Action and answers after weeks of speculation and wonder. Where is Amara? Can Lucifer really challenge Amara? Who is the lesser evil? All given an answer in one great episode, finally brining our two great villains together and revealing that, Hand of God juice or not, Lucifer is no true challenger to the Darkness.

Arabian King of Hell


The king may be off his throne but he still holds his power and knows how to use it. Crowley’s exchange in Saudi Arabia was reminiscent of the old days of deals under crossroad bridges: if anyone is going to manipulate a situation, it will be the former King. Mark Sheppard plays indignant and outraged with just the ideal amount of anger, never overselling Crowley’s desire for revenge on Lucifer: after all, Crowley is one for survival first.

Heavenly Staff Meeting

Lucifer was definitely having the most fun of anyone in this week’s episode. It was interesting to watch the interaction with the angels, a much more pliable group after the failed smiting. That said, the angels are almost too inactive and weak. It seems there is a pendulum of angel behaviour that swings quite dramatically depending on what is needed for their characterization: sometimes they are strong, very faithful, powerful beings and other times they seem, as they did here, like a young organization fed on fear and intimidation and the right charismatic leader could easily slide into leadership on a smile and a catchphrase.

That aside, the angel meeting itself was an amusing exchange and it was an interesting overlay to watch simultaneous with Crowley and the Winchesters and Amara’s message of “Hear Me” rippling through the world. It certainly put Lucifer in a prime position to garner the angel’s faith for standing against Amara.

Hard v Smart Choices

What to say about the episode? There was a lot of commotion and a little payoff but ultimately – it was worth the fuss. Let’s talk about Sam, Dean and Crowley. Throughout the episode, there was an abundance of talking going on – so what did we learn? Well, Dean, for the most part, has a single-minded focus on saving Castiel where Sam was more intent on the concept that since Cas wanted to offer himself as the sacrifice, who were they to stand in the way of that. It seems that at some point the boys decided they wouldn’t stop each other from making a choice, even if it was one the other disagreed with. By the end, Dean hops on board Sam’s train, echoing that Castiel wanted to donate his vessel to save the world.

Something about Dean quoting to Sam the statement about not getting “in the way when it’s a choice the other disagrees with” feels like a heavy-handed foreshadowing of what’s to come. So, what choice will Dean make that Sam won’t be able to stand in the way of? Why do I think it will be Dean? Well, something about the way this played out just smells that way. Call it years of finely honed Supernatural instinct. Maybe that’s way off base – but somehow, someway, that pledge is coming back to haunt those Winchester boys in the finale.

Trip Down the Rabbit hole

Quite unexpected, Crowley’s look inside the vessel was delightful and revealing. Castiel is depressed or at the very least entirely complacent and needs a swift kick in the ass to get in gear. Hopefully that will come soon because as much as I enjoy Lucifer – I miss Castiel and feel his lack of presence these days. Whether from desperation, need for revenge or both – Crowley’s manoeuvering offered a great glimpse inside at a seemingly hypnotized?Castiel and was a fun look at how far Crowley is willing to go to win this fight. Beyond that – it was entertaining to see Crowley and Cas together, however brief, with the added sprinkling of Mark Pellegrino in there too.
Lazarus’ Survival Techniques

Rowena, Rowena; what can we say about Rowena? She’s slippery and sly and probably a good ally in this battle. True enough, she’s out for herself but since she recognizes survival probably isn’t with Amara anymore – her best bet is going to be to help the Winchesters and work with Crowley. Especially since she’s lost the starry-eyes for Lucifer.  

It’s great to have Rowena and her scheming self back with the gang again. Since we know we need Lucifer back in the cage one way or another and it’s inevitable that the group, once failed in working together, will likely have to try again – having all the components bodes well.
Light-Up and Let Down

Everyone gathered for what ended up to be a seriously disappointing show: Lucifer failed to perform. Or, more accurately, he did perform just not with the effects he’s been touting for the last few months. Amara was re-energized and invigorated, ready for the stand-off with her “nephew” – some might even say she saved the Sam and Dean from him. Now, a new plan on the table: use Lucifer to lure God out, afterall he was God’s favourite son, right?

HA10 HA13

The display of power between Lucifer and Amara, proving once and for all that Lucifer cannot overpower her was a great relief to see after so much talk. Finally, Lucifer has met a force greater than him who isn’t persuaded by his sharp tongue or powerful lineage. And it was handled very smoothly in a rather simple scene: Amara arrives, Lucifer confronts, Amara overpowers and takes the spoils of her victory. This teases at something great to come, and this viewer is looking forward to something intriguing history lessons, never mind the verbal sparring, in the exchanges between Amara and our favourite fallen archangel.

Final Thoughts

The episode was about laying some serious ground work for the final showdown: Amara has Lucifer; Lucifer is no match for Amara, with or without a Hand of God booster shot and all of our major players are on the board, it’s just a question of gathering them together again. So the question is – will God show up for the final showdown and who is that so-called “chosen” one needed to defeat Amara. Perhaps it’s Castiel. Poor, sad, wants-to-do-something great Castiel, whose vessel has withstood many tests and whose faith has been hearty. He just seemed so uninspired, that if anyone was gearing up to be a “chosen” – well, maybe it’s our little tree topper.