On May 30, 1964 a future King was born in London, England.

His name is Mark Sheppard.


Yes, we are talking about you, Mark.
Today we celebrate your 56th birthday!


Supernatural has resonated with many people because of the timelessness of many of its themes like brotherly love, sacrifice, and courage against unbeatable odds.  Recently, I was thinking about one of my favorite books, Watership Down by Richard Adamsand I was shocked to discover that there were several similarities between the book and the show.  Contrary to what I first thought when I heard the title, the book has nothing to do with sinking boats on the ocean!  Instead, it is set in England and is a tale of rabbits who take an epic journey from their warren to establish a new home of their own.  Their journey is fraught with dangers, even after they find a perfect spot for their new warren.  Published in 1972, It is a fascinating mix of realism with fantasy since the rabbits talk and have their own language and mythology.  When I first read it in high school, I was immediately reminded of Pilgrim's Progress and Exodus from the Bible, but, now that I'm a fan of Supernatural, I saw numerous parallels between our show and this beloved book. (Readers are reminded that there will be references to the book in this article that may spoil certain events in the book.)

The main characters in Watership Down are brothers - Fiver and Hazel.  Fiver is the younger brother, but, unlike Sam, he is the runt of the litter, and, even when grown, is smaller and weaker than the others.  Like Sam, however, he has visions of the future, terrible visions of bloodshed and slaughter, visions which can be physically debilitating. The leader of the warren doesn't believe him, but his brother does, and together they guide a small group of rabbits out of their warren to safety.  

If you've been following The Winchester Family Business' "Breathtaking Photos" series, you know that I've had this idea for a while. What if we put together a series of our favorite photos of Supernatural's lead stars and characters? I'm not talking about the good pictures, or even the really good pictures, because, let's be honest, it's hard for the Supernatural actors to not be attractive in every picture they take! No, I'm thinking about the stunning pictures. The ones that stop you in your tracks. The ones that immediately distract you from what you are doing and demand that you devote your attention to absorbing every light variation, every freckle, every dimple, every pixel of the photo or filmed shot.  Would we all choose the same pictures? What exactly makes one image stand out from all the rest? Would all this pretty fill our hearts to bursting? These are important questions that deserve thoughtful answers!

To do this right, we need an appreciation photo stream for each actor and character individually. So far in this series, we've shown how talented photographers have captured the breathtaking charisma of Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles and Misha Collins. Now we turn our attention to the characters they each play on Supernatural! Today we begin with Sam Winchester! He'll soon be followed by big brother Dean, then our beloved angel, Castiel. To find the most breathtaking images of Team Free Will, I reviewed every screenshot, from every episode, from every season aired so far in Supernatural! Weeks of looking at Sam, Dean and Cas pictures to get you the best! 

Hi, everyone! I'm back with another Top Ten Supernatural list! This time I'm going with my favourite undercover disguises. With there being so many disguises over these past fifteen seasons, I chose my list by picking the first ten that came to me. I figured these impacted and affected me the most. 

Now before you read my list, write down what you would pick. What ten disguises do you think of first?

I don’t know why I love this episode so much.  It makes me smile, even though it has one of the creepiest stories in the series.  An eerie family painting that comes to life and kills owners in their sleep.  This should have been a spine chilling mess given the premise alone, but it was anything but.  It was brisk, witty, fun, romantic, had an unpredictable ghost story, and was creepy as hell, too.    

May 18, 2020. The day that Supernatural was supposed to end. The day the final episode of season 15 was scheduled to air. The day I expected to be in Lawrence, Kansas, touring the city where the story began, commemorating with friends the end of an era, and the end of a chapter in my life. That's what we all thought was going to happen today, but life has a way of changing our plans without our permission.

So we have a "stay of execution," as WFBFamily member Dean's Not Fine tweeted this morning, and I'm perfectly okay with that. More than okay, I'm greatly relieved. It means I don't yet have to deal with the reality of Sam and Dean's story ending.

If I think about it, I guess I understand and even accept that when the show actually does end I will no longer be able to watch the Winchesters drive the back roads of Americana fighting monsters. I will miss them deeply, but I know they'll live on in my heart.  What scares me to my core is not knowing if they'll have peace when they are done. Peace as I define it. Peace that makes them and me happy. While I'm sad that their story might end (I say "might" because we all hope there will a Supernatural movie one day), I'm more worried about how it will end than when it will end.