Sure, word got out last night on Twitter that the long anticpated wedding was today, but Ted Casablanca at eOnline actually managed to get details.  Dallas at sunset.

Just a note of thanks to CV of JANE AND CV IN THE MORNING at 93.3 FM, Menomonee Falls WI for her on-air announcement Thursday morning, May 6th, of Supernatural’s airing time on The CW in the general S.E. Wisconsin area

Per the CW press release below.  Moonlight repeats will air with The Vampire Diaries starting June 3rd, and The CW confirms Supernatural goes to Fridays on May 28th, following Smallville at 9pm.  It will likely stay in that slot for its sixth season this fall.  Upfronts are in a few weeks and that's when the official fall schedule will be announced.
Happy episode day everyone!  Think about it, ONE WEEK from today, at 10pm Eastern, we're in Summer Hellatus.  It's scary, isn't it?
This is a real treat for me.  Marta, our very good friend at Supernatural Russia, had the honor of interviewing Traci Dinwiddie who plays psychic Pamela Barnes on "Supernatural."  She was kind enough to let us at the Winchester Family Business republish the English version of her interview.
Our good friends at Fangasm have two new articles up!  First, their exclusive interview with Richard Speight Jr, aka Gabriel/The Trickster, about his beloved character being killed off.
Sure, the CW puts out a lot of these press releases.  It's just been a while that one has emphasized Supernatural.  I never tire of that.

I'm so tickled to share this honor with everyone.  Supernatural gets the Variety royal treatment by earning it's very own special issue in honor of their 100th episode.  This isn't something Variety takes lightly and earning a profile in their 100th episode feature is a big deal in the industry.  What a huge accomplishment for our "under the radar" show!  There are six articles in all, and I'm very proud to announce I wrote one of them.

On April 15th, the same day as Supernatural hits its 100th episode landmark, the first spinoff from the show, Ghostfacers, will premiere with new webisodes on Jasminka talked with Ghostfacers stars AJ Buckley and Travis Wester while visiting LA and shares her report.