Nearly 1.4 million viewers witnessed the Winchester Bros.’ swan song on Thursday, which represented Supernatural‘s largest audience since April 2019. It also marked The CW’s biggest total-viewer tally in the Thursday-at-9 pm time slot since an Arrow episode in Jan. 2018.
Final Same Day Ratings from Showbuzz Daily
Looks like we went out with a bang. Well done Supernatural!
Jared Padalecki tweeted.
Watch it happen below the cut!
A Behind the Scenes look with Jared and Jensen.
Final Same Day Ratings for the last episode of Supernatural 'Inherit The Earth'
Overnight ratings below the cut.
The CW has posted a Behind the Scenes video on Supernatural episode 15.18 'Despair'
As the end to Supernatural approaches, TV Guide is Celebrating Winchester week. Stop by and see all the articles.
Final Ratings for 'Despair' from Showbuzz Daily
Here come the final episodes of our beloved Supernatural. Watch the trailer
We all need a little pick me up as the series is coming to a close, right?
A while back, we shared Cameo video messages gifted by a member of the SPNFamily, Kas (Capt_FrightNite on Twitter).  She reached out to cast members of Supernatural during COVID lockdown to request messages from their characters to Team Free Will 2.0 - Sam, Dean, Castiel and Jack. We now have more messages from our Supernatural friends, including a few to the Wayward Girls!

S15 Hiatus Pic fr Jensen
These are a real treat. Enjoy!