I just got word from the producer of MTV's "10 On Top" that an interview with Misha Collins will be part of tomorrow's show!  I was told in this hilarious interview Misha talks about next week's "meta" episode and that Jensen is in the package as well.  Just like with Jensen's appearance a few months ago, it's so great to see the stars of our favorite show get this sort of attention.  

As an added bonus, MTV sent a link sharing some raw interview bites from Misha's interview. It's the monkey hat!


Be sure to tune into MTV tomorrow at (2/19) at 11:30 am!  Spread the word too, for we want to show MTV how much Supernatural fans appreciate this sort of profile.  

I love making announcements like this, especially when I get to welcome someone to the site whose writing first inspired me to write something about Supernatural.  Look how that turned out!  

Bardicvoice has graciously accepted my invitation to bring her reviews and Supernatural University segments to the Winchester Family Business!  She has been writing about Supernatural since the beginning of season two and has previously maintained blogs on the TV Guide website, Supernatural.TV and her own Livejournal site, one that we have often referred to in our articles and recommended links. Her gift for analysis is one of the best in any fandom right now and I'm thrilled she's bringing her talents to The Winchester Family Business.  

To see Bardicvoice's new profile page, go here.  Better yet, post a comment welcoming her to the site.  Then get your thinking caps on, for her articles to come are really going to challenge you to think.  That's exactly the way we like things!

TV Guide is again giving us an opportunity to show how much we love Supernatural! Voting is now open for their TV Insider Fan Favorites Awards.  This poll give you a chance to vote for various shows in a number of categories.  Until February 15th at midnight EST, you can vote for Supernatural in the categories listed below (They did pretty well!).  Voting is unlimited. 

Favorite Actor - Both Jared and Jensen are nominated (Boo hiss, why can't we vote for both?)
Favorite Sci-Fi Show (Don't let Fringe win this time!)
Favorite Villain (Mark Pelligrino as Lucifer or Mark Sheppard as Crowley)
Favorite Non-Human Character - (Castiel is nominated!)

The link for voting is here:  http://tvinsider.com/fanfavorites/index.php?ff=scifi

Happy voting everyone!

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You know, I see a lot of the bitter part of the Supernatural fandom, but this week, I'm quite in awe.  There’s nothing like a common foe to bring us all together.  After The CW’s surprise yanking of “Smallville” and “Supernatural’s” return from a seven week Winter Hellatus, thus making it an eight week Winter Hellatus, with just a day’s notice, fans have decided to show that this lack of respect for loyal fans won’t go unnoticed.  

This is a breaking story but per The CW, Smallville and Supernatural will not be returning tomorrow night, 1/28.  Their returns from winter break have been pushed back to February 4th.  No reason has been given.  Repeats of tonight's Vampire Diaries and Nikita will air instead.  More info coming as I get it...

UPDATED:  Okay, this is the intel I've gotten so far.  It seems that the network didn't want to take a blood bath in their "sampling" for the return of "The Vampire Diaries."  There's a lot of homes without power thanks to the East Coast snowstorm, but the real culprits are Chicago (a constant thorn in Supernatural's side), Baltimore, and American Idol.  

According to Mo Ryan, this is the skinny:

Update from Mo Ryan: Why all the scheduling shenanigans? 'American Idol' is the culprit, not surprisingly. Read on for more...

A CW spokesperson said Thursday that the network wants to give 'The Vampire Diaries,' the CW's top series, more exposure when the returns from its winter break. Thus the decision to air it both Thursday (when it'll go up against 'Idol') and Friday (when fans who missed 'TVD' and 'Nikita' will be able to catch up with those shows). Another reason offered for the double airings of those dramas: There are CW pre-emptions Thursday in Chicago and Baltimore.

Um, yeah, can't you just feel the love?  Sorry fans, this really sucks out loud on so many levels.  Complaints can be registered at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  

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Since the New Year started, more SPN tidbits and spoilers have been released.  For spoilers, check out our spoiler page, for other tidbits, read on.

I'm really, super, extra, majorly excited, everyone, because on Wednesday, I'm leaving for California!  Why I am I so amped up to go to California, you might be asking?  Well, for one, I'm going to see my mom!  Yay!  And for another, I am attending my very first "Supernatural" convention in San Francisco next weekend!  That's right, I'm finally making my way to a convention.  And to make it even better, my mom is coming with me.  It will be her first convention, too, and I'm really pleased that we get to share the experience together.