"No doubt... Endings are hard, but then again... nothing ever really ends, does it?...” ― Chuck Shurley

This is it. I have done my articles of the fan videos for five years now so it is only fitting I will end them on the finale. It has been a long, bumpy road to get here with joy and laughter but also sadness. I have written many other articles, too, with different ideas I have had, but the fan videos have been the closest to my heart. I wanted to make this last one a special one, with many fan videos that people have made from the finale.

Thank you to all the creators that have made the beautiful videos. Without them, these articles would not have been possible. I hope you continue to apply that talent to next show you are interested in, and give that gift forward. As for me… I do not know what my future holds at the moment. Maybe I will get some other show to write articles about, but some inspirational vacation could also be a good choice.

Thank you also to our readers who took the time to read my articles. See you on the other side, whatever it might be. I also inserted a personal greeting that was saved for this article because of a happy accident with one of my favorite songs of the show in the background. And yes, that is me. I do sound like that… This is Lilah Kane signing off, but remember, nothing really ends now, does it?

Happiness in Just Being:

How Supernatural Gripped Me Tight and Raised Me from Perdition

I am a broke college student. What little money I have is often spent on books I don’t technically need, much to the chagrin of my mother, who I have clearly not learned how to budget from. Furthermore, with "Supernatural" conventions on the 2021 calendar, saving money has really become something I strive to do. Nonetheless, sometimes my budgeting fails.

Trudging through Barnes & Noble one evening, looking for two YA books I’d recently added to my reading list, I walked into a "Supernatural" display. Now, as mentioned above, I’m a college student with limited funds to my name, but my investment in the Winchester brothers and their angelic ally Castiel had peaked this semester, and I was immediately drawn to one of the books, a volume entitled Family Don’t End With Blood, which had a drawing of the Winchesters standing against their 1967 Impala. 

After a brief, agonized contemplation, I bought the book, along with several other pieces of "Supernatural" paraphernalia, completely depleting my bank account – this is not hyperbole. Though I haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of all the essays people have written in this book about how "Supernatural" changed their lives, I am conscious of one indisputable truth: it changed mine, too. So, in the spirit of inspiration by the book, here is the story of how "Supernatural" gripped me tight and raised me from perdition. 

It is now three weeks since the Supernatural series finale "Carry On" aired. If you read my "Threads" review of the finale, you know that I think it is a masterpiece of artistic narration. Everyone involved with its creation deserves to be immensely proud of their heartfelt gift to the SPNFamily. Predictably, with so much at stake delivered with such intense, emotional power, we are all now experiencing the fallout of that ending.  I know I’m reeling from its impact. What is unexpected, though, is what fans are feeling. 

From numerous conversations with friends, and weeks of seeing/hearing what’s been happening online, it’s safe to say that many (most?) in the fandom are struggling to process how they feel after seeing the last (at least for now) Supernatural episode in the series. I count myself among those who were deeply disappointed in how Supernatural ended, but even the fans who loved the show’s final chapter are finding if difficult to cope with it ending.  However you feel about "Carry On", the creative team put immense effort into concluding a saga as epic as Supernatural, and the cast (Jared, Jensen and earlier, Misha) opened themselves to bare raw emotions during their final scenes. If we want to respect their, and our, emotional investments in this 15 year journey we've been on together, we need to genuinely admit and process the feelings generated by Supernatural's finale – and it generated a lot of feelings. We were all very passionate about the show so it makes sense that we miss it, but this emotional whiplash goes way beyond anything I (and others) expected. 

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Now that Supernatural has ended its first run on television (just putting that out in the universe), we all find ourselves looking back at its 15 years of history. What was it like when the show first started in 2005? Before conventions, or social media, or the formation of the SPNFamily, how did fans find the show? What did the producers and cast think about what was happening with their fledgling genre series?

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Go back in time with The WFB founder and Editor-in-Chief, Alice Jester, and me, Nightsky, WFB's Managing Editor and Social Media Manager to hear our behind-the-scenes (BTS) stories about the formation and evolution of the Supernatural fandom and The WFB! Earlier this year, we talked with Gail Z. Martin, professional author and avid Supernatural fangirl, about Supernatural, our behind-the-scenes interactions with its cast, and how The WFB came to be Supernatural's largest original content fansite!

The final season, heck the entire series, is now in our rear view mirror so to speak.  So, what do we do now?  How about our annual activities of looking back at the season gone by? 

First off, a fun game that I’ve been doing for years.  I’m going to list all the episodes in Season 15 in order.  In five minutes (fine, I’ll allow ten), rank the episodes in your opinion from first to worst.  Share your results in the comments. 

The idea behind allowing so little time is simple, I don’t want any of you to over think this.  It’s a gut feel game.  However, a lot of these episodes blur together.  I suggest before getting started going through our handy dandy Season 15 episode guide to remind you which episodes were which.  If you’re still not sure, Emberlast’s “Let’s Speculate” articles are the perfect recap!  Those are all linked on our Episode Guide. 

What is there really to say about this one?

Thank you. To those who told the stories, and to all of you who came here to discuss them.