Want to be a part of an exciting, creative team?

Want to celebrate and support the greatest TV show on the planet? As Supernatural season 14 approaches, The WFB team is expanding!

Join The WFB social media team!

Social media is WFB’s lifeline to the SPNFamily, Supernatural cast and executive team, other Supernatural fandom websites, and Supernatural’s production team of Warner Bros. and The CW.  I have been handling Twitter and Facebook, and Elle kicked off our Instagram page a year or so ago, but the demands of being Managing Editor, Social Media Manager and writer are just too much for one person (especially when I’m still writing about Twilight and marketing my own writing ventures too!). My overload is your opportunity!

What would you get out of this?

This is a great opportunity for:

  • Supernatural fans who want to interact with more of the fandom, get to know more people, or be a part of a team
  • Supernatural fans who want a new creative outlet
  • People who have studied or are currently studying mass media, communications, marketing, English, creative writing, journalism, entertainment and many other majors
  • Students or other people seeking experience or exploring career options. Build experience and add to your resume and contacts! You’ll learn a LOT and we give references!

One or more positions are available immediately, depending on the skills of the applicants!  Here is our dream-come-true wish list:

  • Add to WFB’s extremely strong presence on Twitter – Every article, news item, spoiler, and picture published by The WFB is promoted on Twitter! It’s also where most of our communication with the rest of the Supernatural Family (in all forms) takes place, but there’s still more that can be done. You’d start out encouraging fans to enjoy WFB’s standard offerings, such as the weekly CaptionThis game, and the Game, Video, Spoiler, Discussion, and Episode Guide pages. The next level of advancement would be announcing breaking news and spoiler releases. The ultimate takeover would be promoting our reviews and feature articles.
  • Expand WFB's postings and fandom interactions on Facebook – The WFB has an established, popular page on Facebook, but we need more! Posts can be guided by what Nightsky releases on Twitter but should be tailored to fit Facebook’s dynamics - longer text, bigger videos, fewer posts, etc.
  • Build WFB's presence on Instagram - It’s the hottest place for the celebrities’ posts right now! We launched our page last year but need someone who understands what’s hot and what’s not, and how to make a splash with pictures! Our writing staff has a huge cache of unique photos from conventions, location hunting and feature articles that you can access for postings!
  • Launch WFB's presence on Tumblr – You tell us: Is this a good idea? It’s the hang out place for many of the show’s younger and very creative viewers but most Tumblrs don’t even know The WFB exists! Can you help us change that?

While it would be spectacular to find someone who is comfortable on all four platforms, more likely you favor one, or at the most, two of these sites. That’s great too! It takes a team to run The WFB!

Are you right person for the team? Skills Required:

  • Time - This is extremely flexible. We’ll take as little or as much time as you have to give to the SPNFamily!
  • Personality – This is HUGE requirement for social media. You have to be patient, tolerant and kind. It’s very easy to have misunderstandings on the internet. We seek to promote peace within the SPNFamily while celebrating Supernatural. Complainers, troublemakers and people with anger management issues need not apply.
  • English Language skills – Sorry, but this is important. Social media communication requires English language proficiency and correct grammar and punctuation.
  • Familiarity with the social media platform - You don’t have to be a Charlie Bradbury level expert! I will guide, supervise and train you but you really do need to know the basics of social media to begin.

Initially, the Social Media Assistant(s) would take all their direction from Nightsky, who would continue in her role as Social Media Manager. Eventual advancement to take over as Social Media Manager is not only possible but desirable!

Now the bottom line: This is a volunteer position. No one on The WFB staff is paid. We all contribute our time to support and celebrate this wonderful gift of Supernatural and the Supernatural Family!

Want to know more?? Send your inquiries or express your interest to Nightsky via the “About Us=>Contact Us” button on the top menu bar.

This is your chance! Don’t hesitate! Hope to hear from YOU!