This week, your friendly neighborhood "Supernatural" pundits over at TV Fanatic took on some new angel lore and a story of Castiel!  Were we happy?  Pretty much.  Are we excited about the possibilities this raises?  Well, I'm not sure excited is the right word.  More like skeptical, but there were some statements tinged with hope.  Personally I'm clinging onto hope that Sam and Dean become pseudo uncles to Lucifer's offspring just because I'd like to see their maternal side.  Yeah, I was really spitballing, but hey, it makes for great fan fiction, no?  Anyway, you can check out the entire discussion right here:
Here's Sean McKenna's review of the episode too.  He was rather pleased with the episode, although he agreed with me that the first half was a crashing bore.  But yes, it took off from there: