"Stuck In the Middle (With You)" made the weekly top 10 in social media ratings!
Our little show made the WEEKLY top 10 list of most actively talked about shows on social media for this episode. That's quite an accomplishment.
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Two interviews with Davy Perez were published today giving insight into how this episode came together:
MovieTVTechGeeks published ‘Supernatural’ writer Davy Perez talks Stuck in the Middle (With You). The most interesting tidbit in this article was that this episode was supposed to be a stand-alone episode, not a big mytharc one.

There is a lot of canon in this episode – how much maneuverability did you have with the script? (Like how much was concrete, this had to happen, and how much was flexible?)

To be honest, this started out as a strictly stand-alone episode. I swear… I’m not making that up! What had to happen was our boys get into a dire situation that looks like they really might not get themselves out of this time. I was also asked to keep the British Men of Letters storyline alive somehow. The part that was a real gift was when Andrew told me we needed to introduce the notion that Crowley was keeping Lucifer a secret. When I heard that… I was like, “Oh yeah, I’m gonna have him sing a jingle!” The rest of the canon in this episode was born out of finding the story and raising the stakes on the circumstances for each character. Having flashbacks gave me the idea to reach back six years and give us a fun look at a Crowley from a different time.


You’ve told me before that the Supernatural writers work on individual scripts as a solo venture, rather than breaking stories together — but Dabb also mentioned, in a teaser video this week, that events or information from this episode evolved into being fundamental to the mythology of the whole show. There’s a few things that he could be referring to — the reveal of the Princes of Hell, which throws back to the show’s very first Big Bad; the return of the Colt, not seen since season 5; even the coronation of Crowley. When creating these ideas, what point, if at all, does the solo-writer bubble burst and you get the showrunner stepping in to maybe say “okay that’s permanently changing the status quo, that’s more than incidental so we’re gonna need to look at that through a wider lens?”

These myth pitches came in waves and grew out of the story itself. I wanted a villain that was going to be a formidable enemy and really create the sense of danger that this episode needed. I kept thinking of the Yellow-Eyed Demon and how great of a big bad that was for the boys and Mary. I pitched the idea of this class of demon called the Princes of Hell. Andrew let me take a crack at it to see if it would makes sense for our universe. As I was thinking about the heist element, again inspiration hit, and I thought to myself “Whatever happened to the Colt?” and I added that to the mix of things. I was halfway expecting for that to be taken out of the script at some point. I thought for sure Andrew was going to pour a bucket of ice water on me and tell me to sit down, chill out, and keep it to one thing at a time. But he not only embraced (most of) my ideas, he helped me to make them better.


Both articles give more details and are well worth the read.


So Davy Perez, tasked with a stand-alone episode, with the surprise reveal of Lucifer being held by Crowley at the end, digs back into the mythology of the show going back to season one. He's a keeper! Congratulations Davy Perez. I look forward to your next episode.