Supernatural season five sold a whopping 193,827 units in it's first week of sales!  Total revenue came to $7,363,488

The spoilers just keep on coming.  Just when we couldn't get more excited about episode 6.01, here are preview photos for episode 6.02!  The title is Two and A Half Men.  As reported previously in our spoiler page, here's the official episode description from The CW:

This is just too good not to share.   Video courtesy of  Oh, there's a big bonus at the end of this article too!


I have just died and gone to Heaven!!! Sera Gamble, you own me.

thank you Sera Gamble. on Twitpic

In honor of Supernatural's season six premiere, TNT on September 24th is running a 20 hour marathon!  Starting at Midnight and ending at 7:00 pm, 20 episodes of Supernatural will air in a row, including ten episodes of season five.

Contest now open worldwide!!!  A Winchester Family Business Exclusive!  Win the only Supernatural Season Five DVD set in existence with special Ghostfacers insert signed by the entire Ghostfacers cast!  

Updated - now with second AND THIRD promo.  The CW has aired three promos (albeit really short ones) of the Supernatural Season Premiere coming in two weeks!  Here is the link for the longer one, in high quality video (the lesser quality one was circulating last night).

@mishacollins RAISED $94,742 FOR He ran for over 11 hours! He is#supernatural

In honor of all ten episodes of the Ghostfacers webseries being released as part of the Supernatural Season Five DVD set, we are celebrating this event with our very own Ghostfacers Trivia Contest!

I have another special interview to share.  Supernatural Russia recently did an interview with Rob Benedict, aka Chuck (or possibly someone else) and they have allowed The Winchester Family Business to reprint the interview in English.  I always feel so honored to share the great work they do over at Supernatural Russia.  A big thanks to Marta for allowing us to do this.

Below is the interview.  Enjoy!