Maureen Ryan at the Chicago Tribune contacted me about something incredible she's doing with a bunch of TV memorabilia she's accumulated.  On behalf of Watch Us Care For Haiti, she's put these items up for auction on eBay.  This impressive list includes pieces from The Shield, American Idol, Human Target, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Dexter, The Simpsons, 24, Battlestar Galactica, Lost, Sons of Anarchy and of course...Supernatural.  

Several items of the auction run for less than one day but plenty of others go for six more days, including the Supernatural books, magazines, and Comic Con bag.  The entire listing can be found on her eBay page here:

There's more info on the overall charity effort at this link and the whole thing benefits the Haitian medical charity Partners in Health.

There's also a direct donation page, with a little extra added incentive for Lost fans out there.

Thank you so much Mo for letting us know about this auction and I hope that TV fans everywhere really step up for Haiti.  Somehow, I believe they will! 

Ah, it must be TV pilot and series renewal negotiation season. That familiar feeling is in the air. The time of year where TV networks start forming their fall schedules, holding the not so secret negotiations in backrooms. The time where bozos with a Droid or iPhone and a Twitter account become eager to start some trouble with just 140 characters. All the rumors, wild speculation, misinformation running amok, fans going nuts over things that aren’t there…it’s truly magical.
So naturally my attention is tuned The CW.  It has been for sometime obviously.  Lately the network has been getting some press and it’s strangely positive. According to an article in Broadcasting and Cable, “How The CW Stays Undead” , the network has a future. After all, they’ve got a hit show on their hands this year with The Vampire Diaries. The new pilots being greenlit are a little more adventurous than in the past and have a WB feel to them. It’s all good.
Or maybe not. You see, fan bases love going nuts about things. None more than Supernatural fansThe rumors flying flop back and forth daily and it’s like I’m watching a freaking soap opera. Season six is confirmed. Season six is not confirmed. Season six is a lock. Oh, season six might not happen. Kripke is signed for season six. Kripke is not signed for season six. The CW hates us (okay, that’s always been said by fans). 
The one that spikes my interest lately though is the speculation that Supernatural will be moved to Fridays. Now, I have no idea if that is in actual serious discussion, but I’m sure it’s come up. Probably because it did last year too. I can’t imagine it’s a serious discussion right now considering the pilot landscape is still being put together. However, it does make an intriguing argument.   It also sounds like a good idea.
My apologies if you're hearing this for about the eightieth time, or have seen this video circulating everywhere, but it seems that there are some out there that are still getting duped. Plus, we have a large International base on this site, so I'm sure many out there haven't heard.

Recently Clif Klosterman, the bodyguard for Jared and Jensen (he played Tiny in "Folsom Prison Blues") has gotten on Twitter because of all the madness. He's been exposing and going after imposters posing as Jared and Jensen online. He's also been investigating online threats for Danneel Harris as well. The problem keeps getting worse.  One of these accounts got over 10,000 followers. Clif also eluded to an incident where a fan was duped into meeting an imposter for lunch. This has gotten VERY VERY serious. As a result, Clif, through The Winchester Bros website, has had Jared and Jensen themselves come out and say something about this.  Below is that video:

If anyone has any doubts, go to @bodyguardfor4JandJ on Twitter. Clif is listing these fake accounts. I will also share info here and there about certain imposters.

I'll tell you, when I get my daily news feeds from Variety, it's once in a blue moon that anything is every mentioned about our show.  Not only was there a mention today, it's a full fledged article!  I got goosebumps reading all the love.


Read the full article at:  (There's a cool picture of Dean running!)


'Supernatural' spawns Web spinoff

Wonderland, WB TV producing 'Ghostfacers'

McG's Wonderland shingle and Warner Bros. TV are plotting a spinoff to the CW's long-running spooky drama "Supernatural."

But rather than produce it for TV, the new show -- "Ghostfacers" -- is heading straight for the Internet.

"Ghostfacers" reps the latest expansion into the digital studio space for Wonderland, which is producing the "Supernatural" spinoff with Warner Bros. TV's Studio 2.0.

In a twist, "Ghostfacers" will preem on -- the interactive/video-on-demand website that emerged from the ashes of the WB television network (where "Supernatural" first bowed). The series will also appear on the CW's website.

Wonderland has already begun production on the project, which will initially run as 10 three-minute episodes.

"Ghostfacers" follows a team of ghost hunters who tape their exploits in documentary fashion.

"It felt like the nature and style of what they do with their show-within-a-show would be fun to see in new media," said Wonderland TV topper Peter Johnson. "It's a fun, subversive way to allow these characters to play in the margins."

The somewhat comedic group first appeared on the first season of "Supernatural" (and were created for the show by Trey Callaway for the episode "Hell House") and also returned in season three, in the episode "Ghostfacers," by Ben Edlund.

According to Johnson, the "Ghostfacers" characters have already spawned a convention in London.

New series' first installment will follow the "Ghostfacers" as they investigate a theater believed to be haunted by the ghost of a young starlet (played by "Nip/Tuck" alum Kelly Carlson).

"Ghostfacers" stars A.J. Buckley ("CSI: NY"), Travis Wester ("Bones"), Brittany Ishibashi ("Supernatural") and Austin Basis ("Life Unexpected").

Besides starring in "Ghostfacers," Buckley and Wester are also writers on the project, along with Patrick Doody and Chris Valenziano. "Ghostfacers" is exec produced by McG, Peter Johnson, Jeff Grosvenor, Eric Kripke and Phil Sgriccia.

The web series reps the latest cross-media extension for "Supernatural," which has spawned 18 comic books, several novels and an official magazine. Another round of six comic books are in the works as well.

"'Supernatural' has sprung forth beyond the TV show," said Johnson. "The mother series seems flexible enough to allow our creative talent to pursue some of these other arenas."

Beyond the webisodes, and will also include other "Ghostfacers" content, such as gag reels, behind-the-scenes videos, photo galleries and actor confessionals. More mythology will also be uploaded to a dedicated "Ghostfacers" website.

Wonderland has also been behind the web series "Sorority Forever" and "Exposed." Going forward, however, Johnson said the company's digital studio output will focus on extensions of the production shingle's TV and film projects.

"Supernatural" is in its fifth season on the air.


Granted I'm a little late in sharing this info, but that's what happens with a gmail spam filter!  My good friends, Heather and Lindsay at Support Supernatural, have found an incredible way to for fans and even non-fans to help the earthquake victims in Haiti.  And they've gotten help from Eric Kripke himself.  Below is their press release sharing the info:


Support Supernatural Jumps in to Help Haiti!
Supernatural Fan Web Site Announces an Exclusive Auction of a One-of-a-Kind, Commemorative People’s Choice Awards Waterford Crystal Flutes to
Benefit the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund (CBHF)
January 21, 2010 - is thrilled to announce its effort to the people of Haiti. was founded as a way to generate interest in and attention for Supernatural while also benefiting worthy organizations.  One fan described their mission as “raising awareness while raising funds.”
Supernatural creator Eric Kripke approached with an amazing opportunity to bring the Supernatural fandom together and provide relief from the devastation that occurred on January 12 in Haiti. The charity that will benefit is the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund (CBHF).
Kripke very generously donated a pair of Waterford Crystal commemorative flutes that he received when Supernatural was nominated for a 2010 People’s Choice Award (which the show subsequently won). The flutes are one of a kind and cannot be purchased. The pair of flutes come with a letter written to the cast of Supernatural and each stem has an etching on it. One is etched with “People’s Choice Awards 2010 Nominee” and the other is etched with “Supernatural.” 
The cast and crew of Supernatural hope that the exclusivity of this item will help raise a significant amount of money for CBHF. is thrilled to help!
“Time and time again, the Supernatural fandom has shown how dedicated and philanthropic they are. In 2009, Supernatural fans donated over $17,000 in our fundraiser for A Dog’s Life Rescue,” said Vitas.
Warren added, “We’ve been fundraising continuously for some time now. It was a natural that we wanted to help. I am confident that Supernatural fans will make us proud once again!”
At the request of the show, the eBay auction will begin at 9pm eastern on January 21, in sync with the mid-season premier of Supernatural.   Please visit at that time for the link to the auction.
About CBHF : In the aftermath of the disaster, President Barack Obama asked President Bill Clinton and President George W. Bush to raise funds for immediate, high-impact relief and long-term recovery efforts to help those who are most in need of assistance. In response, the two Presidents established the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund (CBHF) to respond to unmet needs in the country, foster economic opportunity, improve the quality of life over the long term for those affected, and assist the people of Haiti as they rebuild their lives and “build back better.


The auction can be found here.  This is also where the really cool pictures are of the glasses.  The auction goes on for six more days.  So good luck to everyone bidding!  It sounds like everyone wins in this deal. 
Faellie had mentioned this to me not to long ago, but yesterday I got a press release sharing the details.  In honor of Supernatural season five launching on Living in the UK soon, there is a new alternate reality game.  Below are all the details.  It sound like fun!  You UK fans will have to let the rest of us know how the game goes


LIVING goes Supernatural with alternate reality game – Fight the Apocalypse in the UK
In 2009, Emmy Award nominated US drama Supernatural found a new home in the UK – LIVING. To raise awareness for the UK premiere of series five starting early Feb, LIVING is launching one of the UK’s most complex alternate reality games (ARG) ever, which will offer one viewer the ultimate Supernatural prize – a chance to appear in the show.
Supernatural season four ended in suspense as Lucifer was freed from hell and on LIVING season five follows Sam and Dean Winchester as they face their toughest battle yet; the apocalypse.  To promote the new series, LIVING is creating the Fight the Apocalypse ARG, which calls on Supernatural fans to mobilise their armies and join the fight against Lucifer.
The ARG is based around collecting hidden symbols - ‘Enochian Sigils’ - which players must locate, photograph and send via MMS to a shortcode,. One of the first truly cross-platform campaigns of its type, the ARG utilises online, mobile, print and real world elements.
Enochian Sigils have been hidden online and at real world locations throughout the UK and clues to the Sigil locations will be delivered by Castiel (Misha Collins) in specially filmed sequences on the Fight the Apocalypse website ( Once located, Sigils are photographed on any mobile device and using Image recognition technology – which recognises any image taken on a mobile phone camera – are uploaded to the player’s profile.
In the ARG players have two ways of making it to the top: locating and photographing Enochian Sigils, and building an online army of support. Players can invite friends to join their army via email and through Facebook. On the website, Supernatural fans can create their own profile and contact friends to join their army, manage their game playing and collection of Enochian Sigils, as well as view other contestants’ profiles and join forces with other players. For fans who want to play on the move, all core game functions will be available on the mobile site. 
Online media partners are collaborating in the game, with some sites creating their own bespoke mini challenges for gamers to find sigils. Twitter is the social hub for Fight the Apocalypse and will countdown to the start of the game, as well as announcing new clues, and creating a community around the game and the new series of Supernatural. Followers of the Fight the Apocalypse Twitter feed will be given tips and additional mini challenges to win extra prizes. Fans can follow the Fight the Apocalypse Twitter at
The first clue to start the hunt will be released on the 20th January. Fans can pre-register for the game now at

Here is the CW promo going out congratulating just Supernatural this time for their People's Choice Award.  The lovefest continues!  


Thanks Lindsay for the link!
ETA 1/12 - Another bonus.
CW promo posters at the 2010 Winter TCAs on Twitpic
As I'm sure just about everyone has seen from Michael Ausiello at, he had a nice conversation with Dawn Ostroff (president of The CW) yesterday at the CW TCA press event.  The TCA (Television Critics Association) Winter Tour is a wonderful annual event for the members of that exclusive club to generate some spring buzz for TV shows as they come back from winter break. 

Anyway, as Michael has been able to scoop, season six of Supernatural is looking more and more official.  The article is certainly exciting news for a Supernatural fan, but hardly surprising.  I've been reporting for some time that season six was almost a certainty.  However, the issue has never been if season six was happening.  The issue has been if Kripke was going to be part of season six.  Judging by Ms. Ostroff's comments yesterday, it sounds like he's coming on board.  Here are my favorite quotes from Ms. Ostroff about our beloved show:

“I had lunch with Eric the other day and he’s really excited about the show right now. I think he feels this season has been really satisfying for him. He’s certainly not running out of ideas by any stretch of the imagination.”

“The ratings are up,” she says. “We have more young women coming to the show than ever before. There aren’t a lot of shows that you can say are doing better in their fifth year.”

One note about the ratings, please keep in mind she's talking about women 18-34.  Overall ratings are down, but then again, overall ratings for everything except The Big Bang Theory are down.  It's down less than all the other CW shows.  So everyone, enjoy the love, and it's time to wildly speculate about season six.

In going through my News Feeds for the evening look what just came up! An actual promo from The CW congratulating their "award winning" Thursday night lineup. I still can't pick my jaw up from the floor.


Congratulations to both Supernatural and The Vampire Diaries! Both shows are really deserving.