Yes, it's that time again.  Time where I'm pouring through the Inbox, and have lots of little things to share that amount to something possibly interesting when all put together.  Considering its still a holiday weekend here in the US, you like the title?

Anyway, first big announcement.  On Monday, I'll be posting an exclusive interview with Sera Gamble.  She was kind enough to take time out of her busy schedule to answer of few of my and the other writers on this site probing questions after the mid season finale.  So, stay tuned for that! 

Risenshine sent this to me after reading my recap on "The Real Ghostbusters."  I thought it was really clever!  I need to learn how to do stuff like this.  So here you go, the Supernatural TV Guide cover we always wanted.

Thank you so much risenshine for sharing that!  I absolutely love it.  As the disclaimer says on her site,, it's sadly a fake.  A darned good one if you ask me! 

On the way to Canada right now (can't say how fast the US postal service will move on this one) is the prize that MyMadWorld got for winning the "Name Sam's Shirt" contest.  While at the Chicago Con, I was able to get her an 8 X 10 color glossy photo of this:

The Paisley Peril everyone!!  Thanks to everyone who participated in the contest.  It was fun and I'll probably have more in the future. 

Speaking of the Chicago Con, since several of you people won't leave me alone, here you go.  My photo op with Jim and Misha.  The photo that's currently sitting in a drawer.  Pay no attention to the oversmiling redhead in the center. 

Ugh, why did I do that?  Anyway, Jim and Misha were lovely BTW.  This was the very first time a photo op was offered with those two together.   

Okay, let's see (combs through Inbox), anything else?  Wow, how cheap are hotels in Vegas right now?  Sorry, nevermind.  I still have plenty of great articles sent by people over the last month that will be posted in the coming weeks, so let's get through the hiatus together.  As the Mystery Spot clock says, there's plenty of time left!!


# Randal 2009-11-28 12:27
Heh heh, that's a great photoshop.

Man, I need new spectacles. What does that say on Jim's shirt? I thought we were supposed to smoke 'em if we had 'em. 8-)
# Jasminka 2009-11-28 18:36
Wow, I love the tv-guide-cover. Pity it's a fake, but - can I have one nonetheless?

Once again - congratulations to MyMadWorld for finding the name for Sam's shirt (which I really like, by the way), lovely idea to reward her with a nice pic of that particular haute couture piece... ;-)

Thanks for sharing your photo-op pic, Alice.

Take care, Jas
# Narcissus 2009-11-29 02:12
Thanks for sharing everything. The cover is AMAZING, and some serious props to MyMadWorld. And that's a nice picture, over-smiling redhead and all ;-)
# elenaM 2009-11-29 19:21
Ha-- at first glance that cover completely took me in! Especially since TV Guide critic Matt Roush really likes Supernatural. Well done! :D

Randal, I've got a family doc friend with a variation on that shirt--it says "There are cooler ways to die." BTW, love the picture, Alice!!! So cute--thanks for sharing
# elenaM 2009-11-29 21:16
Oh, and congratulations on scoring another interview with Sera Gamble--that's awesome!!! Can't wait!
# Suze 2009-11-30 08:08
That's just scary ... Mind you, I'd have a flip-top-head ubersmirk if I was sandwiched between those two so fair play to you, mate ... ;-)
# Sablegreen 2009-11-30 13:50
Loved the TV guide cover. Too bad it's fake but WOW what a good one.

Loved the pic glad you did get a photo opt in Chicago.