The past few weeks have been a whirlwind for me.  Season finales, my daughter graduating, going on a big vacation, so yeah, I kind of completely ignored when the TV Fanatic Roundtable for the finale was released.  My really bad too, because we had a TON to discuss. 

Let's put it this way about the finale.  In looking back now that a few weeks have passed, I'm both bitter and relieved.  Relieved that the whole Amara mess is behind us.  Bitter that the writers took the lazy way out and offered a disappointing and rather lame conclusion.  It doesn't give me a lot of confidence about the new season, but then again expectations are now so low how bad can it actually get?  Does anyone remember "Bloodlines?"  Yes, that.  I guess if it's better than that, I should be grateful. But do my standards need to get that low?  Yep, I'm still very conflicted and confused.  

One of the interesting things that TV Fanatic's Sean McKenna raised in the Roundtable is it's time for an endgame.  Whether we're talking season 12 or season 13 being the end, the show should actually start thinking conclusion and driving toward that.  After this season's mess, I'm tending to agree.  I want to see a real plan mapped out, not something that gets abandoned because it's too big in terms of scope.  This show has to remember, this is the story of SAM AND DEAN WINCHESTER!  The others are mere supporting players and don't drive the destiny or direction of the show.  

So yes, here's our roundtable, and only Nightsky liked the finale.  Myself, Sean, and Christine Laskodi though it was a mess. 

Sean's review wasn't so kind either.  It's the first time I haven't seen a glowing review from him for the finale.  Only a 2.7 out of 5.0.  Not good at all.

Spoilers and info will be coming about SPN S12 in the next month or so, which shooting resumes in early July.  The writers are hard at work now, so we'll what sort of direction those cliffhangers take us.  For now, I'm just glad we're getting a break.  We all need time to regroup.