Update 1/8 - A few more to share!

The end of the year, aka, the slow news cycle. This is when all the media types take their more than extra time to look back at the year that was and come up with their “2009 lists.” TV analysts are particularly prone to this activity, because television in December is as exciting as skiing in July. Sure the lists are subjective and wide open for debate, but they can be fun. Especially if your favorite show made the list. It kind of makes you looks like a genius.

For Supernatural, thanks to the whole angels and apocalypse thing, it was especially buzzed about this end of the year season. Sure, most of the top, very established TV critics went for the easy favorites and didn’t go out of their way to recognize genre shows as usual (or the repulsive CW for that matter), but there was still love. I had to dig through countless messages and posts sent to me, but here are the sites I could find that gave Supernatural that mention it so deserves.


Supernatural make TV staff writer Tim Surette’s list of The Best Shows of 2009. Here’s what he had to say about it: Let's see, Paris Hilton gets her head chopped off, Grey's Anatomy gets parodied, and Lucifer is a cool guy. The show has found its stride, and all it took was the impending end of the world. 


They also did a “Top 100 Everything of 2009”. Supernatural only got one mention on the list (as did most shows) but it was a big one. #5. The wacky fake opening credits to “Changing Channels.” They even list the lyrics to the theme song. 



Okay, it’s no secret that BuddyTV has a huge positive slant toward the show and might not seem objective, not to mention them being the owner of the Supernatural.tv site. Still, they did a list, and Supernatural made it.

#26 – Changing Channels

#15 – The Monster At The End of This Book 


The New York Times

Yes, the New York Times! TV Reviewer Mike Hale went for something different and listed the Top Ten Memorable shows of 2009. If you look at this list, Supernatural is in some incredible company. Yes, it’s also the only show on The CW.


TV Guide

At TV Guide.com, Supernatural made the fan voted “Your Favorite TV Shows of 2009” 



Supernatural made their prestigious list of The Best Shows of 2009. Granted they really published Mo Ryan’s list from The Watcher and disguised it as their own, but considering Zap2it is owned by Tribune, that’s still good press. Here are both links:


Supernatural also has a good listing on The Best TV Lines of 2009.


Here’s something a little different. TV Gal on her blog listed her favorite quotes on TV in 2009. There were three from Supernatural, which is great considering she is only a casual fan of the show. Here’s the link!


Sign On San Diego

Supernatural made TV critic Karla Peterson’s list of the Top Ten TV Shows of The Decade. Pretty cool.


The Lincoln Journal Star

Their critic, Jeff Korbelik, listed Supernatural as one of 2009’s Ten Best Shows.


This one makes me smile actually. I believe it was either a year or two ago during the summer, but Kristin Dos Santos asked fans in a poll what show they thought was the best. The winning show would get a lot of buzz and mention in her upcoming segments. The list was huge and it ended up being an knock em out drag out brawl against overzealous One Tree Hill and Supernatural fans. Supernatural edged out One Tree Hill narrowly. She ended up disqualifying BOTH shows due to motivated fans and relisted the poll. Yeah, that got a lot of people on her shit list.

Anyway, she did it again this year, asking fans to vote. “Top TV 2009: What Was The Top Scripted Series of the Year?” There was no One Tree Hill listing, but Supernatural did make the polling list. So, do you think fans forgot about the previous debacle? Apparently not, because Supernatural won. By a lot. Here’s to the best “motivated” online fandom in the World.


Television Without Pity

Yes, they do show love there on occasion. In their “Year in Review 2009: TV’s Most Memorable Moments,” their choice was the Grey’s Anatomy spoof on “Changing Channels.” I guess that works, although I would have credited every single spoof. Sheer brilliance.

The AV Club

Yeah, I’m shocked I found this too. Still, I think it was a great choice. In their list “The Year in Television: 45 Indelible Moments from 2009” their choice for Supernatural? Sam and Dean’s outrageous “Wincest” discovery near the beginning of “The Monster At The End of This Book.”


Also, keep in mind, I’ll be amending this list as things are brought to my attention. For one, I know The Futon Critic will be posting the best episodes of 2009 starting this week and Supernatural has always made the list in the past. So, if I missed anything (which I’m sure I did) let me know!

Updated 1/5

The Huffington Post

How could I forget this one!  I actually think I linked it.  Probably because it was one of the first out (thanks Deborah!).  Ed Myers, who posts at many locations, listed Supernatural on his "Top Ten List You Won't See Anywhere Else."  I'm providing the link to the Huffington Post. 


Digital Spy

This is a British site where Season Five has yet to be seen, but Season Four impressed them enough!  #14 out of the 25 best.


Updated 1/6

The love just keeps coming!

Total Sci-Fi Online

For the Total Sci-Fi Awards 2009, Supernatural captured best TV Show for the year.


IF Magazine

In their list of the Top Five TV shows of the Year, Supernatural took number one.


The Futon Critic

As I mentioned before, this site is doing their 50 Best TV Episodes of 2009.  They are revealing ten a day.  Supernatural has gotten its first rankings one at #33 and one today at #28.  Their choices strangely are ones no one else has singled out yet.  At #33, "The Real Ghostbusters" and at #28, "The End."

Update 1/8

Here's the other award from The Futon Critic.  Changing Channels made #18.  That's the highest ranking one.  Three times on the list.  Not bad!


Oh yeah, I also forgot to mention, Supernatural won the People's Choice Award for Favorite Sci-Fi Fantasy Show!!!