I've been part of these twice yearly ScreenFad Supernatural roundtables for a few seasons now.  They are organized by Clarissa, the Managing Editor, and they involve the big names in the Supernatural blogging community, all getting together to share diverse opinions about the half and whole seasons gone by.  I do believe this is the first roundtable where the participants were in general agreement about things.  And it wasn't glowing praise.

We all have some very legitimate concerns and complaints about season ten so far and the topics discussed did an excellent job of highlighting exactly our issues.  As a critic, it is tough to take something that used to be so well done and swallow the very poor approaches to story telling and arc building in season ten.  But I think this roundtable did an amazing job of highlighting the EXACT concerns and what needs to be done to address them.  

As was mentioned in the roundtable, we might be frustrated, but we aren't giving up yet.  We remain hopeful that things will turn around and the story will find it's way in the second half of the season.  But for now, we have what we have, and perhaps what's said by the entire panel will resonate in some way with your own frustrations.  For those of you critical thinkers, this is a must read!  


A big thanks to Clarissa for once again putting this all together.  I assure, it's no small feat!