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Misha Collins is a new dad!  Misha tweeted the news this morning.  On September 23rd his son was born.

More US DVD sales news!  According to The NumbersSupernatural Season Five sold 55,049 DVD units in its second week.  That brings the total to 248,876 with total revenue of $9,454,799.  Not bad for two weeks of release.  Companion show Smallville Season Nine sold 54,053 units for a total of 220,773 and $8,385,647.  

Here's a fun little fact.  Glee was in its first week and sold 187,525 units.  That's roughly 6,000 less than what Supernatural sold in its first week.  Grey's Anatomy Season Six sold in its first week 186,330 units.  Fringe Season Two in this first week only sold 96,087 units.  So score one for the smaller show!  Also,The Vampire Diaries in three weeks sits at 208,095 units.  Okay, how about this?  In three weeks, House has only sold 236,430 units.   

I so love getting to play numbers geek like this.  Congratulations Supernatural!

One of the great things about this Supernatural blogging community is all the wonderful insights that other great reviewers have to offer on episodes.  It turns out we all don't think alike and "Exile On Main Street" certainly triggered a number of differing opinions. For evidence of that, read the four reviews on our site!  

There are some reviews out there that are just too wonderful not to share.  I'm floored by the multiple ways one episode can be interpreted. 
UPDATED: Supernatural went UP in the final ratings!  It increased to a 1.3 in 18-49 and 2.9 million.    

Oh boy, oh boy, it's been so long since I've gotten to play ratings geek!  As many of you may know, tracking ratings is a fun little hobby of mine.  I finally have something awesome to write about.

Ratings for last night's Smallville and Supernatural premieres were released they're awesome.  Smallville got a 1.3 in the 18-49 demo and 2.9 million in total viewers. Supernatural got a 1.2 in the 18-49 demo and 2.8 million in total viewers.  This is the best Friday night The CW has had in eons.    

It was very close.  So close we had to take the vote to tiebreaker.  We did finally decided on a winner though.  The winner of our Ghostfacers Video Contest is, HowlingMadMo!  If you recall, she sang the Ghostfacers theme song in Latin.  That really impressed the panel, who recognized the amount of work that went into that translation.  

A BIG thank you to all that entered and showed interest in the contest.  We really got to see some very creative videos and as suspected, they did not disappoint.  I also send a HUGE thank you to Patrick Doody and Wonderland Sound and Vision, who made this contest possible.  

Here's the link to the video, and it will also be prominently displayed as our Video of The Week on the front page.  Congratulations HowlingMadMo! 

As I sat down to write a preview for Supernatural’s LONG awaited season six, I realized that there wasn’t much to say that hasn’t been said before. We all have been chomping at the bit for a while now and there are tons of preview articles that have been circulating since Comic-Con that all pretty much say the same thing.  No matter what anyone says, the bottom line is this, we want our show back.   
IT’S FINALLY HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Supernatural season five sold a whopping 193,827 units in it's first week of sales!  Total revenue came to $7,363,488

The spoilers just keep on coming.  Just when we couldn't get more excited about episode 6.01, here are preview photos for episode 6.02!  The title is Two and A Half Men.  As reported previously in our spoiler page, here's the official episode description from The CW:

This is just too good not to share.   Video courtesy of EW.com.  Oh, there's a big bonus at the end of this article too!



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