Apologies, but the total **** storm generated by 12.21 made me forget to put up the link for the TV Fanatic Roundtable 12.20.  
Overall, we all were pretty close on this one. Myself, Nightsky, and Christine Laskodi and Sean McKenna of TV Fanatic had a lot of the same views.  Overall the vibe was positive about this one, and we all even agreed on one question.  I will brag a little, one of my predictions (see Winchester, Mary) came true this week.  So I'm considering myself a bit of a prophet!  Except, I'm actually pissed I was right.  What a terrible plot twist!  The link to the roundtable is below:
Here's Sean McKenna's review.  He gave it a 4.5 out of 5.0.  Very impressed!