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After the CW announced that the Supernatural spinoff Wayward Sisters would not be picked up, fans began a campaign to change the network's mind.
A petition was started at  Save Wayward Sisters
Media outlets covered the story.
From Entertainment Weekly,
and TV Guide:
Nerds and Beyond covered the fight in several articles.
Other sites reported on the movement as well:
The momentum is building for the campaign. Fans have created multiple actions to be taken in support of Wayward Sisters, many of which will culminate on Thursday in conjunction with the season finale of Supernatural.
A Thunderclap campaign is scheduled for 7pm Thursday:
A Twibbon campaign is in process to prominently display fans' support on Twitter:
Fans are recommending a post card campaign:
The Twitter account Wayward Daughters also has a plan of action:
In addition, fan groups are advocating writing and calling the CW with support for the show.
Kim Rhodes posted in Stands about the campaign.
Tweets from Kim and the rest of the cast support the effort to save Wayward Sisters.
Jared Padalecki showed his support by retweeting this
Jensen Ackles and Misha Collins joined in
 Robert Berens expressed his gratitude to the fans:
 This campaign may or may not succeed, but this is a Herculean effort made by fans who are obviously passionate about this show. This is a real tribute to the love and dedication of this fandom.
NOTE! The decision to not pick up Wayward Sisters was covered in Wayward Sisters NOT Picked Up to Series.  If you are happy that the series was NOT picked up, please put your comments there. This article is for supporters of the effort to make Wayward Sisters a reality.