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Hellatus Check; the twelve-week mark:
Perhaps I should call it Hellatus Check, only five weeks left – yeah, that sounds and reads so much better. Can you believe it, only five weeks left to Season 5 of Supernatural? Eric Kripke recently stated he had no belief that the show would ever go five seasons, we’re in good company when we pause in amazement and disbelief that it is almost here, Season 5.
Yes, now that the excitement of Comic Con has passed, I'm writing up random lists at work while bored.  By popular demand (both of you!), I present The Top Ten Motel Rooms of Supernatural.  There's no real criteria here, just that they stand out. 

I'm proud to share something from another guest columnist.  This time it's elle, frequent commenter and huge supporter of this site. 

Before I post elle's wonderful piece, "Why I love Supernatural," I wanted to announce that elle is also the winner of the Countdown Clock Graphic contest for July.  If you notice the new graphic that's been gracing our countdown clock for the last couple of days, it comes from the awesome creative skills of elle.  Thanks so much for the great graphic!  BTW, elle submitted two graphics, so watch for her other one to be proudly displayed in a few weeks. 

Here's another fantastic analysis from Faellie about season four and the influence of angels and demons.  I send my sincere thanks to her in allowing us to sharing another worthwhile read.


This is a look back over what has been learnt about the major players in Season 4 of Supernatural, and some speculation as to what might be to come.   It's spoiler free "“ which does mean that some of the speculation could already have been overtaken, and other things missed.

Part I: Dramatis personae

The angels in heaven

Angels are "the armies of heaven" and "warriors of God" (Castiel in Are you There God, It's Me Dean Winchester).  We don't know how many angels there are, although Castiel says "Our numbers are not unlimited."   Castiel tells us that six angels died during the events of AYTGIMDW, and seven deaths, all from the same garrison as Castiel, Uriel and Anna, started off the events of On The Head Of A Pin. In On The Head Of A Pin, Alistair says of Lilith "She wouldn't kill seven angels. She'd kill a hundred, a thousand". 

(This is a spoiler free essay about my experiences covering Supernatural at Comic Con. Spoilerphobes need not worry, no season five giveaways here.)
Sunday morning as I waited outside press room 1B at the Comic Con, sitting still was a little tough. Sure, blaming the extra large (sorry, Venti!) Starbucks could have worked, if I had one. Yeah, I skipped the java that morning. Who needed caffeine when I was coasting on a pure adrenaline rush? In a half hour, I was going to be part of the Supernatural press session. 
Sure, I traveled 2200 miles primarily for this one hour event, but getting through this would be easy, right? It was another thrilling moment in a long line of others I've had since I started blogging about this amazing show 16 months ago. This would be just another press event, another chance for me to talk with brilliant minds about their magnificent creation, right? RIGHT?? I asked myself again when my inner voice failed to answer.   
Malleus Maleficarum:
I know many people do not like this episode, I do. It's not great, I grant you that but it is quite critical to the overall arc. MM cause that's way easier to spell introduces the concept of a new up and coming demon, enlightens us that all demons were once human repeating a theme for Dean's characterization and shows the masterfulness of Ruby's strategy. It also has some rock music (always good especially in light of the tightening financial constraints on the show), gives us some good Dean/Sam angst and was directed by Robert Singer, a favorite director of mine of this show, second only to Kim.
I've summed it up mostly above but I'll expand on one part here, the part where I suggest that there's a repetitious theme for Dean, here it's the idea that eventually Dean will become a demon. In In My Time Of Dying the fear or reality was that Dean would become an angry spirit if he didn't leave with Tessa. That's twice that Dean has been faced with becoming what he hates/hunts. Interesting that Sam is faced with the same reality as Dean, they're different, they're subtle (more so here) but both brothers face that future. Just noting that.  (Note from Alice:  I absolutely love the closing shot on this one.  Dean gets the shocking news, the camera pulls away and it's just him isolated in the parking lot, with only the Impala there.  The old girl is watching out for him.)

Season three is when I started watching Supernatural, Mystery Spot to be exact. I'd been on some spoiler lists or e-mail lists and had seen constant queries for information on Supernatural and had gotten irritated by how much time was ˜wasted' by people for this show , then I found it. Now I get it.
Season three is an awesome season, in parts, in other parts it's sorta not so much. Looking back on it I can see where elements or themes were worked in and had there not been such a lengthy break in the season and the reduction of six episodes, I think this season would have evened out and been superb. Compression was a real problem and thus as a whole this season starts weak, builds, has several awesome episodes in a row that are fabulous, sputters and ends high.
Without further rambling, I present The Road So Far, Season 3.

I've never been one to find anything involving Hitler funny, okay, maybe "Springtime With Hitler" in The Producers, but after the crazy few days we've had here with all the negative comments with the Comic Con posts, this is just too good.  Way too good.  Scary accurate good.  There is a person out there with a more twisted sense of humor than me.

Thanks Lindsay for the link!
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These are links to videos in the press room that were given as part of the comments. I thought it would be best to put them all in one place.

These are from angel:




These are from Simon:



(This is my favorite.  Why?  Look at the redhead with the teal shirt in the background on the left introducing herself at the other table to Sera Gamble.  Guess who???)

Me in pressroom  



I had the pleasure of meeting some wonderful bloggers in the press rooms at Comic Con.  One of them was Annalee Newitz with i09.com, who was there with me in both the Fringe and Supernatural press rooms.  She ended up at another table in the Supernatural press room and in her article shares some wonderful info I didn't get to hear at my table.  For another totally refreshing point of view, I suggest checking out this article.