Now that “Supernatural: Bloodlines” has aired, it’s time to put your network executive hat on.  What would you do now? 

This is truly an insane season in the television world.  Pilot season is so nuts that the FOX network has decided not to do a traditional Pilot season and start developing shows in clusters throughout the year.  NBC is following a pseudo model where they have already picked up some shows while still making pilots during traditional season.  For The CW, they are doing it the old school way.  Welcome on our little CW scheduling/show pitch clinic.   

Every mid-season, a network looks at the holes in their schedule and orders new pilots presented to them in script form based where their needs lie.  A new show could also bring in a new audience for them, like when The CW developed “Arrow.”  Suddenly The CW was attracting 18-34 males again.  “Arrow” was also successful in bringing back a lot of the audience they lost when “Smallville” went off the air.  A new show can also be a wildly different idea, something that this network sees long term potential and sets them apart from others (see “Reign.”)

Another idea that’s very popular among networks with successful shows is the spinoff.  The idea is that you have a show that’s created a legacy for your network and you want to keep that name going for a very long time.  What better way to do that than build a franchise of shows with that name?  Franchises make lots of money.  The best modern day example is “CSI.”  That very popular show for CBS was expanded into a billion dollar franchise with the spinoff of two successful and long running shows, “CSI: Miami” and “CSI: New York.”  Now there’s a new “CSI” spinoff in the works considering the other two shows are now gone and the original is still going. 

The CW tried for the first time last season a spinoff of their number one show, “The Vampire Diaries.”  They had the perfect vehicle for a spinoff, the original family.  The actors, the characters, and the story possibilities were so rich that the Mikaelsons could easily carry on their own series while giving the original series room to breathe and expand into new territory.  “The Originals” so far has been a huge success, giving the CW another strong hour on their schedule and suddenly they have a franchise going for “The Vampire Diaries.”

Last fall, given the success of “The Originals,” The CW turned to their other very successful shows, “Arrow” and “Supernatural,” in hopes that they could have a successful spinoff as well.  The producers of “Arrow,” working with their DC Comics partners, chose a spinoff involving the popular DC character “The Flash.”  This would mean a whole new universe, but no character from “Arrow” would be part of the new series.  Given the popularity of The Flash in the comics though, it wasn’t a hard sell.   It’s the most buzzed about pilot this year.     

“Supernatural” has a very rich archive of stories and characters from nine seasons, but the decision was made to create a whole new universe starting with a blueprint created by “Supernatural” rather than spinoff an existing character into a new show.  They would do a side story about monster families using various monster types that have been featured in other episodes.  This kind of spinoff also has been done in TV (See “Mork and Mindy,” which spawned from a supposed strange dream by Richie Cunningham in a “Happy Days” episode), and always with mixed results.  It’s especially a hard sell with “Supernatural” fans, who are wickedly devoted to the main show.  The network saw the script in January though and went forward with the backdoor pilot.  It would be episode 20 of “Supernatural” season nine. 

The idea of a spin-off of any show is meant to retain the old audience while attracting new ones.  The CW is gaining a foothold in 18-34 audiences (male and female) and wants to create shows that strengthen those gains.  Now that “Bloodlines” has aired, The CW has some decisions to make.  What happens from here?  

If the intent was to attract “Supernatural’s” current base while appealing to the current CW audience overall, “Bloodlines” needs some work.   So far, the fans have been lukewarm to really hating it (our poll really leans toward the hated it, others are more even).  There’s been positive reaction too, but it’s hovering right now around 30 to 40 percent at best.  The pilot as presented did not have the appeal to the mass “Supernatural” audience, but it does seem to fit the network brand.  Is that enough?  The reaction of “Supernatural” fans becomes a consideration in making a decision, but it’s not the only factor.   

The CW will likely show “Bloodlines” to test audiences as it will the other pilots.  They usually offer screenings in various malls around the country (I know there’s one at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas).   They’ll also have other screenings for focus groups.  Reactions from those screenings come into play as well, and that could be where “Bloodlines” gains traction. 

If there’s still interest, then the network tries to visualize where “Bloodlines” fits in the 2014-2015 schedule. This is where things get fun!  Welcome to network scheduling 101. 

The CW Schedule

The CW has renewed “Supernatural,” “The Vampire Diaries,” “Arrow,” “The Originals,” “Reign,” “Whose Line Is It Anyway,” and “America’s Next Top Model.”  The latter show, ANTM, is planned to air this summer, so it doesn’t factor into the fall schedule.  Shows yet to be renewed are “Hart of Dixie,” “Beauty and The Beast,” “The Carrie Diaries,” “The Tomorrow People,” “Star Crossed,” and “The 100.”  Out of those shows, only “Hart of Dixie” (it’ll fill a needed Friday slot) and “The 100” (likely midseason) are expected to return. 

The CW has six pilots this year:  “The Flash,” “Identity,” iZombie,” “Jane The Virgin,” “Supernatural:  Bloodlines,” and “The Messengers.” (For more information on what these pilots are about, go to our report on our sister site TV For The Rest of Us.)   Intel is “The Flash” and “iZombie” are already penciled into the fall schedule.  Actually “The Flash” is a done deal, it will be picked up.  So the question is, will there be room for the other 4 pilots?

The CW programs ten hours a week, 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm M-F ET.  Here’s the current schedule:


8:00  Beauty and The Beast/Star Crossed (midseason show)

9:00  The Tomorrow People


8:00  The Originals

9:00  Supernatural


8:00  Arrow

9:00  The 100 (midseason show)


8:00  The Vampire Diaries

9:00  Reign


8:00 Whose Line is it Anyway

9:00  Hart of Dixie

In looking at this schedule, all of Monday will likely be cancelled.  Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday shows are either renewed or will be.  Friday is likely to stay intact too, and will also be used for repeats of new shows and other filler.  Considering Monday will have to be rebuilt, a veteran show is going to have to move to Mondays to help boost a new show.  My money is on Supernatural moving.  It’s an older show that’s been moving slots for the last few years and it still manages to have top ratings on the network.  The audience is loyal and will follow it anywhere.  So this is what the new picture looks like:


8:00  New show

9:00  Supernatural


8:00  The Originals

9:00  Reign or new show


8:00  Arrow

9:00  New show  - This could be “The Flash” but then again maybe they don’t want to put both their hot DC properties on the same night.  “The Flash” could join “Supernatural” (or whatever veteran show) on Mondays.


8:00  The Vampire Diaries

9:00  Reign or new show  -  The CW loves premiering new shows after it’s #1 show for a strong lead-in, which is why I have Reign pegged for moving. 


8:00 Whose Line is it Anyway/repeats/ANTM

9:00  Hart of Dixie/repeats


The 100

Where do you see “Supernatural: Bloodlines” fitting?  Do you see it fitting?  I don’t think “Reign” is strong enough to be paired with a new show, and that’s the show on this schedule I see as the best fit.  It could also air after “The Originals” or “The Vampire Diaries.”  It is not compatible with “Supernatural.”   However, “iZombie” will likely be on this schedule, and that can be Monday or Thursday.  Then there’s the other three pilots, all which could be midseason or passed upon.  Or, maybe one or more of those pilots are stronger than “Bloodlines” and the network will pass on the project.  That is a very real possibility.  It could also be saved for midseason. 

What’s Your Pitch?

Imagine The CW passes on “Bloodlines,” but comes back to the “Supernatural” producers and asks for another try at a spinoff.  You have five minutes with CW president Mark Pedowitz to make your pitch.  What spinoff would you do?

Include the following in your pitch:




Possible companion on CW schedule:

Considering Adam Rose (aka @RealAdamRose on Twitter), who played Aaron in “Everybody Hates Hitler” pitched to us on Twitter his idea for a show involving a Golem (hint,  hint), here’s an example of that pitch (trust me, this doesn’t come with a ton of thought). 

Title:  Supernatural:  Legacies

Premise:  Aaron Bass and his Golem, who he inherited from his late grandfather, carry on the legacy of The Judah Initiative, a secret society meant to protect the Jewish people from persecution from the Nazis and other secret organizations.  Using his grandfather’s archive and help from the Men of Letters in Lebanon, Kansas (tie-in!), the often quarreling pair uncover old world secrets kept in a secret library by a local Rabbi about the supernatural and a new threat that could mean the extinction of their people and mankind in general.  There are always complications with building a secret society when your giant clay Golem decides to take matters into his own hands.    

Characters:  Aaron Bass, Golem, Betsy – Aaron’s very talkative and scatterbrained assistant, Rabbi (insert name here). 

Possible companion on the CW Schedule:  Supernatural or Arrow.

Okay, your turn!  What kind of spinoff would you like to see?  What kind of spinoff do you think would keep the legacy going?  No idea is too outrageous or dumb.   Or, if you want to share your CW 2014-2015 schedule.    


# cheryl42 2014-05-02 11:51
Title-->Superna tural Devils Trap
Premise-->Samuel Colt and the origin of the Devils Trap and the gun
Characters-->Samuel Colt (of course), cowboy demon hunters, Indian (sorry Native Americans) mystics/spirit monsters
Possible Companion-->you got me..there wouldn't be any other show like it.

Can we cast our show? Timothy Olyphant will be wrapping up Justified next season. Wouldn't he make an awesome SC.

Oh and no to Bloodlines in it's current form.
# njspnfan 2014-05-02 12:02
I don't know if any of the popular secondary characters could carry an entire series. I'd like to see an Anthology series, with a couple of episodes each year highlighting different characters, both good and evil, outside the world of Sam & Dean. Bobby and Rufus, Ellen and Jo, early John Winchester, Samuel Colt, Aaron and Golem, The Roadhouse, Charlie, Garth, Crowley, YED, etc. It doesn't have to take place in the present so the fact that most of these characters are dead doesn't matter.
Nate Winchester
# Nate Winchester 2014-05-03 01:06
I think it's too late now (though maybe they could pull it off) but upon reflection, I kind of wish Supernatural had become an anthology series after S5.
# percysowner 2014-05-02 12:34
Title: Supernatural: Hunters and Hunted

Premise: When Jody Mills became the foster mother to Alex, a girl who had been raised by vampires, she didn't know she would be drawn to more lost souls. Now she has met Krissy, the orphaned daughter of a hunter, who is a hunter in training. She and Krissy met while they were both investigating cases of pituitary glands being stolen from corpses. They find Jacob, a kitsune trying to live without killing, the way his mother, killed by a hunter, taught him he is with another lost soul, Karen Vicola(age 16), who knows all about the angels and demons and hates them both with equal intensity. One day the mysterious Jesse appears. He knows about the supernatural, especially demons and offers his help. He is also afraid to sleep, or dream or use his imagination. This eclectic family will work to keep each other alive while fighting the dark forces of the supernatural and their own personal demons.

Characters: Jody Mills, Alex/Annie (MIlls), Krissy Chambers, Jacob Pond, Jesse Turner Karen Vicola.

ETA: TVD is really dropping in the ratings this year. Last night only got a .7 in the demo in the preliminary ratings, less than SPN, Arrow and TO and only .1 ahead of The 100.

Also I would enjoy the Aaron and his Golem show.

Possible companion on CW schedule: TVD or Supernatural
# Sylvie 2014-05-02 15:18
I would most definitely watch this show! You had me at Jody Mills, she's my girl crush now that Ellen is out of the picture. ;)
# TheHandsomeOne 2014-05-02 15:13
It's too late now, but I would've waited to bring in the Winchester boys, allow the series to stand on it's own two legs for a few episodes before the crossover. The protagonist needs time to grow and build, I would've loved to see a character (Ennis) struggling with the notion that the supernatural is real, as opposed to this sudden build-up and his one-episode transformation into a hunter. Sam and Dean could've rolled in mid-season when the plotlines converged and began training him in a series of dual-show tie-ins.
# kaj 2014-05-02 17:57
The Men of Letters in The Beginning is also a good idea. That can be the tittle.

It tells a story about the first time Henry Winchester join the Letters and also about John's childhood. About Josy Sands and her pent up anger management. About the experiment in curing demons. About where they collect all of this old scrolls and ancient artifact in the bunker. Lot's of great things can be explored.

The cast is already a solid lead just add few others as regulars. Also I wanna see little John Winchester.

It can paired up with Supernatural too, no problem.
Teresa Pezzino
# Teresa Pezzino 2014-05-02 19:50
Title: Supernatural: In the Beginning.

Premise: A series of stories that give the backstory of Supernatural characters. Bobby's change to a hunter and his adventures with Rufus - and what happened in Omaha! The Origins of the Men of Letters. A Campbell Family history - starting with cutting the heads off of vamps on the Mayflower. The disillusionment of Gabriel and his metamorphosis into the Trickster. Samuel Colt. Adam and his Ghola. The Adventures of the Anti-Christ. And so on. And so on.

Characters: All past characters in the Supernatural Universe are far game.

Possible companion on CW schedule: Anywhere you want - SPN fans would follow.
# novi 2014-05-02 22:32
Title - SPN:The Dark Lands.
Premise - Purgatory (it's where it all begins)
Characters - Benny, numerous monsters, probably with Dick Roman lurking in the shadows, trying to have the upper hand once again. The Alpha Vampire. Garth.
Benny struggling his way to survive in the unwelcome environment runs into Garth who's come to P. to save the soul of his werewolf-wife (she was killed and unavoidably had to go to this Monsterland - another good title, no?) Benny and Garth together try to find out the secrets of the place, e.g. where the monsters killed in Purgatory go? My take is that there must be a pool, a place to collect and accumulate the souls' energy. Eventually the friends find a pass into hell..
Shedule - on the same day with mother-show.
# Khristine 2014-05-03 05:09
Novi I loved this idea and I think it is my favorite idea.:D. I sent a little e mail to the PTB at the CW telling them that you had a much better idea and sent them the link to it. I hope they rethink and go with your much better idea.
# Alice 2014-05-02 23:05
Wow, these are some amazing pitches so far! It does seem that so many things would work better than "Bloodlines." But then again, we don't know that the network is thinking, so who knows?
Nate Winchester
# Nate Winchester 2014-05-03 01:02
Alice, I loved this so much I did my own blog post on it (because I had so many).

Uh... but before I saw your formatting request (yes I ran and did it just off your title). You want me to edit it to include that?
# Khristine 2014-05-03 04:57
My first choice & what I personally would love if it were to be a thing is NOVI 's idea : Supernatural The Dark Lands ( except I believe Garth is A werewolf not a vampire) . I love the whole idea of that very much. I lovedTy Olsen as Benny and that sounds like such a cool premise with a lot of possibilities. Also interested in Supernatural Legacies because I loved Aaron and I loved his Golem. I think that could go some where. I absolutely detested Bloodlines and want Supernatural's good name as far away from that piece of crap as possible. Please take this into serious consideration. Thanks
# novi 2014-05-03 06:51
In reply to Khristine
Thank you very much, so sweet of you!
I liked many SPN characters and would like to see Aaron and Golem again. Don't understand why the writers ignore the potential of their own creation.
# Ross 2014-05-03 13:13
Title: Supernatural: Origins
Premise: Based on the Supernatural comic series, Origins details John Winchester's hunt for the thing that killed his wife and the mother of his children. As he searches for this monster, he must come to terms with all things that go bump in the night as well as juggling his revenge with raising his two children.
Characters: John, Bobby, Pastor Jim, Caleb, Rufus
Possible companion on CW schedule: Arrow
# Scullspeare 2014-05-04 18:24
A fun game to play; thanks Alice!

I’m convinced that two of the directives from the CW to the SPN: Bloodlines creative team were 1) to create an ensemble show; the longer SPN is on the air, the more logistical problems the two-character concept presents. My gut tells me that when it came time for the last round of contract talks, the J’s weren’t necessarily lobbying for huge raises, but more time off. It makes perfect sense; they’re both now married with children and working away from home–who can blame them for asking for more breaks throughout the course of the season. When you have an ensemble cast you avoid these kind of logistics. 2) Make the show appeal to the younger end of the prime demographic ie. 16-24. This is the most obvious reason why we've heard talk that none of the existing characters in SPN would work in terms of spin-off characters–they ’re all too old. :P

So, with those two caveats in mind:

Title: Supernatural: Damnation

Premise: Set in Purgatory. I love it when Supernatural plays with shades of grey–that not all monsters are monsters and that not all humans are good. Damnation uses that concept as the central theme.

SPN has established that when monsters die they are condemned to Purgatory. But, according to religious doctrine, humans who have lived imperfect lives are also sent to Purgatory to be cleansed of their sins; those who earn redemption, move on to Heaven; those who don’t are damned to Hell.

In SPN: Damnation, a group of monsters (Leviathan, Djinn, vampire, werewolf, Siren–exact mix TBD) and humans are working with Reapers to help humans in transition prove their worth (or lack of it). Sometimes they set up the challenge to be overcome; but sometimes [often;)] things go awry when other monsters enter the fray and the battle for salvation becomes real rather than stage. These scenarios become the case of the week.

As for the mytharc thread–what’s in it for the monsters? For the central group, they’ve been promised that if they prove themselves, they will be freed from Purgatory and released back to Earth. Some take that offer at face value, seeing it as a genuine chance at a fresh start. But others are playing the game only with an eye on the prize, and if they have to cut some corners (or throats) to make their escape, they will. And there’s a double-agent in the midst, pretending to work with the group but really just trying to find the door to freedom for his/her kind only, hoping to slam it shut from the other side and gain dominance for their race topside.

Other monster factions see Purgatory as purely their domain and the Reapers as trespassers; they want them, humans and anyone working with them, gone, and will do whatever it takes to make it happen.

Characters: The ensemble cast is the group of monsters and humans who help a newly deceased human prove their worth each week.

Reapers can come and go, so there’s a chance for Tessa, for example, to make an appearance. While Benny is too old (by CW standards, not mine) to carry the show, he could certainly be used as a guest star or for a finite story arc. So could the Levi-bombs. I thought the Leviathans became pretty boring villains topside (for me, they devolved from scary creatures to Scooby-Doo villains when they introduced the idiotic concept of ‘bibbing’) but in the hands of SPN’s FX crew, the Levia-bombs in Purgatory were pretty freaking cool. Can you imagine a battle scene where Levia-bombs blast into the action?

Since SPN has established there are back doors into Purgatory that humans can slip through, it also keeps open the possibility of humans (ie. hunters) visiting Purgatory without getting stuck there. It’s also “Hell adjacent” so I’m sure there are ways to throw demons into the mix.

Possible companion on CW schedule: Given the dark, moody tone, most likely The Originals or The 100.
# Marty 2014-05-04 23:11
Okay, let's give this a shot.

Title: Supernatural: Realms

Premise: It has been 700 years since the Winchesters walked the earth. The brothers accomplished many great things in their lifetime - but their greatest achievement was putting a shield around earth - the kind Metatron had once put around heaven. No creatures from other realms - like heaven, hell or purgatory can set foot on earth unless summoned in a specific ritual.

However, the world has become a very different place. The existence of supernatural is common knowledge now. Humans have become aware of other realms and those are treated as foreign nations. Magic and technology are often used simultaneously. Supernatural creatures were initially hunted ruthlessly, but over the course of time, there creature rights movements ala suffrage, civil rights or LGBT rights movements. Now, they have integrated into society but a lot of people are still wary of them. The Men of Letters - re-established by Sam and Dean - has grown into a powerful organization, but it is not all that they intended it to be. Like the Catholic Church of middle ages, they jealously guard their horde of supernatural knowledge, fight against any change in the system and are more interested in securing their position than protecting humanity. On the other end of the spectrum, there is a powerful conglomeration of creature rights activists who'd rather see themselves at the top of the food-chain and humans as cattle. A lot of beings from the other realms - heaven, hell, purgatory, fairy-land, OZ etc. are not content with being banished from earth and are working to bring down the barrier Winchesters had created and to throw open all gates so that creatures may come and go as they please. A faction of Reapers - not bound by this barrier - are helping them.

Unbeknownst to them all, a powerful god-like being - with the ability to manipulate fate - has been slowly moving his pieces in place and now controls most of the society. His true intentions are unclear - but this primordial being has been working patiently and steadily for thousands of years - through the apocalypse saga and the Winchester triumph - and now he is ready to make his move. It'd seem that all the other events happening work in his favor.

With all the factions on the brink of war and chaos threatening not only this world but other realms as well, a different people with opposing worldviews must band together to uncover the secret Winchester history and use it to stop these forces.

Characters: Ensemble cast

Alex - A young 20-something male. His father's advocacy for creature rights ended up destroying his family. His father was one of the few people outside MoL who found out the ritual to pass through the barrier and he was tortured and killed with his wife for that knowledge. He believes that supernatural creatures killed them for that ritual and that has deepened his already existing hatred for them. Tried joining the MoL organization but was rejected die to his familial connections. Unknown to him, he is one of the last surviving members of the Winchester bloodline and since Winchester blood flows through him, he could be a target for manipulation by many other forces.

Josh - Alex's 'older' brother. Turned into a vampire/werewol f/skin-walker/s ome-sort-of-hyb rid (take your pick) - when their father pissed off the wrong people with his rights advocacy. It fell to Alex to help him control his nature. So far, thankfully, there have been no human casualties, but Josh lives in fear of becoming like the monsters they read about. His turning is the reason why Alex hates supernatural creatures, while still loving his brother and the contradiction is not lost on either of them. Unlike Alex, he'd rather move on from their parents' death because he fears that the investigation might result in Alex dying as well. Nevertheless, he supports his brother in the crusade.

Joanna - 50-something ex-MoL Mistress of Spell and Lore. She became disillusioned with the organization once she figured out that it wasn't the protector of humanity it pretended to be and has been in hiding ever since. She chooses to guide the brothers because she believes their parents' deaths to be part of a bigger plan that could threaten the world.

Castiel - The legendary angel who once aided the Winchesters in their fight and now has been summoned and bound by Joanna. Limited in power due to the binding spell, he can be regarded as a reluctant ally at best. He will not reveal the events of the past and still carries the burdens of his failures - and for some reason, now believes that preventing the apocalypse was a mistake. He gave up on humanity as a doomed cause sometime after the last time he aided the Winchester and the only reason he is helping them now (apart form being forced into it) is because he sees something familiar in the brothers.

Kara - 20-something aspiring diplomat working with the agency that negotiates the relations between different realms who wants the barrier gone and the realms united. She sees the the dangers inherent in this, but has faith that the real future lies in unity. Estranged from her mother - Joanna - due to their differences in outlook, she nevertheless decides to help them with her large array of contacts and knowledge of how these relations work because she realizes that knowing about the ritual is the key factor in these relations and it can do a lot of harm in wrong hands.

Kali - Immortal Goddess of time and death - having learned from her experiences during the previous apocalypse, she has been steadily shoring up her power and is currently regarded as the most powerful being currently on earth. However, it seems that she has gained a new appreciation of humanity and takes an interest in the activities of this group, helping them out occasionally. But are her intentions al they appear to be - remember, her forte is blood magic.

i could think of a few other characters, but focusing on these seems like a good idea.

Possible companion on CW schedule: The Vampire Diaries - since Supernatural is paired with The Originals. Or maybe The 100 - since both have a futuristic dystopian vibe to them.
# LEAH 2014-05-04 23:41
I just want to say how impressed I am with all of these ideas. Now these are some spin-off ideas I could get behind! :)
# Marty 2014-05-05 01:16
Or maybe, since we already have a spinoff episode, why not improve on that?

Title: Supernatural: Bloodlines

Premise: Different factions of supernatural creatures fight for control in the Murder Capital of US, while trying to stave off encroachment from outside forces. But with a little more refinement than we've been shown.

To begin with - these are not mob families. Not strictly anyway.

Currently, the shifters are in power. They spearhead the research into developing alternate food sources which would eliminate the other monsters' need to feed on humans. With the help of a few carefully selected scientists and their own unique shifter DNA, they've developed synthetic sources of food. Their greatest fear is hunters coming into town and undoing the new model of societal integration that they've developed. They rely on other factions for support but are worried about certain disturbing events happening.

The Djinns run the drug cartel and their newest product - Dreamcatcher Blue - has been a roaring success ever since its introduction two years ago. While they come in conflict with other human drug-dealers over territory, they fight as humans as far as possible to keep their true nature hidden. They rely on the shifters for a steady blood supply but they also covet their research departments which would help them increase their drug production tenfold.

The werewolves used to be a prominent family in Chicago - but they ruled through violence and fear. Unfortunately, they went too far a few years ago and that brought down an army of hunters to the city who almost wiped them out. The surviving members - a brother and a sister - are trying to restablish themselves with the help of their New-York counterparts and they want to be smarter about it this time. But, avoiding violence is not exactly in their nature.

The sirens control the politics. What started as a prostitution ring is now a high class matchmaking agency that helps people meet their true love. People like the Mayor's aide. Or the managing partner of the most prestigious law-firm in the city. Or the police superintendent. They make sure that the right laws get passed and the wrong cases get dropped. Their influence is subtle, but firm. All you need to do to gain their favor is to pay regular tributes.

If you are a monster in Chicago and you give in to a moment of weakness - say you killed an entire family - and you don't want any hunters coming after you - then you, my friend, need to call in the ghouls. Colloquially referred to as the janitors of the city, they will help you clean up your mess - even pretend to take place of the deceased for a few weeks and then disappear with a reasonable excuse - but be ready to pay a hefty price. As is the case with those who clean up after you, they are feeling a little under-appreciat ed.

Of late, strange things have been happening that have all the factions worried. Someone created a new kind of monster - with no face and silver claws - and it seems that is not the only one. A hunter walks among them - somehow cognizant of their power structure and targeting the ones whose death would cause the most disturbance. Rumors of other hunters coming there are flying around. With these looming threats, every family wants to strengthen their position - but how long can they prevent war when everything seems to be moving in that direction?

Characters: Ensemble Cast

Veronica "Ronnie" Ross - Grieving elder sister of the rookie cop Ennis Ross - fallen in the line of duty. Due to his ramblings about monsters after his girlfriend's death (which she then believed to be a method of coping), she is introduced to the supernatural world through the notes he left behind and a new friend who told her about the manner of her brother's death. Blaming herself for not believing him earlier, she puts her ex-marine skills to good use by trying to identify and bring down the families. But she is alone in the fight and her helpful new friend might not be trustworthy after all.

David Lassiter - The scion of the shifter family, who, after a brief foray in normal life, has returned to the fold. Easy-going and carefree by nature, recent events have started taking a toll on him. His recent encounter with two legendary hunters has left him worried that others might be coming in their wake. The death of his brother and his new friend, Ennis, in a suspiciously similar manner has left him fearing a bigger power. Worst of all, he remembers his brothers warning - that if shapeshifters shift too many times and download too many memories, then they start losing their mind and become slaves to their basic drives - and he now fears that maybe happening to him.

Margo Lassiter - The brains behind the Lassiter family's continued success - she juggles the deals made with sirens and the djinns and the ghouls expertly while fending off their attempts to usurp power. A woman of great self-restraint, she can count on one hand the number of times she has changed forms. The recent loss of her elder brother has left her vulnerable and afraid - she fears that an attack is coming and knows that the only way to fight back while maintaining the facade is by ending it before it begins. But who is she fighting against?

Violet DuVal - Having been unable to change her brother's mind about selling her off to the New-York wolves, she took certain drastic measures. Killing her brother had never been the part of the plan - in fact, she'd never thought she would be able to - but somehow a surprising burst of strength allowed her to rip his heart out. Desperate for protection, she asks her old flame - David - to hide her from the New-York pack that is coming - for her and the city. As it happens, she is still in love with a Lassiter - but its not David.

Roman Cassidy - Rich, handsome, suave, charming with a side of whimsy, he is everything you want a man to be - if you happen to be Margo Lassiter. Atleast that's what he thinks. This siren has been given one mission by his mother - make sure that the shifters remain allied with the sirens and kill anyone who threatens this arrangement. Even if that person happens to be Margo's brother. But shifters are not as easy to read and siren's power doesn't always work on them.

Freddy Costa - The cop on the payroll. One of the many cogs in the machine who help maintain the peace between the factions. But, it seems this cog has had enough - he becomes Ronnie's inside source - telling her about the families and helping her take them out.

Unknown - Someone who acts as Ronnie's deep-throat in the matter. An agent of forces that want war. But Ronnie is not exactly fooled by him/her.

Possible companion on CW schedule: TVD - because SPN is with Originals. But even so, I'm not sure how much this premise can be improved upon.
# Lilah_Kane 2014-05-05 15:15

Title: Supernatural: The Untouchables


Eliot Ness was chosen to lead elite squad Untouchables. But in behind the curtains he and his team had another fight going. A fight that was not against normal people but monsters. And that lead him to meet the curious individual called Dean Winchester.

After the visit of Dean Winchester Ness had the battle with Capone and all sorts of crazy stuff at the same time. He meets Henry Winchester and Dylan Brown which leads him to fight against the Supernatural even after he has cleared Capone from his list. Ness also has Josie, Woman of Letters to help him to a cases of disguise while Henry stays in the bunker as researcher. Dylan Brown is a young man he cures when he was almost turning to a vampire and now Dylan helps him with street information. Also he has his friend Frank Basile, a shape shifter on his side because Basile owes Ness his life.

It is tough time in Chicago.


Eliot Ness, leader of the group and investigation. Legendary for being fearless and incorruptible. And from the side a hunter and horror for monsters.
Bill Gardner, Native American member of the squad, an expert at undercover work, former athlete, former soldier, and lawyer; he was the oldest member, at age 50.
Barney Cloonan, a muscular, Irish agent, known for his strength.
Frank Basile, a former convict whom Ness reformed, but who was killed in action. Basile, who was Ness's friend, sometime assistant, and driver, was often present at the brewery raids, even though technically he was not an agent.
Mike King, a deceptively ordinary looking analyst and tactician. Explosives expert.

Henry Winchester, Man of letters, Informant of Supernatural information
Dylan Brown, Street informant
Josie Sands is a young woman in training to become initiated the Men of Letters.

Special quest stars

Naomi, Only Ness knows she is an angel
Crowley, bumping into him time to time

All immortals are fair gain for this.

Possible companion on CW schedule: Originals


Hope you liked it.

- Lilah
# PENNY JAIME 2014-05-08 18:25
# MiggyMom 2014-05-08 19:30
Not sure I would spin off any characters from the show. I'd prefer different characters but maybe use some of our great guest performers in different roles.

But, a new character that had the ability (or curse) to move about in the SPN universe, if done well it could work.

Title: Supernatural: LOST IN SPACE... no... LOST IN TIME

Premise: A hunter (or MOL) gets stuck while hunting a powerful witch who casts him/her (them) into a vortex (I love vortex's...vort i?) which unpredictably pitches him thru time ( and space?). He must search for a way to reverse the spell, but he will never be sure where he might be stuck should he find it.
He travels thru various times and locations, meeting hunters, monsters, angels, demons of the Supernatural world (thereby being able to meet past, present and even future acquaintances of Sam & Dean).

Characters: Hunter (male or female), Man or Woman of letters working together (maybe they are lost in time together, or one is lost and they each end up leaving messages for each other across time as they try the break the spell separately.

This could work. Thanks, that was fun!
# moncitymom 2014-05-08 21:38
Title: Chuck's Angels
When the angels fall, a few decide to stay on earth to help redeem people who need help. Chuck, who has been watching from Heaven, is given the job of keeping the angels in line.

This would give many character favorites a chance to return. Gabriel, Balti, Anna, and even Cas (especially if the show wants to end the angel story line).
Story lines could be funny in that the angels themselves would need to learn a lot about life on Earth. They could also be moving, emotional episodes that show how people can find forgiveness and be better.
# det_coverdale 2014-05-09 06:05
None. Even before I heard of Supernatural: Bloodlines, I never really liked the idea of a spinoff because I thought 1. it'd never live up to the expectations of the fans and 2. the creators would make it a monster story. I'm not into monster stories (TVD, True Blood, The Originals). I like Supernatural because it's a story about family who just happen to hunt monsters. There's a difference. Don't get me wrong, I was fully prepared to give it a fair shot, although I didn't gel with (ie care about) the main characters in the pilot episode (which, along with a good story, is necessary for me to keep watching it).
And now that Bloodlines isn't being picked up, half of me is relieved, and half of me is disappointed because a lot of our talented SPN crew/family put in a lot of effort for no real reward.
# Lilah_Kane 2014-05-12 14:20
Supernatural: Dark paths


Carmel, Indiana

Late at night a woman is walking down the quiet backdoor street and alleys. She holds on to her black long jacket to hold off the cold autumn night wind. Her glasses flash on the lights of the streets and she seems to be scared and edgy. She eyes around to the shadows and darkness like she would hear foot steps or whispers. Her feet speed up and she turns fast on corners to get where she is heading to. After a while she runs because she hears the footsteps for real now. She is being followed.

She continues to run and she even trips on some garbage cans in her panicked state. She fights forward until she directly slams to a high fence. The alley was a dead end. The woman turns and ten gleaming eyes appear in the shadows as the five men walked out of the darkness.

Man 1: Sweet girl, you shouldn’t run away like that. We hate to run after our prey.

Woman: Prey?

She says with fear on her voice. The men are walking closer and there is some animistic with how they move. The woman retreats so that her back is against the fence. She eyes the monsters breathing heavily and waiting for her rescue or some way to get out of this.

When the men are close enough her demeanor changes to fully confident and she straightens up.

Woman: I have been searching for you boys quite some time.

Man 1: You have?

All of them focus on their surroundings from the sudden change she shows them but before they can react to the danger that is present one of the men already gets his head chopped.

The woman was accompanied by an older man that had used the focus on her and he had used it to kill one of the vampires. He was already continuing to the next as the rest of the vampires divided their hunting group. Three went after the man and one went after the woman.

The man could kill the second one and it seems he was used to fighting, but the last two were over powering him. But they didn’t see what happened behind them. The innocent woman that seemed helpless had overpowered the only vampire and she literally had ripped his head off. She was so focused and in her movement was strength and speed.
Unfortunately even she wasn’t fast enough. One of the vampires that was left could surprise the man and he had taken a huge bite from his neck severing the neck artery. The woman actually let out a yell that was almost like a growl. That much hate was in her that moment. She grabbed the scythe from the ground and sliced the one that bit him to pieces. The last remaining decided to flee.

The woman drops the small scythe and she picks up her phone. While she dials 911 and holds it between her shoulder and ear as she presses the neck wound to try to stop the bleeding.

Woman: Hello! Yes, I need an ambulance. East 102nd street. Alley. Please hurry!

The man couldn’t talk. He was gasping for air and trying to talk.

Woman: Shean… Hold still. I called for help.

The woman eyed around. She had remained calm but she couldn’t do that anymore. She yelled for help and she didn’t even care what people would think about the bodies. Shean was growing pale and his body was twitching. He picked with his last strength something from his pocket and put it in her hand. It was a key. He only could utter her name until he was gone. It sounded like a nickname of sort. “Bee”

The woman seemed to be in shock when she stood up. She could already hear the sirens and her survival instinct kicked in. She looked down to her big brothers corpse until she run away from the scene.

Story: Bethany colt had hunted with her big brother as long as she remembered. They were both orphans but if someone ever tried to seperate them they would always run off and choose one another. Bethany was different. In early years when she almost lost his brother by him drowning she first time shed her skin. It was such a shock to her body that she fell into a coma that lasted few weeks. They found out that she was a half breed shapeshifter whose body can’t handle it for that reason.

Shean protected her ever since or should we say more her secret because with anything else Bee, really could take care of herself. Shean on the other hand was just human. They lived normal stranded life. Happily living like they wanted to day after day until one day they found out what happens behind the curtains. Behind the normal world. A monster killed a young girl near the place where they were sleeping under a bridge. They were afraid and were too late when they finally run to help. On that moment they decided to find it. To give the dead girl some justice. And after that monster fighting against many more gave their life purpose.

Bethany and Shean are descendants of Samuel Colt.

The spin-off would start with the above scene. As it is part of Supernatural Sam and Dean would be the main cast about in three episodes where they introduce the cast of the spin-off. In first they would come to examine the unusual killings, the massacre as normal agents. Four dead vampires and one man. They head to the morgue where Bethany has actually disguised herself as mortician.

She evades the brothers until the real mortician arrives and says the same stuff as Bethany before. They realise she is not who she introduced she is and they run after her. Bethany didn’t find her brothers body so she was in no mood of the Winchesters. They almost catch her but a cop beats them to it and she is taken to jail. Brothers interrogate her but she gives them nothing. On this moment Bethany trusts no one. She had lost the one she did.

Boys do the usual smart examination to her. DNA and such, but only when they inspect the morgue footage they see her glowing eyes. Bethany meanwhile has beaten a deputy and stolen the keys. She has escaped the interrogation room.

Brothers hunt her because they think she is the enemy. In those three episodes she tries to find her brothers body. Last episode ends to her fighting against them. She fights but doesn’t use lethal force that makes Sam think. She tries to make them kill her so she wouldn’t need to live alone in the world. But of course they see it different. Monster fighting the good fight or do they see her human side?

On those three episode of Supernatural. She meets the other cast of the new series.

Bethany Colt “Bee”: Uses dark clothes and long black jacket. Hair is on a tight braid all the time. Leader type and calm. Also passionate about her family. Loyal.
Shean Colt: Bethany’s older brother presumed dead.
Rower: A scoudrel, information gatherer
Rick Masterson: The cop that arrested her at the morgue. Bee gets him to help her and because of one insident he gets fired.

Benny: She finds him in Purgatory while she tried to find answers about her brother later in the series.
Jody Mills: Hunter, police officer. She knows about Bethany and Shean and their case when they were young. Helps Bethany out.
Alex Mills: Jody’s adopted daughter, hunter

As it belongs to the Supernatural world anyone even the brothers can quest star in it.

Came up with this last night. Sorry about the spelling errors. Just needed to write this down. I shouldn't think Supernatural just when I am heading to bed...

- Lilah