EW gets it right...this time.
What you see below is pure joy.  It makes up for the fact that there was a repeat tonight.  Congratulations Eric Kripke and everyone on the Supernatural team.
Welcome to the new Winchester Family Business site! The changes you see here have been on my wish list for a long time.
I got his cool press release about "Free To Be You and Me" airing tonight in the UK.  It involves a link to download some very sharp looking episode stills and other cool links.
Welcome to the downside of Twitter!  When anyone with a supposed "exclusive" can whip fans up in a frenzy over to believing something as fact as opposed to speculation and get people to spread the word as fact lightening quick.
UPDATE:  This is the word from Mo Ryan about Kripke and a sound bite from Sera Gamble:
I've been couped up with the kids, hubby and five pets (we're pet sitting for parents that went to Florida) for three days straight due to non-stop snow and tomorrow we get to do it again.
Our friends Lynn and Kathy at Fangasm have posted a new and very lengthy interview with Chad Lindberg (Ash). 
Since the good folks at Holler have been doing such a great job of promoting Supernatural for the big season five premiere in the UK on Living, I'm attaching this press release they sent me just in case any Brits out there forgot or might want to actually watch Supernatural season five on a big screen TV rather than an inadequate and small monitor