Words: So innocent and powerless as they are, as standing in a dictionary, how potent for good and evil they become in the hands of one who knows how to combine them.” ― Nathaniel Hawthorne

Sam: Dean, we're going to that place, and we're gonna save Jack and Mom. Together. And if something happens, we will deal with it together. And if we die? We'll do that together, too.

Words have power. They can be potent to rally many people to do what they believe in. Sam’s words in the end resonated with me. That is why I chose word and potent as words for this article. Together they make potent words (see what I did there?) Sam’s words were strong but were they good or bad in that situation? What would they rally? Sam wanted to lift Dean’s spirit up. He wanted Dean to make the right decision. Unfortunately, Dean’s character flaw is also to protect his brother so Sam and him dying together means Sam would die, and that is something Dean would never allow. Words can have the opposite effect people want. The more potent they are, the worse it can be. For me, those words meant that the brothers would go through everything together. They would "Carry On".

A Week Later

Has it really only been a little over a week since we were all stunned by Supernatural’s season 14 finale, “Moriah”? It seems like so much longer that I’ve felt this panic and trepidation about it undermining the entire premise of Supernatural, and correspondingly, my dedication to the series.  “Moriah” kicked off a firestorm of debate among fans as to the writer’s (Andrew Dabb) intentions. Portraying God as an uncaring, cruel, manipulative puppeteer whose only interest in his glorious creation is how much it can entertain him? The more I think it, the madder I get.

The thrill and shock of seeing Chuck again has worn off. My naïve hope that he appeared to save Jack and whisk him away to an exhilarating future exploring the universe with Grandpa Chuck and Great Auntie Amara has been shattered. Instead, Chuck incinerated Jack with little more thought than swatting away a bug. We are being told that free will was an illusion, Sam and Dean’s lives were written on celestial pages in indelible ink, and Castiel’s God as the guiding force for goodness was a fallacy.

The clear purpose of the episode was to shock (traumatize, appall, horrify) fans into the unsettling realization that everything about Supernatural could be subverted. That idea is so repugnant that Threads Part 1 was devoted to listing alternate theories to explain Chuck’s actions. A week later, I may have come up with the best theory yet.  

I’ve been known to do some rather off the wall things in the name of this fandom.  You know, like randomly running off to some city to attend a con or event involving perfect strangers, all in the name of the SPN Family.  My adventures have been curtailed as of late, but when an opportunity came up to attend an Impala event at the Family Business Beer Company outside Austin, Texas the last week in April, well, suddenly I was checking flights from Ohio.  After all, two of my favorite words were uttered, Impala and beer.  One reasonably priced flight later, the weekend was a go.

On May 2nd, 1983, somewhere in Lawrence, Kansas, a boy was born to Mary and John Winchester. At the time of his birth, no one thought he would have to fight ghosts, demons, ghouls, vampires, and all the other natural and "supernatural" creatures of the world. Neither did they know how important he would be in the fight to stop the apocalypse and other calamities of the future. Sam Winchester, today we celebrate your 36th birthday! This Is Your Life!

Wow. What an incredible end to an amazing season. Ever since I knew for sure we were going to see Chuck in the season finale, I knew something crazy was going to go down. However, the writers took my expectations and turned them on me so fast, I had a little whiplash. Every character showed themselves in a way that made me realize that all of them, no matter how important or not, has developed and learned.

The Morning After

Sam started the apocalypse! Again! Did not see that coming!

… or did he??

Supernatural’s season 14 finale was exhilarating! It was funny, witty and intense, all building up to a completely unexpected cliffhanger that set up season 15! So much happened!