So, you want to know how psyched elle was over this episode?  She sent me a review at 3:14 am this morning!  (Sorry, I usually check email after I get home from work).  I read it over and love it!  It's also her longest review yet. She was definitely running on some inspiration. 

This is a good way to start for I'm hoping to share some deep analysis on this one this weekend.  There's so much to discuss in the terms of Gabriel, angels, destiny vs. free will, Sam and Dean and their man pain, etc.  So let's see what gets sparked.  In the meantime, enjoy the review!


Thoughts on Changing Channels
First “ confession time. I skipped my night class so that I could watch this episode. *hangs head* Okay, that isn't entirely true. I was actually sick and being home on a Thursday night before 11 for the first time in two months was just a fringe benefit. On to the long, long review - my longest to date - now. The only way to tackle this episode is scene by rich-hilarious scene. Right away, this demanded an instant second (third and fourth) watch because “ how could I not?
The Teaser/Sitcom
Supernatural is filmed before a live studio audience. I wish there was a live studio audience -  I'd kill to be in it! Jensen's expressions in this segment were gold.  The best part? Son of a bitch! This opening sequence was so cheesy but oh-so good. The ostentatious decor and the off-screen audience that laughs at everything are delightfully comical.
The Opening Credits
Oh dear god, I thought I was going to die from laughter. How much fun do you think the boys had doing that tandem bike ride shot? And if I'm not mistaking, those mini-bikes are their own in real life.
It's episode day!  Finally, everyone gets to see the incredible episode I did six days ago.  I have to admit, given the amount of media people that were included in that preview, I'm a little disappointed that there's so pre-show buzz about "Changing Channels" at the major media outlets today.  I hope people don't miss out because of that. 

Okay, for those that are impatient, I'm sharing a spoiler.  It is written below in the same font as the background.  It shares a plot twist, but no major plot twists.  Just a little something more to wet the appetite until you can see the episode.  Highlight at your own risk!

In the Dr. Sexy MD show, Sam is forced to perform lifesaving surgery on Dean after he's shot for real (not funny).  The funny part happens over Sam's improvising skills during the surgery.     

Okay, that's it!.  Happy episode everyone and I really hope I didn't overhype this.  I have a feeling you won't be disappointed. 
Ah, the polarizing stand alone episode. You know, going through this one in detail, I did come up with some nitpicks I hadn't noticed before. I still loved it though. So let's get started.

First, there's no "Now" segment, which instantly tells us this episode runs long. I have no objections whatsoever. The past couple episodes have been kind of short. It starts right away with the Monster of the Week teaser, so I'll skim through this since it's basically a young dude turning old and dying. However, it does open with some amusement. The wife is sitting on the couch reading The Weekly World News. How cool to see that come back to the show, especially since it's no longer being published for real. She's smiling over what she's reading and the cover says "Leading Psychics Agree: The Apocalypse Is Here! Experts Confirm the End is Upon Us!" There's also a few citizens there in a small town in Colorado that will back up those experts too. It's great to see the apocalypse get a laugh.

Anyway, husband rushes in, goes into the bathroom, ages quickly and dies from old age. Wife puts down her Weekly World News, finds him and screams. There's our teaser. Enjoy the title card this week, because when you see the one in the next episode, you're gonna die.
(From Alice): I have elle's fantastic review for "The Curious Case of Dean Winchester."  Considering this is especially a polarizing episode, its always good to get another great point of view and she gives a good one.  

And now for elle's review.

Thoughts on The Curious Case of Dean Winchester
So, it was my intention to have this review done sometime on Friday. I came home Thursday night after class, watched my Supernatural tape, made my notes and even got part way through the second viewing when - BAM! There's life, knocking at my door. One of these weeks I swear I am actually going to have the review done in a timely fashion. Now, moving on"¦.
Episode seven. How in the heck have eight weeks already flown by since the beginning of season five? I'm thunderstruck that we're one third of the way through the fifth season. And as far as episodes go? This one was way up there on the Loved-It! meter.  The episode begins with a lovely shot of Weekly World News, headlining that the apocalypse is here. You don't say. Additionally, for the third consecutive week, the show is sticking to the tried and true MOTW teaser. It seems that we are sticking to this one for while now and I'm kind of happy to be returning to days of old. recently posted their 10 Favorite TV Cars in the history of TV.  All the greats are there, The General Lee, Kitt, The Batmobile but one car, only one, from a still running series made the list.  Yep, guess who?  The ranking was respectabilty high too.;gumball;1
The timing of this article couldn't have been better, for Karen sent me her latest poem about none other than our favorite classic car.  So, with pride I present Karen's "Ode To The Metallicar"

Ode to the Metallicar
Oh! There she is all black and sleek
The shine of her chrome, adds to her mystique.
She takes to the open road with such grace and ease.
Brining all other takers down to their knees.
Her 327 engine roars with delight.
And her beauty is mesmerizing under the moonlight.
She’s a four door hardtop that stands out in the streets.
With her tan interior and black custom seats.
She has a false bottom trunk where the weaponry is concealed.
As we can’t have the authorities having this revealed.
And although she was once douched up with an IPOD adapter.
This matter was resolved and she has put it past her.
She’s been on many adventures with the beloved Winchester brothers.
Fighting supernatural entities for the protection of others.
She has been standing guard while they slept and ate.
Has listened to their laughter, their talks and debates.
She even survived along with them, after a demons wrath.
When he sent out a semi to intercept their path.
And with Love and devotion she was fully restored.
To once again tour the streets that she always adored.
To the brothers she’s been more than just transportation.
She has been their friend, their home and their salvation.


This is for MyMadWorld, who reminded me that I did let something slide.  I should have done this a while ago, but things got REALLY crazy after Comic Con and I figured everyone had heard this quote from the Comic Con panel.  Apparently a few had not so I dug out my video of the panel and found this quote when a fan asked him about "The Monster At The End of This Book."  This is exactly how that episode came to be, why they like doing meta episodes, and why more are on the way.  I know for a fact episode 5.09 is a meta episode.  

From the words of the Master: 

(The Monster At The End of This Book) was Nancy Weiner’s who is our writer's assistant, it was her idea, totally, it didn't come from any of our heads. She showed up one day and wanted to do a stranger than fiction episode in which Sam and Dean find out that they’re characters in a book. And then we laughed and said "no that's impossible." It's one of those stories that kept floating around...this is actually how the writers process works. So we have the idea and we kick it around and we say its impossible and forget it and there's certain ideas we just can't shake.

It was actually me going into Sera's office and saying "why is this guy writing this book, is he one of the psychic kids and I can't figure out why he would do it," and then she said "Why don't you make him a prophet?" which was Sera's idea. And then it all of a sudden snapped into focus because it tied into the mythology. We have a lot of fun being self deprecating. We're aware of our faults and the scenes in our bunny costume as much as anybody and its sort of fun to poke fun at the show. And again I have such a tempetuous, loving, conflicted relationship with the online fandom that I also was attracted to possibility to also poke a little, loving fun, very loving fun, please don't hurt me.

And then Chuck became so attractive that when Ben and I were breaking the season finale Ben said we gotta bring back Chuck and he flew so seemlessly into the season opener. On the board there's more meta episodes on the way because we had so much fun that I think there will be more.

That was the exact same message Kripke was giving in the press room too.  So remember, the more grief you give this man online fans, the more its going to end up as a parody now on the show.  I sometimes wonder if that's the intention of all this online controversy.  I'm still waiting for him to poke fun at the blogger that ends up overanalyzing the show way too much and giving up hours of her day just to post articles about things that were just never there.  Please Kripke?  A girl can dream.  

So, while I was considering my choices for today's article I spent a half hour going through some material at other sites, especially trying to catch reviews about the most recent episode, "The Curious Case of Dean Winchester."   I decided after taking in way too much negativity that this analysis elle sent me would be ideal to share.  We all need these reminders once in a while, even though all I needed to do was come back here and feel better again!  Thank you again Elle for taking time to write this.  Enjoy!  

The Mechanics of Supernatural

The recent comments on The Winchester Family Business sparked an interesting thought in my twisted little mind that would not leave me alone. The idea is that we, as fans, can become very wrapped up in particular aspects of the show, such as characters we love or love to hate, but how often do we think about the utility of each component of the show and the way they all come together? Our show is a mosaic if you will, and all the pieces that we love to debate over individually come together form that which we spend our Thursday nights worshipping, Supernatural.
Consider the following example - Bela:
It's Halloween, and in reading various discussions about all the creepy episodes in Supernatural in honor of this secular holiday, I had to think hard which one I thought was the creepiest.  Want to know what I came up with?  My choice is...

Bloody Mary

bloody mary
Why did I find this episode creepy? I like anything that gives me chills without a boogey man popping out of the dark. The best bone chilling suspense is what lies beyond the dark that you can't see.   Believe it or not, I don't watch much horror. I find "teenage slice and dice" and excessive gore not doing the genre any justice and I don't enjoy it. I like stories of creepy suspense that mess with your head like Poltergeist or Jacob's Ladder.  
This episode, it's darkness, the use of mirror images taking its victims, the suspenseful pacing, the dark figure stalking victims everywhere - I'm not sure how, but it got to me. Even the Sam and Dean moments seemed unsettling, for Sam's dark nightmares and his inability to accept his guilt added an ominous sense of secrecy to the relationship. When the brothers aren't truthful with each other, people die. Fine, people die when they're honest too but Sam had a right to keep his dark secret too. It was pretty scary (at the time). Mary was also really scary looking. Good job on that! 
Early season one the show's mission was simple, go for the urban legends. I always thought the legend of Bloody Mary to be lame and adolescent. I have to give Supernatural HUGE props for taking the stupidest concept in horror and turning it into something bone chilling. The dark room of mirrors, the bleeding eyes, the smashing of mirrors, awesome! Sure, creepiness and sensational horror was eventually sacrificed for richer character stories and a frightening mytharc (which makes me happy), but for basic, spine tingling horror season one delivered the best. 

So, what's yours?  
(Updated 10/31- Now with more teasery goodness.)  I checked my email box like I do every Friday for some clips for the next episode.  Imagine my shock when Warner Brothers instead sent a link for critics and bloggers only to see in ITS ENTIRETY next Thursday's episode, "Changing Channels."  I needed to get some coherent thoughts together and come up with a non-spoilery review, but a day later I managed.     

Holy crap!!!!  That's nothing what I expected.  Nothing!  It's incredible.  Of course I don't want to be guilty of setting lofty expectations, but there's a reveal in there that blew me away.  Heck, the whole episode blew me away.  (Below is a list of teasers.  I promise, no massive spoilers.  I'm basing these comments on the fact that you've already seen the preview and have an idea of what's happening).