding because you obviously don't want to have a discussion. "Vast majority" is an exaggeration in general and laughable if you are talking about this site. You are not the only one who visits other places ,though I find the atmosphere deplorable in many cases. Both the characters (all really) get ripped to shreds. Nowhere in my comment was I saying anything about Dean being right this season or always right in the past. I had a specific beef about some fans using this MoC thing as an excuse to rip Dean for everything he has ever done. Don't make assumptions that I am not on Sam's side or thinking that Dean shouldn't apologize for what he did. I am a fan of Sam as well. So back off with the " Maybe he should have gotten down on his knees and begged Dean to make him his bitch." stuff, will you? I can love more than one character. My saying a few nice things about Dean has nothing to do with Sam. I don't trash any characters. I can understand unhappy people and often empathize with their issues but is hard to with posts like this.
# NOLANOLA 2014-05-15 14:38
Leah, I am a DIE HARD DEAN WOMAN and love him and all his faults. Please don't leave like AMY [sweet on dean]. I constantly say I am leaving and do for a bit but I read way more than I comment.

I don't let it get to me as much either. I have other problems. lolol Take a break and buff up for next year. Later cher....;)
# LEAH 2014-05-18 16:35
Thanks Nolanola. I am working on it!:)
# Prix68 2014-05-15 17:51
Leah, I agree with you whole heartedly and the reason I didn't post here for a long time. Saying Dean puts the dick in dictator is one example. If you said that about Sam here you would be reported and deleted but Dean is always fair game. But you are not alone in your feelings, if that is any comfort. I am a total Dean girl and that's why I watch the show.
# njspnfan 2014-05-15 19:32
Since I was the poster of that comment, I guess I should be allowed to reply. Personally, I have found Dean's recent behavior to be bordering on irredeemable, and was making light of his recent comments to Sam. This is just my opinion and since it sounds as if some are in agreement with Dean's comments, you are perfectly within your rights to disagree. These are simply opinions, not facts, so get over it.

And as far as the usual Sam vs Dean crap, many of the reviewers play it down the center on this site; some have their favorites which they are honest about but, if I recall, Gerry was recently added to the list of reviewers on the site and she has a decidedly Dean bias. And I think that's great - all opinions should be welcome.
# anonymousN 2014-05-16 03:16
If you said that about Sam here you would be reported and deleted but Dean is always fair game.
This a lie pure and simple or you are ignorant about the comments during earlier seasons.I hope it is the latter.
# Sharon 2014-05-16 04:06
I think you know with respect that Sam has been and still is fair game within some parts of the fandom. While I appreciate it is not nice to read things said about Dean I have not seen his treatment any worst than Sam's and this is someone who lived through season 4 which was horrendous on the forums for Sam . But the delete comment is not true and Dean's behaviour will prompt different views just like Sam .
# CaliforniaDreamin 2014-05-17 08:11
Unclench. You'll enjoy the ride more.
Are You Kidding?
# Are You Kidding? 2014-05-17 10:40
Pay attention. You might learn something ;)