The episode, written by a fan favorite Robbie Thompson and titled “Safe House”, begins with a woman renovating a house and her daughter screamed. The little girl is scared and says something is in the house. Come to find out, she was right.

Sam and Dean are at a diner talking about the lack of leads on the big story arc and Sam says there’s a case about a girl getting attacked. Sam and Dean question the mother and ask to go to her house. They go and the neighborhood watch woman asks them why the FBI is worried about this house. She reveals another two agents were around years ago. We flashback to Rufus and Bobby and Linda is SO HAPPY. They call themselves RIGGS AND MURTAUGH.

We flashforward to Sam and Dean in the house and then back to Rufus and Bobby (RuBob) questioning another mother whose son was attacked. Sam and Dean stay in the same hotel as RuBob. RuBob are the best things ever.

We get Sam and Dean paralleling Rufus and Bobby by figuring out it was a ghost, and then being wrong. Bobby is worried about the apocalypse and the boys, but Rufus, who is the best character ever, notes that Bobby can’t save everyone. Sam and Dean find that the bones have been burnt.

Back at the house, the mother is attacked.

Dean is at the hospital with the mother. Sam enters and he brings a doctor who was there during the Rufus and Bobby case. Sam and Dean find the last woman who was affected by the case. She tells them that RuBob said don’t touch the wallpaper in the house. She tells them about a dream she had.

Sam and Dean, Rufus and Bobby investigate and think about the cases and figure out it’s a soul eater. Bobby talks about how he trapped the eater with a celtic sigil. The magical Men of Letters shows them how to kill the eater. We journey between Bobby and Rufus and Sam and Dean as they hunt the eater. Dean loses RPS and is the one to be in the nest while painting the sigil.

Both Bobby and Dean are carried away by the eater. Dean and Bobby encounter the kids who are in comas, who see the soul eaters, but both are trapped in with the soul eaters. Bobby gets possessed by a soul eater, as does Dean. Dean stops Sam. Rufus confronts EaterBobby.

Rufus and Bobby fight as Sam and Dean fight. The soul eater says that Dean wants to go to the Darkness and it can keep both Sam and Dean safe forever. Bobby wakes up in the nest. Sam expels the eaters and Dean sees the eaters leaving. Dean and Bobby see each other for a split second before everything disappears. Sam embraces Dean as he wakes from the dream.

Rufus and Bobby say goodbye. Sam and Dean leave the house as does Bobby, who finds a bottle of Johnnie from Rufus in the car. He drives away after talking to Dean, from years ago. Sam and Dean leave the house and they plan to go back to the other Soul Eater case in Tennessee to make sure it is taken care of. Dean tells Sam what he saw in the nest and they wonder if the Bobby glimpse was part of the time/space aspect of the monster.

In my opinion, that was a great episode in many areas: writing, directing, editing, music, and acting. I love my Rubob, y’all.

Thoughts, Feelings, Specs

1.     What was up with the time thing…..

2.     Why do you think Sam thought that Dean seeing a dead Sam in his vision in the nest was comforting?

3.     What were your favorite/least favorite parts of the episode?

4.     Any other thoughts, feelings? Leave them below!

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