Here we go.  Clips from Thursday's episode, "Good God Y'all."  Below is the official description from Warner Brothers.

When Bobby (guest star Jim Beaver) gets an urgent call from Rufus (guest star Steven Williams) that's suddenly cut off, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) rush to Colorado to try to help him.  What they find is a town overrun by a new breed of demons, some old friends - and a past that continues to haunt them.  Also stars Misha Collins as Castiel and guest stars Samantha Ferris as Ellen Harvelle, Alona Tal as Jo Harvelle, and Titus Welliver as Roger.  "Good God, Y'all" was written by Sera Gamble and directed by Phil Sgriccia .

Sympathy for the Devil; Elle2's thoughts:
AC/DC is always a good opener, not a song I'm that familiar with so I couldn't get all the words, but it did its job very well, Season 4 was recapped breathlessly and then we were launched into Season 5 - what a setup!
In typical Eric Kripke fashion this script contained a lot, so much that repeated viewings are necessary - poor us. There is a lot to love about this script and some moments where I said "yeah, but what about" and while there were some pacing issues, on the whole it is better than its parts. Its no "Devil's Trap" or "IMTOD" or "NRFTW" or "Lazarus Rising" but its no "Magnificent Seven" or "All Hell Breaks Loose, II." I've watched it three times and I like it better each time and as a setup for the entire season to come, it does its job excellently.
IT'S HERE!!!!  IT'S HERE!!!!  Those long hot days of Hellatus are finally over.  As I started at the end of last season, as soon as you see the episode, come here and post your reaction.  ALL opinions are welcome, however, there are ground rules. 

-  San fans, Dean fans, Castiel fans, Sam haters, Dean haters, Castiel haters, all kinds are welcome.  If something upset you about THIS episode, feel free, rant away.  I will even protect you from blatant attacks by other posters (respectful disagreements though are allowed).  However, once you've stated your opinion, move on.  Do not repeat the same complaint over and over again.  Repeated complaints will be edited.  Spirited discussions are welcomed.  
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Okay, that's all.  Enjoy, and I'm so looking forward to hearing from everyone, even if it'll take a few days for you International viewers.  I'm patient! 

This review has been on blogcritics for the last day.  I'm republishing here primarily because I'm pretty damned proud of it.  Once I dug in and found out technically what the show started doing in season four regarding digital filming, I got pretty excited.  What can I say, I am a techncial geek by day and adore this stuff.  They really took some big leaps with new technology and no other TV show is doing that.  So, for those that want to learn something new about the show that you never knew before, give this a try. 


Winchesters in Blu-ray? Whoa!  (Long pause of stunned silence). Give me a sec. I need to wipe the drool off my chin.   
Anyway, when it came time to do my yearly pre-order with Amazon, I struggled over ordering my first ever Blu-ray set for Supernatural.  I wasn't convinced Blu-ray quality compared to broadcast HD would be all that mesmerizing and worth the cost difference over the standard DVDs. I previously bought season one of Chuck on Blu-rayand the results were disappointing. After spending most of the summer debating, my uber techie husband made clear his preference for Blu-ray.   Now that I've seen these disks, the hubby is made of win.
Family Remains:
Jeremy Carver, you remain one of my favorite writers for this series…even Family Remains cannot change that. Still, I have to wonder…what? There’s much to love here…it had been eight weeks and finally a new episode. The Impala was shown in many scenes, the opening, several times in the middle, it got robbed, it got fixed…at the end it was once again the backdrop – well, actually foredrop, for another brother to brother moment, albeit twice in a row was a bit heavy, still did I mention it had been eight weeks? The guest casting was very good, always wins big with me when they’re interesting and thought out characters – just wait to the next episode though.
The Road So Far, Season Four…
Whew, we made it, the end of the Road So Far Series – for those of you who hung on this far, this means we’re mere days from the beginning of Season 5. Hooray! When I started this I had no idea what I was getting into, my original plan was to look back across the series and pick out those episodes that I considered to be game changers, episodes like Home and Faith and Crossroad Blues and others. As I got going I realized my muse preferred to simply spend some time with each and every episode, some for a moment others for longer. Thus The Road So Far series was born…as much fun as it has been, I’m glad we’re up to date, if for no other reason then it means I can count the days on just my hands until the beginning of Season 5.
So here we go, a look back at the incredible, all around game changing phenomena that was and is Season 4.
Hellatus Check – Hellatus Ends!!!!
Sixteen short weeks ago Season 4 ended. One week from now Season 5 begins. We made it, Hellatus is over! What an amazing time this has been, so many articles, so many episodes rewatched, so many teasers and rumors and wonderings, so many Cons, so many fics written – I’ve only been reading one, Gaelicspirit’s Desolation Angels. I have the last three chapters printed off and awaiting reading, oh, to find the time. I will though, no worries.
Back at the beginning I had the humble idea that I’d post an article of some length and depth each week…then Alice stated she planned to post something every day – well, six days per week anyway. So, I cranked up the thinking and got typing. Amazingly, each time I thought I was out of ideas something would spark. As Hellatus winds down and I’ve ‘completed’ everything I intended I already have an additional two articles in mind, both likely will come to fruition in short order but I’ll leave them to ‘marinate’ a bit and wait for a quieter time such as – the first hiatus which will ultimately come sometime in November if history is any indicator. So not to fear, there will be aid when that time arises.
I embarked on some series of articles I never envisioned and am thoroughly glad are now done, if for no other reason than I can say, whew, I didn’t quit. Judging by the spirit and energy of the comments, there was more enjoyment than not. Thank you to Alice for hosting this site and improving upon my articles with videos or screen shots, assists with titles and even jotting in her own notes within some articles…it made it more fun for me to read so I enjoyed that. Big thanks goes to everyone who read the articles and especially to those who found time or made time to comment. Thank you very much.
Alice’s goal was to make this a place for people to come to during Hellatus and I think it worked. 
Here they are!  As promised, Warner Brothers has delivered with three new preview clips for the Sept 10th premiere (one week!!!!!!) of Supernatural Season Five.  Below are the clips and official summary from Warner Brothers for episode 5.01, "Sympathy For The Devil."

Has Hell been unleashed?  Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) discover the consequences of breaking the final seal as the series fifth season opener picks up right where we left off - with Lucifer walking free and the first signs of the apocalypse beginning to be evident.  Also stars Misha Collins as Castiel and guest stars Jim Beaver as Bobby, Kurt Fuller as Zachariah, Mark Pellegrino as Nick, Rachel Miner as Meg and Rob Benedict as Chuck.  "Sympathy for the Devil" was written by Eric Kripke and directed by Robert Singer.

Today, did an intense analysis on Mad Men, breaking down costs and revenue to prove their point that even though the show only gets 1.5 million viewers average yet costs $2 million an episode, it's still worthwhile for the network to air it. 
Since my previous article on budget seems to be popular (it's the most viewed article on this site BY FAR), I figured why not do the same exercise for Supernatural.  There might be interest.  I was especially inspired by seeing the Supernatural Season Four DVD earning the #1 spot on the Bestsellers List for Movies and TV. So here we go, get your thinking hats on, it's TV Economics 101, aka Supernatural by the numbers.