Here it is!  The last set of preview clips from season four.  I have 3 dramatic gems to share from this upcoming Thursday's "Lucifer Rising."

Before I share the episode description, and I want to send a HUGE thank you to Holly at Warner Brothers.  She has been a great friend to Supernatural bloggers like myself, and I'd like to give her at least part of the credit for helping season four be the huge success it has been.  She's the best PR person the show could have ever hoped for.  Thank you Holly, and I look forward to whatever is in store for season five. 

Okay, the summary:

Dealing with the aftermath of a newly created, crushing rift in their relationship, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) each race down a different path to try to stop the impending apocalypse from happening.  Guest stars Jim Beaver as Bobby, Genevieve Cortese as Ruby, Misha Collins as Castiel, Katherine Boecher as Lilith, Kurt Fuller as Zachariah and Rob Benedict as Chuck.  "Lucifer Rising" was written and directed by Eric Kripke.

Okay, the clips:

In a vain effort to try and get more user participation on this site, I kick off a new feature starting with tonight's episode, "When The Levee Breaks." It's simple, watch the episode, share your immediate thoughts. 
It's appropriate that I try something new like this on a night when the episode title comes from a Led Zeppelin tune. Back when Jimmy Page said he was going to carry on with a new band out of his old one, "The Yardbirds," and was considering calling it "The New Yardbirds," Keith Moon of The Who laughed at him, saying his new idea would go over like a "lead zeppelin." With that joke, a legendary band emerged.
So, the way I see it, the worse that can happen is this idea goes down in flames much like The Hindenberg did. I know there are obstacles, since there are about 800 other places to share your opinions, so I guess this becomes 801. Also, the large international contingent that visits this site won't be able to chime in at the earliest until tommorrow, but there's no time limit. Real time is not the goal here. Getting your first reaction is. 
Say one sentence, give a full fledged review, it's up to you! I'm pretty inarticulate after an episode, which is likely why my reviews don't come until three or four days later. I'll be here right after the episode to give my reaction, just don't be surprised if it consists of one word explicatives.
I only have two rules, be respectful of others opinions, and be constructive. Attacks and overly excessive whining will force me to do something I've never done of this site before, edit the comment! I'm a mod and I'm not afraid to exercise that power.
Happy episode everyone, and I really hope to see what you all think. After all, elle2 and I aren't the only ones with opinions! At least I think so.
You know, after going back and doing a careful re-watch for this recap, I really found myself being sucked in by Jimmy's sad story and Misha Collins' stunning performance. More so than the first two times I watched this. 

Jeremy Carver is the writer, Charles Besson the director. Since both are rather established on this show by now, I'll just state up front it's another well done effort on both parts. Of course, the acting is incredible. With that out of the way, let's get started.
It should be noted this has already been on blogcritics the last couple of days (since I have an agreement with them to post reviews there first).  I'm not sure how many only check out this site and how many check out both this and blogcritics, but here it is in case you missed it!  Also, full recap is coming within the hour.  I'm clearing my slate for tomorrow!
Rapture: spiritual or emotional ecstasy [Webster’s].
The Rapture: the removal of the church – God’s people – from the earth prior to the tribulation.
I’d say the only rapture we saw in this episode was Jimmy’s rapturous eating after having gone months without food. I’m sure Jensen appreciated not having to do this scene and I give high marks to Misha for pulling it off with such – uh, rapturous delight. I shared equally with Dean’s and Sam’s discomfit.
I normally don’t recap the “Then” segment, but seeing the Sam and John segments from “Dead Man’s Blood” felt pretty special. Also pretty special, Dean shooting clowns and Sam firing off that homemade flamethrower. They’re so pretty when they do that! 

I figure out rather quickly this is a Phil Sgriccia episode, before I even see the credits. No one does the creep factor better. A terrified woman, a nurse judging by the scrubs, runs up the stairs and down the hall, closing the door behind her. The camera shows the armoire next to her. Oh, I know lady, why don’t you move it in front of the door? It should glide nice and easy, yet still be heavy enough to keep the bad things out. 
Somehow, said nurse has read my subliminal thoughts, and does just that. Then she flops onto the bed, breathing heavily, trying hard to recover from her fright. Of course there’s a shot of her feet and ankles from under the bed, so we know what’s coming. Another long pause of suspense, woman starts to relax, and that’s when she’s yanked down by the ankles and is dragged under the bed. She fights, trying to grab onto a nearby end table, but that thing just isn’t as heavy as an armoire. She screams and disappears, and John Winchester’s picture falls to the floor. We have our teaser for the week! And I’m frightened to look under the bed again after all these years. 
This is a first of a two or three part series of what I call "Reality Check." There are too many misconceptions out there about the way things work in this sorry business known as Television, and I feel compelled to set the record straight. For the first part, I'll explain why no amount of fan activism will improve Supernatural's budget a great deal. TV, just like any other medium, is a business meant to make profit. When times are lean, costs get cut. Still, there's way more to this TV game than most understand. 
Go figure.  I relax and take it easy this weekend, then after spending an afternoon cursing at a keyboard, around dinnertime I proclaim with victory, "Eureka!  The review is done!"  I posted it for submission to blogcritics right away, feeling very proud over what fans are about to read.

Oh, but no, only two hours later, I get a message that blogcritics is getting ready to launch THIS EVENING their new total website redesign.  We have new submissions instructions, I have to update my profile, find a picture/icon, blah, blah, blah.  Needless to say, submissions are likely on hold.  Plus, being a person of the IT world for 17 years I know that website launches (or any application launch for that matter) never go smoothly.  So, the gist is, I have no freaking idea when this will get published there.  Sooooo, I'm breaking some rules, and posting it here first. 

If you notice, I have a new category just for reviews now.  Go ahead, read, share your thoughts, share with friends and check out the new poll at the margin that goes along with the latest episode.  Also check out elle2's review as well, for it's great.  Thanks everyone, and happy reading!
Jump the Shark
Nope, not yet. When a show jumps the shark, they’ve done something that has no meaning or sense in the overall premise of the show; Supernatural has not jumped the shark. Adam may be a third brother that I feared and frankly didn’t really want but I contend his life does nothing to alter my love of the show; actually it deepens my love as I want to know more. I’ll be candid; I don’t need to know more about Adam but I do need to know more about how Sam and Dean move forward with this new information. Mr. Kripke knows how to tell a very good story.