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For the past year, Genevieve Padalecki has been working together with SONOMA to create a new clothing collection for Kohl's. This new line of clothing was released last week so we finally get to see the results!

A very proud Jared Padalecki congratulated Gen in a cheeky tweet:

Looking at the "Now & Gen" line on Kohl's website, you can definitely see the year's worth of love and heart that Gen poured into this beautiful line. 
With blended linen fabric, this line is comfortable, versatile, with a timeless quality at an affordable price. The clothes come in sizes ranging from x-small to 4X, with Gen stating that everyone should be able to wear the clothing and feel comfortable with their body type. The whole line is interchangeable, making it a great buy that you can wear throughout the year. 

There are items like this beautifully embroidered maxi shirt dress, where you can see Gen's carefree spirit coming through along with her natural classiness,  

Gen Embro Dress KohlsGen

What I love about her line is that all body types can wear it, like a chambray shirt dress (black one above). It's fun and funky but still stays comfortable no matter your size. Other items can be used for work and then easily transformed for an evening out by just adding a couple of accessories, for example. 

Gen is also working with Kohl's to ensure fashion is more sustainable and green. With Gen's help, make your own empowered choices about your style and wardrobe while still staying comfortable. 

With all the support and love of the new collection pouring in from friends and the #SPNFamily, I expect this collection will be a huge success for Gen. Congratulations, Gen!