By popular demand (okay more like a tiny amount of chatter led by a Brit with an alligator obsession - just kidding Suze!), I present the latest top ten list, The Top Ten Supernatural Antagonists. 
I hestiate to call them villains, because this show prides itself on blurring that fine line between good and evil. These sometimes ambiguous often deliberate baddies (or nasties as some call them) fall into one of three categories. First there's the faceless ghosts, spirits and other creatures that are more scary behind the scenes doing their bidding than when they actually surface. You know, the ones we could care less about. 
Second are "the big bads," aka the ones that surface multiple times with the main purpose of wreaking havoc on the Winchester mission statement. Those will have a presence. 
Then there's a smaller third category, which involves those interesting characters making one time appearances that actually make villainy fun. They also have made this list, but it’s stunning to see how few there are out of 82 episodes. Also after shuffling through the possibilities, one surprise made the list, ranking pretty high. I'm sure you'll know it when you see it. 

Yes, Top Ten Villains/Baddies/Nasties starts tomorrow.  I promise!

In the meantime, Bethany was kind enough to let me repost a wonderful list she put on her livejournal of the ten episodes a new fan should see to get familiar with the show.  I admire her ability to pick just ten!  As usual with guest posters, do not repost any of this.  Either link to this site or to Bethany's livejournal at

Thanks again Bethany for letting me share this, and enjoy everyone!  Do you agree with the choices? 

My next season one selection for recapping is a bit of a surprise for me. This is not one of my favorites. However, this episode, much like "Home" ends up being important for season four. By going through the exercise of a recap, maybe I would appreciate it better. We'll see.

It should be noted this is the first solo delivery of the writing team of Raelle Tucker and Sera Gamble. Sera especially uses this episode as her blueprint for further developing Dean's faith issues, so it's a vital piece of work. It also showcases just how far Dean has come in terms of faith. So, for your recapping enjoyment, I present "Faith."

Hunted: So you didn't like Gordon before,now you can really dislike him. Not only does he shoot at Sam, he beats Dean up, sets a trap to blow Sam up, not once but twice, and makes it clear he's got Roadhouse connections as well. I'm sure Alice will have something to say about his choice of wheels, but not being a car person, I can't even tell you what color it is. I do like his weapons rig though,nifty.
Season two is nothing if not intense for significant episodes and as such Hunted joins IMTOD, Bloodlust, Simon Said, Crossroad Blues and Croatoan on the list of significants for the season,and there are more to come.
Hunted gives us another glimpse at the differences of Sam and Dean, similar to the likes of Scarecrow, Salvation and Devil's Trap Sam and Dean have a difference of opinion. Sam's determination to follow his own course of action repeats what we saw in Scarecrow and another middle of the night (or dark of night) exit on Dean, the difference is this time he tacitly agreed to give Dean some more time, after Dean pleaded with him. Well, technically Sam did give Dean more time,he left him behind. 
I'd forgotten how awesome season 2 is, deals and deaths, grief and guilt, Sam possessed, Dean shot, Sam immune, Dean dreaming, werewolves and clowns, zombies and alligators - although not zombie alligators, the Trickster, a shapeshifter, Gordon and Henricksen, Ellen, Jo and Ash, and the inimitable Bobby Singer.
Season 2 builds on the foundation of season 1 and along the way deepens the mystery, develops the characters and is just plain awesome. The music is superb, there are so many episodes that could, should and do rank as significant and very few clunkers to be found. Here we go!
Once again the rules (or guidelines) for these seasonal journeys!
  1. These are episodes that set something in motion that we see in other episodes.
  2. These are episodes that changed the course of a character's thinking or even their journey as we know them.
  3. These are episodes that catapult the understanding of the story forward, likely because they delve into the past and explain, really explain, a lot.
  4. These are episodes that make me marvel at the depth and the quality of the writing staff.
(I cut and pasted it from Season One's journey, so no need to check if they've been altered so far, they have not.)
As the title says, four weeks – we’ve made the four-week mark! Everyone, give yourselves a pat on the back…four weeks down.
I thought I’d do some periodic Hellatus Checks just to, you know, check how everyone is doing. For me this is – well, as Meg said. “Hell.” Sure, I’m enjoying watching (gorging) all of Season 1, Season 2, Season 3, Season 4 – and who of you back in 2005/2006 would have imagined there would be this many seasons to list? I know I didn’t; then again I only started watching February of 2008, so that doesn’t count. 
By demand, plus boredom this afternoon at work, I present the season two awards. You know, the awards I would have handed out at the end of season two if I was actually blogging AND watching the show. Better late than never I always say. 
The season two awards are particularly challenging. One single event easily takes many of these categories. It was that earth shattering. You know which one I'm talking about. So, except for the Best Winchester Death category (since Dean was technically only on life support), Sam dying in Dean's arms will be disqualified from all categories other than that one.     
So, here we go, the best, worst, and whatever of season two. 
The Music, Season 2:
In My Time Of Dying
The recap comes to "Stranglehold", and since Carry On, Wayward Son hadn't yet become 'THE' music, it seems right. In fact, every season premier has been different, Season 3 opened to "Hell's Bells" by AC/DC and Season 4 to "You Shook Me All Night Long," again, by AC/DC (Note from Alice: "Hell's Bells" was WAY cooler). I'm cool with that, for it's the finales that I need the comfort of Carry On, Wayward Son.
"Stranglehold" by Ted Nugent
Okay, someone asked me what the inside joke was on "Heaven and Hell," which came during Dean's sex scene with Anna.  The windows fogged up, and a hand could be seen sliding down the window, a la the film Titanic.  The reason it was an inside joke?  I'll just show you the pictures, which I was finally able to find.  You'll be on the floor in laughter in no time. Of course, you might have already seen this, since I'm six months too late showing this.  I hope Jensen fired his agent after this.