Updated 8/4

These are links to videos in the press room that were given as part of the comments. I thought it would be best to put them all in one place.

These are from angel:




These are from Simon:



(This is my favorite.  Why?  Look at the redhead with the teal shirt in the background on the left introducing herself at the other table to Sera Gamble.  Guess who???)

Me in pressroom  



I had the pleasure of meeting some wonderful bloggers in the press rooms at Comic Con.  One of them was Annalee Newitz with i09.com, who was there with me in both the Fringe and Supernatural press rooms.  She ended up at another table in the Supernatural press room and in her article shares some wonderful info I didn't get to hear at my table.  For another totally refreshing point of view, I suggest checking out this article.


Ben Edlund worked his way over after Kripke, and this guy is every bit as wild in person as is his writing. His comments were definitely out there, but he was really fun to listen to. He was more clear in this interview though than I’ve heard him in others, and he behaved himself by not giving away things. Sadly, I didn’t get in a question for Ben. Of course, once the teddy bear got out of the way first, that pretty much killed my question list. 

Jim Beaver came over with his trademark ballcap and black t-shirt with off the wall saying. This time it said, “I do my own stunts.” We all exchanged greetings, we’re fine, he’s okay.  Below is the roundtable exchange, and as usual, I’ll identify which questions/comments came from me.

Sera Gamble came over to our table and considering I've emailed her a few times and conducted two interviews, an introduction was going to happen. No publicist on a schedule was going to ruin that. I leaned over and told her right off the bat I was getting my fan girl moment out of the way. I introduced myself, and refreshingly she knew who I was. Furthermore, she was actually pleased to meet me. So, I everything else after that was just a bonus.  (Sorry for the blurry picture.  It was the best I got.) 

Our roundtable time with Misha Collins was the least, only about four minutes. Still, we got some great sound bites regarding his recent nasty bicycle accident, being pranked in season five by Jared, and how Castiel has taken up crochet. And is learning how to ride a bicycle. As usual, SPOILER ALERT!!!!!

The Supernatural press room at the San Diego Comic con this morning was pretty full, so much so they divided us into two rooms. The video media got one room, print got the other. In previous press rooms, video got the front of the room and print the back. There were 4 tables of 10 journalists each, and everyone went around Round Robin style to answer our questions for a set period of time. 
I was a freaking nervous wreck while waiting.  I couldn't believe I was actually there.  Reality hit soon as first up at our table was none other than the Master genius himself. Eric Kripke sat down and as we all pushed our recorders in front of him, he joked how it was like the president, only he was far less important.  Not in my world buddy. 
I fired away with the first question, because unlike other press rooms this was my bread and butter show and the main reason I flew 2200 miles. I wasn't gonna let the other media push me completely out of this one. Sadly it was the only question I got in, but that's far better than what I got in other Q & A's. All in all, I was thrilled with the caliber of questions and answers.   
Below is a loose transcript of that round table session.  As a subtle warning, MAJOR SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!

OMFG!!!  I'm so on freaking cloud nine right now!  I just spent the last two hours of my existence in the Supernatural press room and panel.  I got 5 -10 roundtable interviews recorded from Eric Kripke, Ben Edlund, Jim Beaver, Sera Gamble, and Misha Collins.  I also got front row VIP seating in the panel, and saw a five minute clip from the season premiere.  There will be tons of detail coming later, but here's a few nuggets I got from both.  (SPOILER ALERT!!!)

So, I was sitting at one of the press tables in the Chuck press room, waiting for all the video interviews to finish so us print media in the back could get a chance to talk to people, when I looked over in the corner and saw standing by himself of all people Robert Duncan McNeill!  He wasn't part of the panel, and was obviously there as a show of support since he's a Supervising Producer for the show and has directed several episodes. 
Who's he you ask?  I of course know this man's career, being a huge Star Trek fan. He played Tom Paris on Star Trek Voyager. Since then he's gone onto a great directing and producing career in TV, doing a good number of shows, including an episode with a brand new show in 2005 on The WB called Supernatural. That episode was a landmark one, "Skin."  
I first went over and introduced myself and the hubby as huge fans of his work, ones that are always pointing out to each other when Robert Duncan McNeil is directing another show (not to mention a few of the hubby's geek friends). Then, in a flash of brilliance, I pulled out my audio recorder and identified myself as administrator of The Winchester Family Business with a specific question for the readers of my site. I got a 2 1/2 minute conversation of pure gold. 
In picking what article to go out with before our Comic Con induced hiatus, there was one thing that was nagging me for so long it just could no longer be ignored. Pouring through all the clips and pictures of my vast collection, I set out to uncover the mystery. I'm talking about the enigma known as Sam Winchester's hair. 
Just like Sam, his hair has been wandering from place to place, never finding a real purpose in this world. We have to wonder if Dean's consistent clean cut look and Sam's ever changing mess is a reflection of the paths their characters have taken. Nah, I'm reading way too much into that. Still, hair doesn't lie. Let's go through the seasons and see if there's any plausibility to that theory.