7/20 - Bumping for a big one from Master Kripke below.  See link at the bottom.

Okay, I usually have a no spoiler policy.  We especially have a sensitive international readership here that have to wait much longer for their episodes and usually love to savor the element of surprise.  So, as season five "spoilers" start leaking, many will want to stay far, far away. 

However, there are two FANTASTIC interviews out there that must be shared, especially when so much time is left on tht countdown clock.  They really get me excited about what's to come.  I wouldn't call them "spoilery" as much as "teasery".  I know, that's not a word but you get my point.  These are so juicy, I just have to share.

The first is a Sera Gamble interview done by Winchester Brothers.  There's some great information in here, just enough to entice but not enough to give away the farm.  You know, the type of interview Sera loves to give. 


The second comes from the August edition of SFX Magazine, an interview with Executive Producer Robert Singer.  I've read Robert Singer interviews before.  He gives short answers and doesn't give away too much.  This one is great!  It especially answers the burning question about direction should there be a season six.  This really puts my mind at ease!  Anyway, check it out. 


7/20 - Eric Kripke talks to TV Guide.  He gives teasers that generate heart failure.