Updated 8/25

(8-25)  Dawn sent me some great Impala photos from various car shows she and her Dad have attended around Cincinnati and Dayton.

1962 white Impala SS

1968 red Impala 327 Wagon

1963 red Custom Convertible

Interior (Sweet!)

As a bonus, Dawn also shared her Impala minature collection, including the 1967 black one that came out with the Season Three DVDs.  She also has a 1994 miniature, which looks like her Dad's car.  Hey, I have that Supernatural shot glass!

Thank you so much Dawn for sharing!

Is good evil? Is evil good? Is it right to kill when it means you will avert some other disaster? 
I believe in moral absolutes. You need to know that because it frames how I write this article; sin is sin, murder is murder, right is right, wrong is wrong. Do I see the world in a black and white way…hmm, that’s a good question. I suppose one of my philosophy professors from years way in the past would be happy that I’m finally taking the time to formulate my own thoughts on that question. Yes, there are black and white, right or wrong choices in the world. It is wrong to kill someone, even when they are threatening your life that’s not to say I wouldn’t do it to save myself, it simply means I choose life over death and in so doing I killed someone else. Call it in self-defense – which it would qualify for in this hypothetical – it is still murder.
So, if I kill someone who is attempting to kill me thus saving my life while taking theirs, am I a bad person? In the eyes of the law it is debatable. Was there some other choice I could have made? Could I have escaped? Could I have only injured that person? I’m sure someone far more adept at debating could come up with more than those options but I’ll stop there. In the end the law might very well exonerate me, however, does that make me any less of a murderer? No. I still took a life, justified or not, I killed.
So, what’s the point of this depressing opening? Ah, glad you asked, I thought a little exploration into whether or not Sam and Dean are murderers would be fun. â€“ yes, I did say discussing murder would be fun, I’ll admit, I’m twisted; who out there is surprised? *crickets chirp madly away*
This idea sparked in my sick little brain while reading a rather passionate series of posts on another site from a fan who was concerned that Sam was now forever to be cast as a murderer and no longer redeemable as a hero because he is presumed to have killed the nurse in Lucifer Rising through drinking all her blood. This person was quite honestly stricken to think that Sam was forever to be a murderer and how could Kripke et al do that to this worthy character.
This time last year, rumblings in the fandom over Dean's supposed lack of character development got me in a tizzy, so I wrote an article, "A Deeper Look at Season Three Dean Winchester" for blogcritics in response to that misconception.  I eventually followed it up with one about Sam and they got some discussion going.  This year, all the rumblings seem to be over Sam's character, so I've decided to do a similiar analysis for season four and start with Sam.  There's a lot more to look at this year.  I guess a full 22 episode season will do that! 

So, get your meta hats on everyone and enjoy (or feel compelled to totally rip apart) "A Deeper Look At Season Four Sam Winchester." 
So I’m willing to go here, I know a lot of folks in the fandom don’t like Mr. Edlund, he’s too off the wall, he’s too ‘out there’ his scripts bring nothing to the overall storyline…he even likes the Ghostfacers AND he gave them a theme song.
Well, I love Ben Edlund’s writing. The man is brilliant and extremely talented.
For those of you who think the man is nothing but a hack that produces nothing but silly, insipid, bring nothing to the mytharc stories here’s the episodes the man has written in three seasons:
Simon Said
Hollywood Babylon
Bad Day At Black Rock
Malleus Maleficarum
Monster Movie
Wishful Thinking
On The Head of a Pin
This was a quick little game I did to kill five minutes at work today.  Is it sophmoric and arbitrary?  Sure, but hey, it works.  Rank the season four episodes in order from best to worst.  The stipulation, you must do it in five minutes.  No cheating!  Here's mine, and I did this in 4 minutes 40 seconds. 

1. On The Head Of A Pin
2. Lazarus Rising
3. The Monster At The End of This Book
4. Lucifer Rising
5. When The Levee Breaks
6. In The Beginning
7. Wishful Thinking
8. Yellow Fever
9. Death Takes A Holiday
10. Sex and Violence
11. I Know What You Did Last Summer
12. After School Special
13. Metamorphosis
14. Criss Angel Is A Douchebag
15. Are You There God It's Me Dean Winchester
16. It's The Great Pumpkin Sam Winchester
17. Monster Movie
18. It's A Terrible Life
19. The Rapture
20. Jump The Shark
21. Heaven and Hell
22. Family Remains

Go ahead, tell me how wrong I am.  However, if you disagree with #22, something's wrong with you! 

I'm proud to share another article from another new guest.  Mae sent me a great piece called "Supernatural's Family Dynamics."  She's a psych student, so it comes with citations. This can also be found on her livejournal, http://maebandy.livejournal.com/.  As usual with guest posters, if you feel like sharing, do not repost.  Share the link to here or to Mae's livejournal. 

(For #8, 9 and 10, go here:  http://tinyurl.com/lncws9)
(For #4, 5, 6, and 7 go here: 

#3 - The Kids Are Alright
So why is this number 3? Because out of all the rooms, this is the most flamboyant and the most over the top. It’s also the most outrageous to see the boys in. It has the very regal style common around the ages of Louis IX, a style that has you going “WTF?” the second you see Winchesters in the middle of it. I’m also trying for the life of me to figure out what that theme has to do with the “Cicero Pines” and the southwestern stucco exterior. Why would a farm town with no tall pine trees in Indiana, or traces of early French settlers, have something so extreme like that?   At least have something that outrageous and not have it featured on the Travel Channel. 
(For part one, go here! http://tinyurl.com/lncws9).

#7 – It’s The Great Pumpkin Sam Winchester
Sam finally gets to meet an angel for the first time. He’s blown away and so honored, he holds out his hand to a puzzled Castiel. Instead of me watching with fascination over this awkward moment, I’m blown away by the visual of this very strange motel room. The green couch, royal purple bedspreads, gold curtains, brown walls and that red and green checkered floor! The TV looks like something from the Smithsonian too. Are those seascape pictures on the wall? How about green lamp and the white textured lighting fixtures?  What the hell is that pattern in the light grey or purplish wallpaper?  My internet searches couldn’t come up with a name or décor.  Hot mess probably.
(Note From Alice - My apologies for not posting this yesterday when the 12 week mark happened, but our IP took the site down for server maintenance last night.  Better late than never!). 


Hellatus Check; the twelve-week mark:
Perhaps I should call it Hellatus Check, only five weeks left – yeah, that sounds and reads so much better. Can you believe it, only five weeks left to Season 5 of Supernatural? Eric Kripke recently stated he had no belief that the show would ever go five seasons, we’re in good company when we pause in amazement and disbelief that it is almost here, Season 5.