Anyone who doesn't think that pets can be fun during the holidays has never bought reindeer antlers for the soul purpose of having fun with Fido and Fluffy. Before I share some off the wall holiday snapshots of animals not enjoying their stupid owner's sense of humor, first, I want to share an announcement from our friends, Heather and Lindsay, at Support Supernatural.  Their fundraising efforts for A Dog's Life has gone better than they could have possibly dreamed and they have a message about upcoming efforts for the new year.


Hello all,

As we conclude 2009, we wanted to take a moment to express our gratitude.

We honestly do not know where to begin. 2009 was a truly a wonderful year. This fandom blows us away time and time again. You creatively promote our favorite show relentlessly. You passionately promote Jared's charity consistently... And you donate like crazy! Between our 2009 campaign fundraiser and our additional holiday fundraiser, we raised a total of $17,431! Take that in for a second. Can you believe it? Think about how many animals were saved because of YOU! You all are so amazing. Dare we say it, but you are the BEST FANS IN THE WORLD!

As we enter 2010, we will of course continue to do what we have done since season two. We'll continue to promote the heck out of the most awesome show on television today and of course we will continue to raise funds for A Dog's Life Rescue. Full details will follow, but expect monthly incentives, new interviews...And a whole new site to donate - where your donation dollars will be stretched further than any site we've used before! To say we're excited is an understatement.

Please know that we would never ask anyone individually to donate, but what help we would love to have in 2010 is for you to keep doing what you do best - tell the world about Supernatural and about the good deeds we fans do. We are such huge animal advocates and being able to tie this passion into our favorite TV show has been so rewarding. We hope you are enjoying the ride as well.

Here's to a magical 2010 and a fabulous start to a new decade!


Lindsay Warren and Heather Vitas
Support Supernatural


So, without those that adopt unwanted pets from places like A Dog's Life, you'd be missing out on joyful moments like this:


Yes, this is elle2's puppy Jobe.  Growing fast, but still utterly adorable!  Especially in the snow. 

Winona I rescued from a co-worker's garage the day she was supposed to be taken to the Humane Society as an unwanted kitten.  That was almost 17 years ago.  Yep, she's still going strong at that age.  She still hates posing yearly with reindeer ears:

Elvis we got at a pet store, but he spent almost two months there and had a respiratory infection from being penned up too long by the time we took him home.  He is the sweetest little puppy and loves people so much!  The ideal family dog.  He takes the reindeer ears as more of a necessary evil. 

Cinder is a 13 year old cantankerous yet loyal old dog who has never loved the reindeer ears.  This is her "I'm getting too old for this crap" look.

Gary is the smartest of all our pets.  Why?  For one, he and his brother survived as kittens on their own in a neighbor's garage after their mother put them there.  The owner was going to let them loose in the wild before my mother rescued them.  She kept Gary's brother, we took Gary.  He's also brilliant because when he saw the reindeer ears coming he quickly jumped into our Christmas tree. 

Without pets, see what fun you're missing out on?  Support A Dog's Life, or a local animal charity.  These days, they need you more than ever.    It also keeps the reindeer ear manufacturers in business. 


# BagginsDVM 2009-12-30 23:57
So I'm not the only one who subjects my pets to the indignities of the reindeer antlers! LOL Each one of my dogs has had to wear them at least once, since my mom-in-law gave them to me years ago. I even put them on a nephew one year, hey if the 4-legged kids had to wear them, so did the 2-legged! And the nephew was the only one happy to wear them!
# Dianeuk 2009-12-31 04:25
I have 2 rescue dogs, no.1 is grumpy and sits very still with the headband on(with the bells and glitter) looking even more grumpy than usual, and no.2 is manic and runs around trying to pull them off! Gotta love them! Diane
# Bevie 2009-12-31 15:25
Love your pets Alice! A bunch of cuties!

My beloved cat (who is deceased now) was rescued from the outdoors and slowly coaxed into the house with food, had been kicked or hit by a car. I was told that if he was fixed, he would never be affectionate. Well, he was, and he was the sweetest most affectionate cat ever. I still miss my Scruffy cat.

Then a neighbour was moving into an apartment and was going to have her two year old weimaraner put to sleep so even being ignorant as a dog owner, I had to take her in. Sugar was a handful but so worth it. She and Scruffy had to co-exist for a few years along with my parrot Nippy. Scruffy just ignored Sugar and Sugar learned not to annoy Scruffy.

After I lost Sugar to cancer, I then took in a sweet black lab that was also losing her home as her owners were moving into smaller quarters. (How can people do that I can't understand). She was a perfect addition for Nippy and me and we were happy together for many years. Saying goodbye to my Sheba was so hard to do.

Now I have a foxhound rescued from an experimental lab just as she was going into a terminal experiment. I got her from Animal Alliance's Project Jessie, who rescue dogs and cats such as her. She is a going concern and wishes to catch a rabbit some day.

Hope I haven't bored anyone with my experiences with my pets. There's lots of sad and abandoned critters out there needing love and attention.
# Tigershire 2010-01-01 13:58
I didn't get out to the barn with the Santa hat this year but I have been know to get photos of my horse wearing the hat. As long as treats are involved, he's pretty accommodating. GRIN

My 1100 lb baby is also a rescue. I got him from a local group that was taking horses from the track and rehabbing them. My guy was a "pay meat prices or he goes for meat" horse. A washed up racehorse at 6 years old who's only career change would have been slaughter if the local society hadn't taken him. He's 16 now and I've had him for over 8 years. He requires special care and attention to manage his arthritis from all the damage he sustained during his racing career but we can do the trails just fine.

Animal rescues always have my support. Right now I'm getting involved with a group putting on a large 2 day event where the proceeds will go to the local SPCA.
# Wheelygirl 2010-01-02 13:04
What's the point of Christmas if you can't humiliate a pet or two?

Here's a little Xmas photo vid I did featuring all rescue dogs from the UK Dogpages Rescue forum.
# Jasminka 2010-01-02 17:30
Awwwwwwwwhhhh.. .. my heart goes out to all of the little cuties (and their pals still waiting in shelters for someone to take them home)... I wish I could keep a dog (or two, or three....), unfortunately my working hours don't allow it. Even cats would feel miserable... But, whenever any of my patients thinks about getting a pet (you'd be surprised how many do, after all, it is an anti-depressant that won't toy with your body as some meds can), I suggest to get one from a shelter. And, guess what? I've heard from about ten dogs so far that found a home with a sweet person. One patient even started to work at an animal shelter.
Lindsay and Heather, thanks so much for your great work!
Cheers Jas
# Lindsay 2010-01-03 17:11
Alice, thank you so much for re-posting my thank you note. :-)
# Karen 2010-01-03 17:21
Hi Alice
The pictures are great. I laughed at the cat in the Christmas tree. My female did that the first Christmas I had her. I walked by and felt something staring at me. Low and behold there she was all compfy in the tree.
I never did the reindeer antlers, but I must confess I tried a miniature sombrero on my two cats. Neither one was impressed. If looks could kill. Yikes!
Both of my cats came from different neighbours that could no longer care for them.
The male I adopted when he was five, he will be 19 in February.
The female I adopted when she was 6 months, she will be 12 in July.
I can’t imagine a day without them.
# Suze 2010-01-05 07:32
AAH ( goes all gooey ) Elle2's pup's HUGE! Your grumpy tabby's a dead ringer for my Treacle ... Dumped then hit by a car while pregnant, poor old love ... She and the Twin Kittens Of Doom had been totalling the christmas tree on a daily basis until Sean had a brain-wave and tied it to the curtain pole, so now they're confining themselves to bauble-footie and aggrivated card-trashing.

Isn't it weird how many of us have re-cycled critters ... Someone should write an artical ... :lol:
# Freebird 2010-01-05 10:52
Yes, it is, Suze. Well, I guess, the fan's family business is also, among other things, saving....pets :-)
My sister and me have always picked pets from the street, there was always a dog or a cat in the house. Right now we got Blacky, a 2-year-old and Crna, a 7-month-old croatian shepherd dog, Simba, a so-far-twice-ha ving-been-a-mot her cat and her son Charlie. There have been turtles and sparrows and parrots, too (we live in the country, you know ;-)) And it seems, it'll never end. Luckily :-)