I'd forgotten how awesome season 2 is, deals and deaths, grief and guilt, Sam possessed, Dean shot, Sam immune, Dean dreaming, werewolves and clowns, zombies and alligators - although not zombie alligators, the Trickster, a shapeshifter, Gordon and Henricksen, Ellen, Jo and Ash, and the inimitable Bobby Singer.
Season 2 builds on the foundation of season 1 and along the way deepens the mystery, develops the characters and is just plain awesome. The music is superb, there are so many episodes that could, should and do rank as significant and very few clunkers to be found. Here we go!
Once again the rules (or guidelines) for these seasonal journeys!
  1. These are episodes that set something in motion that we see in other episodes.
  2. These are episodes that changed the course of a character's thinking or even their journey as we know them.
  3. These are episodes that catapult the understanding of the story forward, likely because they delve into the past and explain, really explain, a lot.
  4. These are episodes that make me marvel at the depth and the quality of the writing staff.
(I cut and pasted it from Season One's journey, so no need to check if they've been altered so far, they have not.)
As the title says, four weeks – we’ve made the four-week mark! Everyone, give yourselves a pat on the back…four weeks down.
I thought I’d do some periodic Hellatus Checks just to, you know, check how everyone is doing. For me this is – well, as Meg said. “Hell.” Sure, I’m enjoying watching (gorging) all of Season 1, Season 2, Season 3, Season 4 – and who of you back in 2005/2006 would have imagined there would be this many seasons to list? I know I didn’t; then again I only started watching February of 2008, so that doesn’t count. 
By demand, plus boredom this afternoon at work, I present the season two awards. You know, the awards I would have handed out at the end of season two if I was actually blogging AND watching the show. Better late than never I always say. 
The season two awards are particularly challenging. One single event easily takes many of these categories. It was that earth shattering. You know which one I'm talking about. So, except for the Best Winchester Death category (since Dean was technically only on life support), Sam dying in Dean's arms will be disqualified from all categories other than that one.     
So, here we go, the best, worst, and whatever of season two. 
The Music, Season 2:
In My Time Of Dying
The recap comes to "Stranglehold", and since Carry On, Wayward Son hadn't yet become 'THE' music, it seems right. In fact, every season premier has been different, Season 3 opened to "Hell's Bells" by AC/DC and Season 4 to "You Shook Me All Night Long," again, by AC/DC (Note from Alice: "Hell's Bells" was WAY cooler). I'm cool with that, for it's the finales that I need the comfort of Carry On, Wayward Son.
"Stranglehold" by Ted Nugent
Okay, someone asked me what the inside joke was on "Heaven and Hell," which came during Dean's sex scene with Anna.  The windows fogged up, and a hand could be seen sliding down the window, a la the film Titanic.  The reason it was an inside joke?  I'll just show you the pictures, which I was finally able to find.  You'll be on the floor in laughter in no time. Of course, you might have already seen this, since I'm six months too late showing this.  I hope Jensen fired his agent after this.   

Here's a rare treat at The Winchester Family Business.  We have a guest columnist!  Faellie posted this on her livejournal site and was kind enough to share it with me.  Then, she was even kinder to let me repost it here.  Yes, its that good.  The title will certainly catch you.  A disclaimer that I make with guest posters is to please not repost this elsewhere.  Please provide a link to either this page or at http://shopstewardess.livejournal.com/618.html.

Thanks much Faellie, and I'm curious to read everyone's thoughts. 

Writers of Supernatural:
Series articles seem to be my thing this Hellatus, The Road So Far Series, compilations of each season and their accompanying music, there will be Hellatus checks throughout – if nothing else than my sanity needs a check, I’m working on the journeys of the boys along the lines of Is Sam Too Stupid to Live and How Dumb is Dean [clunky title no doubt but the title does tell you what the article(s) intend to explore] and now…because Hellatus is long…I’m gonna do some quickie articles on the writers of our beloved show.
These are not likely to be deeply complex, mind-blowing journeys of literary brilliance…I’m not Bardicvoice after all – she so rocks! But they are simply meant to take a look at the writers who have shaped the series and prick your minds and memories of the series thus far. So, this is the first in however many I manage to put together and they are completely meant to spark some discussion and sharing of thoughts and opinions, so I hope you have some fun with them.
#5 Dean bangs an angel in the back seat of the Impala "“ "Heaven and Hell"
So, why is this not higher? For one, it plays a really awful Bad Company song (I know I'm in the minority), and while it's great to see Dean covet a holy one in no other place than the back set of the treasured third main character, Dean and Anna's chemistry seem a bit off. Anna and Castiel, now I expect some fireworks! I know, Suze has her zombie alligators, I have my hot angel sex. The hand sliding down the fogged up window? I know that was an inside joke, but man did that bother me. Still, the bottom line, Dean and hot sex in the back of the Impala.  That's all that's required. At least this time it didn't involve a racist truck.  
Also, this could be REALLY wrong of me, but Dean's sex scenes are so loving, soft and intimate, while Sam really loves it rough.  So, you think the romantic in me would go with the tender stuff. No, I guess when it comes to watching, the rougher the better.  Go figure.


I was working on the top ten (or maybe twelve who knows) baddies list, and while pouring through the long list of possible candidates during a break at work, my warped mind I wrote down a hot Winchester moment instead. Then I ended up writing down ten of them. Next thing I know I'm ranking and coming up with witty comments about each one. Thus, in no time, an unplanned top ten list was born. Ah, the strange times that inspiration strikes. 
So, as an impromptu treat, I present the Top Ten Supernatural Gratuitous Moments. Today is moments 6 "“ 10 (plus an honorable mention), and tomorrow I'll present 1-5. Some of these moments will have clips, but others are best served with a single screenshot at the ideal spot that says it all.  And then some.