This is an exciting week for the #SPNFamily! Supernatural's 300th episode airs on Thursday, February 7, and the anticipation is building! Supernatural fans have been with the show every step of the way, supporting not only the show but the cast, executive team and crew as well. So of course some fans have thought of ways to celebrate the milestone in solidarity with the Supernatural creative team and fan family! Pick you favorites and join the fun!

THEN:  “Who are you?” “The guys who saved the world.”  Scenes of Donatello.  The guys says, “Whatever it takes.”  Nick on his killing spree.  Abraxas.  Dean about Michael – “I can feel him in my head.”  Dean and Sam on either side of the Ma’lak Box.  Camera zooms in on Dean’s hands on the box.  Screen turns black as we hear Dean say, “It’s the only sane play I’ve got.”

Everything we know about Supernatural season 14 episode 12.
This is the kind of video where we separate out the true fans from the casual fans.

Supernatural 14.11 "Damaged Goods" left much of the Supernatural family devastated, frantically worried about Dean. Since we can't do anything but wait and worry until we learn how Sam and Castiel will save Dean, let's lighten the mood a bit and have some Supernatural fun!

In Supernatural's 14.10 "Nihilism", the archangel Michael locked Dean into a dream world within his own mind. Thinking contentment would keep Dean pacified, Dean became the owner and bar keep at a quaint home town establishment called Rocky's Bar. This was both Dean's perfect retirement scenario and fans' dreams come true! The decor in the bar was a virtual treasure trove of call backs to earlier episodes, and Easter eggs of references that only dedicated Supernatural fans would recognize. Let's go on a virtual tour of the bar and see what we can uncover along the way! 

I've done some of the research for you, identifying obvious references and hidden gems. I also enlisted the help of Deb, @Drzyley on Twitter, to get the ball rolling on finding some Easter Eggs of earlier Supernatural episodes. The rest is up to you! I'll provide the screen shots; YOU make the connections with earlier episodes or fan insider information! Who's up for a trivia treasure hunt?

The Morning After

Depressing. Deeply disturbing. Defeating. Get the drift?

Supernatural’s 14.11 “Damaged Goods” was a superbly written story that seamlessly wove together Nick’s story of insanity with Dean’s resignation to the insane idea of burying himself alive, alone, at the bottom of the ocean for all eternity with an enraged archangel mentally and emotionally torturing him. That has to be the most horrifying scenario the show has ever conceived, which is probably a point of pride for this story’s writer, Davy Perez. Davy is Supernatural’s horror writer.  Author of 12.04 “American Nightmare” (a mother torturing her daughter with the tacit complicity of the rest of the family), 13.11 “Breakdown” (Donna’s niece and eventually Sam are kidnapped by a sicko who sells human body parts online) and 14.04 “Mint Condition” (okay, that was fun but it was all about horror movies and the Hatchet Man), half of Davy’s episodes so far have been squarely based on horror scenarios. The fate Dean is planning for himself touches so many primal fears in humans, it is the quintessential horror.

Tonight’s episode begins with an overview of Nick enjoying his murderous indulgences, even though he’s sans Lucifer.  THEN:  Michael battles Sam, Cas, and Dean in Dean’s mind and is trapped inside Dean’s mind.  Billie visits Dean and tells him there’s only one way he dies that doesn’t end in Michael destroying the world.

NOW:  There’s a close up of ropes binding a woman’s bare arms.  Nick has tied up a woman in an evening gown, high heels, an upswept hair do, and sparkling, dangling earrings.  She marvels that she’s been caught by a human.  Is he some kind of hunter, the captive wonders.  Nick says he’s not.  He has a huge knife, but the woman isn’t phased by that.  Nick wants information on the demon Abraxis and on the hunter he’d heard had tracked him down.  The woman tells him that the hunter is in Hibbing, Minnesota, before her eyes turn black.  She’s still looking arrogant when he stabs straight for her face, and we see black ooze like a tear drop down her face.

"Famously, there's not really anywhere to go after nihilism. It's not progressing toward anything, it's a statement of outrage, however brilliant.” ― Alan Moore