Jared, before and after:

Jensen, before and after:

Got your attention???   Good!  By my calculations, we aren't even halfway through hellatus.  Luckily there's plenty of vacations, summer activities, and those freaking day jobs to keep us occupied for a little while longer.  This also means we've all been pretty busy lately, and there's no time for regular diversions like reading my completely off the wall and subjective top ten lists or elle2's amazing tributes to seasons gone by.  This week especially is pretty light, considering it's a holiday week in both the US and Canada. 

Ever since the finale on May 14th, elle2 and I have been busy keeping up posts almost daily (excluding the almost no traffic Saturdays), and I must say I'm rather proud of the well thought out, introspective articles produced (thanks so much elle2!)  However, everyone needs a mid summer breather, especially now since spoilers (I'm not talking casting spoilers) and other exciting news about the show will be leaking pretty darned soon (cough**Comic Con**cough).    

The cast and crew are going back to work tomorrow, and by Comic Con at the end of the month there will be plenty of new excitement to cling onto in anticipation of season five.  For right now, elle2 and I going to step back and post items of mindless fun.  We've got fun pictures lined up (usually connected with some strange theme), some silly trivia, some wonderful fan art that others have shared, and other misc stuff that are designed for pure entertainment for the next couple of weeks.  Introspective articles are fun, but right now our brains need fluff.     

I'm kicking it all off with a fan challenge.  See our countdown clock?  Mr. Jester was the first to contribute a really cool graphic to jazz up the clock a bit.  Now it's your turn.  Submit a .jpeg graphic no larger than 172 pixels high and 347 pixels wide designed to make the clock look really cool.  Make sure to leave some space for the ticker.  I know there are some talented folks out there, so find some mindless time in between the pool and picnics to foster your creative side.  You'll be glad you did.  As of right now the only prize will be the acknowledgement of a job well done.  In the end, isn't that you all really need?  **crickets chirping**  

Anyway, let's have some fun in July and by August we can go back to wringing our hands in nervous anticipation over what's coming soon.  




# Narcissus 2009-07-02 06:12
Hellooow...I've been missing a while, I know :oops: ...for exactly the same reason you mentioned above. I've been on semester break the past week and my brain is just beat, I can't think of wonderful insightful comments to all your wonderful and insightful articles. Even if I could I purposefully didn't, because well it's semester break which is the time to slow down the brain waves. I would have you know that I still read faithfully despite my silence. I know it's no excuse, but there...

So yeah, fluff sounds good for now :D I would totally love to submit an image, except I have no photoshop skill whatsoever so I'll just sit back and watch the pretty. (Btw Alice, how about putting in a Cbox or something along those lines? Would be pretty cool..no?)
# Suze 2009-07-02 14:32
I'm afraid that I wouldn't know a .jpeg wotsit if it wandered up and spat in my breakfast and anyway it's far too hot to think ... Nice piccies though ... Give me something to mull over whilst hiding in my celler avoiding Wimbledon ... :lol: