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Thanks much Faellie, and I'm curious to read everyone's thoughts. 

Writers of Supernatural:
Series articles seem to be my thing this Hellatus, The Road So Far Series, compilations of each season and their accompanying music, there will be Hellatus checks throughout – if nothing else than my sanity needs a check, I’m working on the journeys of the boys along the lines of Is Sam Too Stupid to Live and How Dumb is Dean [clunky title no doubt but the title does tell you what the article(s) intend to explore] and now…because Hellatus is long…I’m gonna do some quickie articles on the writers of our beloved show.
These are not likely to be deeply complex, mind-blowing journeys of literary brilliance…I’m not Bardicvoice after all – she so rocks! But they are simply meant to take a look at the writers who have shaped the series and prick your minds and memories of the series thus far. So, this is the first in however many I manage to put together and they are completely meant to spark some discussion and sharing of thoughts and opinions, so I hope you have some fun with them.
#5 Dean bangs an angel in the back seat of the Impala "“ "Heaven and Hell"
So, why is this not higher? For one, it plays a really awful Bad Company song (I know I'm in the minority), and while it's great to see Dean covet a holy one in no other place than the back set of the treasured third main character, Dean and Anna's chemistry seem a bit off. Anna and Castiel, now I expect some fireworks! I know, Suze has her zombie alligators, I have my hot angel sex. The hand sliding down the fogged up window? I know that was an inside joke, but man did that bother me. Still, the bottom line, Dean and hot sex in the back of the Impala.  That's all that's required. At least this time it didn't involve a racist truck.  
Also, this could be REALLY wrong of me, but Dean's sex scenes are so loving, soft and intimate, while Sam really loves it rough.  So, you think the romantic in me would go with the tender stuff. No, I guess when it comes to watching, the rougher the better.  Go figure.


I was working on the top ten (or maybe twelve who knows) baddies list, and while pouring through the long list of possible candidates during a break at work, my warped mind I wrote down a hot Winchester moment instead. Then I ended up writing down ten of them. Next thing I know I'm ranking and coming up with witty comments about each one. Thus, in no time, an unplanned top ten list was born. Ah, the strange times that inspiration strikes. 
So, as an impromptu treat, I present the Top Ten Supernatural Gratuitous Moments. Today is moments 6 "“ 10 (plus an honorable mention), and tomorrow I'll present 1-5. Some of these moments will have clips, but others are best served with a single screenshot at the ideal spot that says it all.  And then some.   
Season Four Highlights/Lowlights and other stuff:
Just ‘cause I felt like dabbling in the fun of this, I present you a quick, random, somewhat thought out at other times purely emotional response to season four. 
In no way is this completely encompassing of the entire season (I think that’s three words to say the same thing – you get the point, right?)

Sure, it only took six months of unfulfilled promises, but in honor of elle2's season one articles of late, I bring you a long deserved episode recap of "Home." 
I'll just say it right now, this is one of my all time favorite episodes. It was the episode that sucked me in for good after doubts emerged from watching "Hookman" and "Bugs". The episode isn't thick on plot, but very hefty in emotion and so well played by all. We meet Missouri Mosely, psychic extraordinaire, and get to see both Winchester parents. Plus, it really jump starts Sam's mytharc and kicks off a bit of speculation that hampers us all the way to season four.

8/1 update - Bumping every time there's something new to report.  Go to the last page for the latest.

Tigershire has joked a few times on this site that she visualizes Sam and Dean retiring from hunting in Victoria, BC and starting a winery and/or art gallery.  While the vision of the boys carefully selecting grapes and holding tasting parties for their newest batches for the season makes me break out into giggles, it seems that Tigershire has proof!  

Okay maybe not, but these pictures are fun nonetheless.  Anyone have pictures of businesses, towns, counties, anything with the name "Winchester?"  Send your photos and I'd be more than proud to share them on this site.  For example, I know there's a Winchester, Maryland.  Anyone close enough to get a town sign? 

The Music, Season One, a Companion to: The Road So Far series:
Since we're working hard to make this a 'go to' spot for many, and I have to actually GO to work many days of the week and NOT write articles, I thought I'd introduce some 'lighter fare' in between some of the meatier courses. [I wonder if it's because I'm hungry right now that I'm going for food metaphors.]
Seeing how many people have commented that my first article in this series has made them nostalgic [my word] for the episodes past, I thought I'd post a little something, something that gives us the music of episodes past. By no means is this an exhaustive presentation of the music and no doubt my daring to tread into these emotional waters may leave some cold, but I go anyway [I'm silly that way]. 
Admittedly, I'm no classic rock aficionado, nor am I some new age music fan. I grew up with an older brother who was very into Metallica and Aerosmith and Kansas and Van Halen and Bon Jovi [who rocks, on occasion] and many, many others "“ Kiss, Foreigner, and ohmygosh there's a really, really big one that I'm totally missing so hopefully big bro doesn't read this [he won't, he has no idea I write anything other than stuff for work] "“ where was I? 
*Starting a new paragraph*, so, anyway, I grew up listening to much of the music that Eric Kripke puts in the show (and yes, I'm a better person for it) but I don't know a lot of 'stuff' about the music. I just know what I like, what makes me think, cheer, tear, laugh, sigh, feel really nostalgic, gloomy [in a good way] or that makes me hit the rewind button again and again and again"¦and one more time [that never gets old, hee!]
What I put in here for each season will be those songs that really stood out for me, either they set a tone for an episode or a scene, they identified a character or a memory, or frankly were just really, really cool. You may be amazed at what isn't in this list for Season 1 but, to be sure, it will show up in a later season, I just don't want to overdo it [I mean, it's not chocolate, so it won't go bad if it hangs around a little longer]
Here we go, Season one music and accompanying clips; just a little something to enjoy whilst I get back to work on something a bit beefier (darn, and I'm eating chicken again tonight). My round up of Season 4 is coming soon, not a part of the Road So Far series, and I'm well underway in writing Season 2, a part of the Road So Far series, but for now, settle back, turn up your speakers and enjoy"¦.

I got super bored at work yesterday and found a fun way to kill time.  All it took was flipping through the season three pages at, and an afternoon of amusement was born.   I spent hours fondly recollecting moments from this past season, and somehow ended up taking notes.  So, below are my awards for season three of Supernatural.  Keep in mind these categories are random and don’t follow any type of clear thought process.  Work and thought aren’t usually compatible in my case.