Rock, paper, or scissors?  Or are you looking at me completely nuts, wondering why this is still a thing?  Well Supernatural writers Charmelo and Snyder just can't get over Dean winning, again, even if the first time was an alternate universe. 

I digress though, because we're here to talk about TV Fanatic's weekly "Supernatural" Roundtable featuring me, Nightsky and from TV Fanatic writers Christine Laskodi and Sean McKenna.  So what did we all have to say about this strange holiday themed episode?  We weren't digging the witch, that's for sure.  But we had plenty of good things to say though, like the brotherly closing scene.

Also, here's Sean McKenna's review of the episode.  He gave it a 3.0 out 5.0, which for him is pretty low.  He had some pretty good reasons though!


# Grace232 2016-02-17 21:58
Writers don't get credit for Rock Paper Scissors. The guys said it was not in script - Phil was directing and he let them improv that. Good episode - and this week's was awesome!