Let's have some fun. Heaven knows, we all need it. 

In Part 1 of "Supernatural Top 10 Best and Worst Dressed Characters", I ranked the top 5 worst wardrobe choices in the history of Supernatural. From the heavenly host to the gods above, we proved that supernatural beings may be all powerful but they certainly don't always know how to dress. 

It's always better to be positive than negative, though, so let's double that number when looking for the BEST dressed characters in Supernatural! Actually, it was fairly easy to think of outfits that made a lasting, good impression throughout the years. Turn your mind's filter to 'clothing mode' and let the images pop up randomly. See? You probably thought of many of the same fashionistas I remembered... but then again, maybe you came up with a lot more!

So, think of the 10 BEST outfits worn on Supernatural. Witch, demon, hunter, angel, or victim about to die, who were smartest dressers from the past 15 years? Which outfits really stood out for you? Prepare your lists before reading mine. I'll wait....

You're back! Okay, let's get started!

Once upon a time, I used to do a yearly series call “Supernatural Moments that Make Me Smile.”  Of course back then, humor was always well laced into even the most intense episode.  I liked to look back at a year or season gone by and remember those little moments that brought me joy.   They didn't necessarily have to be big moments.  There were plenty of subtle choices to go around as well.  

By the time we got to season nine though, the article turned into a “Supernatural Moments that Made Me Wince” list.  I never shared those.  So, when a need came up for a quick retrospective article, I decided to dust off a classic.  Which way do I go?  Turns out, when it comes to the final season of Supernatural, both! 

In order of airing, here are my choices!   

Let's have some fun. Remember fun? That's something we did all the time before a global pandemic made us all afraid, serious, grieving, intense people. I haven't had fun in a long time. I've relaxed. I've watched movies. I've gotten a lot of long term to-dos done around the house. But nonsense, "no purpose at all but to laugh" fun is something I haven't seen in close to two years. So we're due.

Here's your assignment: Think of the 5 most outrageously bad clothing choices donned during a Supernatural episode. The eye-catching attire could have been on a guest or recurring star, or a regular character, but it has to be something so awful, the mere sight of it threw you out of the scene! To be clear, this isn't meant to insult Supernatural's wardrobe department. Most of the time they got it right! But in 15 years, 327 episodes, you have to allow that there were a few times when they may have been rushed, or gotten bad cues from a director, or didn't have budget to run to the fabric store!

Author's Note: Catherine and I met through the "SupernaturalTFWNC" Facebook group I run, where she started posting some of her amazing diorama art. Then I found out Nightsky at The WFB also knew her, and somehow the idea was hatched that I'd do a holiday story for The WFB that incorporated Catherine's art. That was so much fun that we did a second story, and then a third (links at the end of the interview). Meanwhile, I invited Catherine to be a guest author in my group and talk about her inspiration for the diorama art concept. That interview, lightly edited, is what follows. I've had so much fun working with Catherine on the illustrated stories, and I'm thrilled to share them and this interview on The WFB. I'm certainly looking forward to more stories in the future!

This interview focuses on Catherine's most recent work creating Supernatural dioramas. Her beautiful portraits of Supernatural and other genre characters is showcased in Bettina Bier's interview, "Inspired by Supernatural: Drawings by Catcurl".

“We Need to Talk About Kevin” really should have been titled, “We need to talk about Sam and Dean.”  Things just didn’t feel right with them.  That was probably intentional, but given this was a highly anticipated season opener, it didn’t win many accolades from the masses. 

For the record, I loved season 8.  However, it was a weird time.  Expectations for the opener were really high.  Season 7 was a big disappointment and Sera Gamble decided it was time to move on, thus allowing fan favorite Jeremy Carver to return as showrunner after a 3 season absence.  Unfortunately, this premiere, written by him, didn’t deliver.  Not that it was a bad episode.  It did lay the ground work for season eight which eventually came out beautifully.  But patience was needed for that payoff.   This was not the episode that energized the fandom into a bold new era.  It felt disjointed and lost. 

Sam and Dean didn’t get off to a good start.  They had about two seconds of reunion complete with brotherly hug and everything went off the rails fast.  Why?  I speculate that Jeremy Carver, after being away for a while, did not come back the same writer or producer.  Jumping back onto this ship with a new writing team and lack of a smooth transition from the old regime had to be jarring.  He was left with a doozy of a cliffhanger with no planned way out.  When coming up with a creative direction, why wouldn’t the main characters feel off kilter after a year apart while their lives changed drastically because of their new life experiences?  It made sense, things shouldn’t be the same, but fans aren’t known to embrace change too well.   

SPN 0272
SPN 0273
(At least we got the hug)

One recurring theme of Walker is that no matter how bad it gets, people will be there to love and support you. This episode explores the other side of that … showing up honestly when those you love need you. One person who shows up even past his comfort zone is …

Another solid episode! Walker writers prove they can do it—now can they just please make the magic consistent? While "Sucker Punch" wasn’t quite as dramatic as the previous episode, it still had a solid plot that was the focus for most of the episode. Unlike last week, however, the teen drama had no connection to the main plot, contributed nothing to the story, and interrupted the flow/urgency of the action.

Captain James is back to work, wearing the ‘Sam Winchester’ arm sling. He gets a standing ovation from the Rangers upon his return, and Trey thanks James for protecting him.

“Sucker Punch” is an unexpected blow out of the blue. This aptly describes what happened to so many of Walker's characters this week. How one deals with life’s unexpected jolts depends on both one's personality and support network, and no one took more unexpected hits than…

The Morning After

Another surprise ending! Now I’m not sure if “Sucker Punch” referred only to characters within the story or if the title was also a warning to the audience about the unexpected twists in Walker’s season’s two saga! Honestly, I expected the Serano case would be the focal point of the entire year, but once again I was pleasantly surprised by the mercifully brisk pace of the story this year.