Welcome to the downside of Twitter!  When anyone with a supposed "exclusive" can whip fans up in a frenzy over to believing something as fact as opposed to speculation and get people to spread the word as fact lightening quick.
UPDATE:  This is the word from Mo Ryan about Kripke and a sound bite from Sera Gamble:
I've been couped up with the kids, hubby and five pets (we're pet sitting for parents that went to Florida) for three days straight due to non-stop snow and tomorrow we get to do it again.
Our friends Lynn and Kathy at Fangasm have posted a new and very lengthy interview with Chad Lindberg (Ash). 
Since the good folks at Holler have been doing such a great job of promoting Supernatural for the big season five premiere in the UK on Living, I'm attaching this press release they sent me just in case any Brits out there forgot or might want to actually watch Supernatural season five on a big screen TV rather than an inadequate and small monitor
I'm honestly at a loss for words!  I don't know what to say except right back at you guys!
Thank you very much CW Source for sending the word to a fandom that truly deserves this.

Maureen Ryan at the Chicago Tribune contacted me about something incredible she's doing with a bunch of TV memorabilia she's accumulated.  On behalf of Watch Us Care For Haiti, she's put these items up for auction on eBay.  This impressive list includes pieces from The Shield, American Idol, Human Target, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Dexter, The Simpsons, 24, Battlestar Galactica, Lost, Sons of Anarchy and of course...Supernatural.  

Several items of the auction run for less than one day but plenty of others go for six more days, including the Supernatural books, magazines, and Comic Con bag.  The entire listing can be found on her eBay page here:


There's more info on the overall charity effort at this link and the whole thing benefits the Haitian medical charity Partners in Health.


There's also a direct donation page, with a little extra added incentive for Lost fans out there.


Thank you so much Mo for letting us know about this auction and I hope that TV fans everywhere really step up for Haiti.  Somehow, I believe they will! 

Ah, it must be TV pilot and series renewal negotiation season. That familiar feeling is in the air. The time of year where TV networks start forming their fall schedules, holding the not so secret negotiations in backrooms. The time where bozos with a Droid or iPhone and a Twitter account become eager to start some trouble with just 140 characters. All the rumors, wild speculation, misinformation running amok, fans going nuts over things that aren’t there…it’s truly magical.
So naturally my attention is tuned The CW.  It has been for sometime obviously.  Lately the network has been getting some press and it’s strangely positive. According to an article in Broadcasting and Cable, “How The CW Stays Undead” , the network has a future. After all, they’ve got a hit show on their hands this year with The Vampire Diaries. The new pilots being greenlit are a little more adventurous than in the past and have a WB feel to them. It’s all good.
Or maybe not. You see, fan bases love going nuts about things. None more than Supernatural fansThe rumors flying flop back and forth daily and it’s like I’m watching a freaking soap opera. Season six is confirmed. Season six is not confirmed. Season six is a lock. Oh, season six might not happen. Kripke is signed for season six. Kripke is not signed for season six. The CW hates us (okay, that’s always been said by fans). 
The one that spikes my interest lately though is the speculation that Supernatural will be moved to Fridays. Now, I have no idea if that is in actual serious discussion, but I’m sure it’s come up. Probably because it did last year too. I can’t imagine it’s a serious discussion right now considering the pilot landscape is still being put together. However, it does make an intriguing argument.   It also sounds like a good idea.
My apologies if you're hearing this for about the eightieth time, or have seen this video circulating everywhere, but it seems that there are some out there that are still getting duped. Plus, we have a large International base on this site, so I'm sure many out there haven't heard.

Recently Clif Klosterman, the bodyguard for Jared and Jensen (he played Tiny in "Folsom Prison Blues") has gotten on Twitter because of all the madness. He's been exposing and going after imposters posing as Jared and Jensen online. He's also been investigating online threats for Danneel Harris as well. The problem keeps getting worse.  One of these accounts got over 10,000 followers. Clif also eluded to an incident where a fan was duped into meeting an imposter for lunch. This has gotten VERY VERY serious. As a result, Clif, through The Winchester Bros website, has had Jared and Jensen themselves come out and say something about this.  Below is that video:

If anyone has any doubts, go to @bodyguardfor4JandJ on Twitter. Clif is listing these fake accounts. I will also share info here and there about certain imposters.