I just finished reading this during my lunch hour, and for anyone that follows this show, it's a must read.  Maureen Ryan of The Chicago Tribune, who I know got to talk to Kripke at length at the Comic Con (makes sense though, being the moderator and all) finally published her transcript.  It's awesome.  It also addresses any extreme complaints that come from Sam fans and/or Dean fans.  If anyone isn't satisfied with that answer, its time to leave the fandom.  Anyway, enjoy this really fantastic (AND EXTREMELY SPOILERY) interview.  Thank you so much Maureen, you are a true friend to the show and we're very grateful.




# Antoinette 2009-08-27 17:14
***It also addresses any extreme complaints that come from Sam fans and/or Dean fans.***

I don't really agree. Saying something along the lines of "the characters are intertwied" doesn't address specific complaints about season four.

***If anyone isn't satisfied with that answer, its time to leave the fandom.***

That seems extreme. I keep my disappointment with season four mostly to myself and I don't see any reason to leave the fandom over it.
# Alice 2009-08-27 20:44
You are very right Antoinette, it doesn't address specific complaints about season four. Or any season for that matter. I was talking about the Sam vs. Dean spoiler stuff for season five. The controversy that had people spewing complaints left and right on sites (including this one) without seeing the delivered product. I had big issues with that.

You know, your concerns about season four are more than welcome here. I understand too that you are keeping them to yourself, because people can get hostile. If there is something about season four in particular you want to get off your chest, go ahead, state it here in this thread, and I shall grant you immunity from attacks! Who knows, maybe it'll spark a constructive discussion.
# Antoinette 2009-08-27 21:42
Thanks for the kind reply, Alice. I can see I was projecting my season four defensiveness onto your post. :D

I think instead of posting any more about season four, I'll squee over my anticipation for season five. The O Death promo has me more eager than ever to see what we get on September 10th!
# Elle 2009-08-27 23:42
I enjoyed the article - it's always interesting to understand the vision of the creator and to hear them talk about their brainchild.

The O Death promo - holy. CRAP! I think, after seeing that, these next 14 days will be for torturous than the whole rest of Hellatus has been.

Come on, September 10th!
# Insey 2009-08-30 07:14
Awesome article! I always like reading/watchin g interviews with Kripke, it is cool getting a glimpse into how his mind works and he seems like a nice, down-to-earth person.

I feel slightly like I have been living in a hole for not really noticing the Sam/Dean divide, if there is one, but hopefully season 5 will keep everyone happy xD

The promo looks awesome! I really can't wait for S5 now, is it really still 11 days away?!
# Suze 2009-09-01 06:28
Straight from the horse's mouth! I'm really looking forward to the whole Chuckle Brothers V's Lucifer saga ...( must get Himself to reload Azurius in plenty of time ... ) :D

I took what Kripke said to mean that his core story was always going to be about the the Winchesters and their relationship with the monsters and now the End Of Days as a backdrop but I don't think anything he or anyone else says is ever going to quell the Sam/Dean bickering ... All of us have gripes and quibbles about this and that episode or storyline but we still enjoy the show, but for the hardcore snipers the arguement has become the point of watching.

Anyway, bring on S5 ... Can't wait for the Four Horsemen, Surely they can squeeze in a tiny bit of Metallica there if we all send money ... :lol: