I heard rumors about this a couple of days ago, but scoffed at the source.  Just an hour ago, Just Jared, a very reliable site, broke the news.  Of course they're crediting Kristin Dos Santos, who's also reliable.  (The announcement on EOnline though was posted by Jennifer Godwin, who has great inside sources within the Supernatural scene.  I really trust her word.)

Jared Padalecki and Genevieve Cortese are officially engaged !  Not only are they officially engaged, but a wedding is being planned in Idaho NEXT MONTH.  Likely when Jared is on break from shooting because of the Vancouver Olympics.  As with Jensen and Danneel's blessed announcement, everyone here at The Winchester Family Business send Jared and Genevieve a big congratulations and best wishes for a long happy life together. 

The link:


The photo.  You see a glimpse of the ring on Gen's finger.

Here's the announcement for Jensen and Danneel in case you want to compare cute photos: