Who knew this would be a two-parter? I didn’t. Then again the first part was a bit of a blend of my thoughts, to be furthered here, and its own standalone piece.  Since my creative title naming thingy is a little haywire, I decided to simply make this a part two, the theme carries if nothing else.
I actually started some of this back when I was writing my thoughts on Jump The Shark. I cut a lot out of that review simply because I couldn’t get it to fit in very well, so here it is, dredged up with other stuff thrown in and you have an article. Good thing I don’t get paid to do this, I’d go hungry. 
Narcissus, it was your comment at the end of Is Sam Winchester Too Stupid to Live that got me thinking along the lines for this part of the article when you asked to hear/read my thoughts on ghouls. So thanks to you (and I am smiling and waving when I write that) this article has come to life. Thank you.
Here we go…
Faellie, in a follow up to her popular article "Dean Winchester Is A Feminist" gives her very thoughtful take on Sam.  This can also be found on her livejournal, http://shopstewardess.livejournal.com.  I request no reposting of this article.  Either link here or at Faellie's LJ site.  As usual, comments and debate are welcome!


What makes Sammy run?
Taken literally, the answer to this question seems to be "not much": since the Pilot when Sam and Dean both ran from the ghost-driven Impala (and dived over the side of the bridge to escape), and other early episodes such as Dead in the Water, where both Sam and Dean are running together, it's been Dean who puts in most of the work on the running front, notably at the start of No Rest for the Wicked and of Yellow Fever.  Sam just has a few short sprints, such as his unsuccessful run from a zombie in Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things (Jared was of course nursing an untreated broken hand at the time).
In My Time of Dying
Even as a disembodied spirit, Dean doesn't lose his smart mouth. Sam and Dad are fighting. Nothing new there. However, when you're a ghost watching this fight and can't do much to stop it, all that's left is to take a swipe at the nearest object around. As the cup goes flying to the floor, spooking both Sam and John, Dean is a little more impressed.

"I full on Swayzed that mother." 
David Duchovny shared an amusing story recently on The Tonight Show about the very avid X-Files fans. At fan cons, after a while just about every question that could possibly be asked had been asked. So, aside from asking the same questions over and over again, fans would break into off the wall inquisitions like "What’s your favorite animal?" One time he got that question, wasn't sure, so he blurted out "Elephants." Next thing he knew, news stories announce "Duchovny's nuts for elephants!" His point certainly implied the cult celebrity life is that absurd.
I thought of this story after reading messages from several of my online friends who are in Vancouver this weekend for the Salute to Supernatural convention. I passed over Vancouver for financial reasons, but what nags at me is if I did have the money, I probably would have gone. I have no idea why.
Going doesn't look good on paper by a mile. Everyone pays extraneous amounts of money just to have small brushes with greatness, and after comic con my brush is dripping. I passed on my chance to pay over $500 for a gold admission ticket and $40 - $180 for each photo-op just for the privilege to stand in a long line and be hearded like cattle through a hallway to get 12 seconds to say "cheese." Sure, Jared, Jensen, or Misha might put their arms around me for the shot and that twelve seconds might feel like twelve days, but it’s really gone in a flash. A lifelong pictorial memory comes out of that, but I hate being photographed so it would sit in a drawer. 
At risk of stating the obvious, Dean Winchester has a flare with words. A biting, sarcastic, often snarky sentiment with a flamethroweresque delivery, but clever. Very clever. As Zachariah said in the season four finale, "You're our own little Russell Crowe, complete with surly attitude." I don't know, Russell Crowe doesn't leave me laughing like Dean.  Or wondering with jaw dropped if the boy isn't afraid to let anything come from his mouth. 
In the same guise as my earlier article, "The Enigma of Sam Winchester's Hair," I'm going season by season to remember some of my favorite poetic one-liners rolling off Dean's tongue at those perfectly timed moments. The kind that came freely during disagreements with Sam, in moments of peril, or just laughter in the face of death or trouble. Cute little comments back and forth between the brothers will come in another article. For now, it's Dean zingers galore. After all, deep inside, don't we all relate to Dean's inner 12 year old boy?
Season Three

Lisa Braeden and Ben Braeden from The Kids Are Alright, what are they up to now? Does Lisa ever wonder about Dean, does Ben wonder if that ‘cool guy, who taught him to stand up for himself, is ever going to visit again? How do neighborhood sleepovers and block parties and cookouts get handled?  Do the parents wonder if their kids are really all right? Do the kids have nightmares?  Do the moms get flashbacks every time a mosquito bites them on the neck and they scratch it? I know, I probably put too much time into these things but I wonder if Lisa and Ben, especially, have any lasting thoughts on Dean…we know Dean does.
I wonder what they’re doing now, Season 1…
In light of Alice’s Top Ten Unsung Heroes I got thinking about characters that have come, been saved, glimpsed the darker side of life and never been heard from again. Some of these characters were saved by the boys, some saved the boys and some were partners in the saving of themselves, the boys and others. With less than two and a half weeks until the start of Season 5 I thought a trip through some of the characters that stand out in my mind would be an interesting exercise – and it gives me an excuse to not be working on part II of Good or Evil, A Supernatural Question as well as The Road So Far, Season Four…they’re coming but until then…
From Season one I wonder what ever happened to Amanda the flight attendant from Phantom Traveler. Not only does she survive a plane crash but then she participates in stopping another one while at the same time learning that a colleague is, in fact, possessed by a demon. Try explaining that to the NTSB.
#5 - Anna Milton
So what makes Anna a reluctant and unwilling hero? She was an almightly and powerful angel and gave it all up. She lost faith, got disillusioned, and decided to pursue human pleasure. Worse, she even threw her grace down to Kentucky, the one state that had no idea what to do with it other than grow a tree.
Anna fits in this category because she’s the first to realize something was rotten in Heaven and did something about it that didn’t involve starting the apocalypse or becoming a Lucifer worshipper. She is a silent rebel that’s determined to fight on the side of good, despite the knowledge her “father” wants her dead. She’s trusting her instincts. Granted that involves a lot of hiding and pleading to Castiel to do better, but she did save his life (twice) and rid the Universe of a very bad demon (sort of) and a very bad angel. Plus she nails a Winchester, in the back seat of the Impala nonetheless, just for fun. 
Alas, her soft spot for Castiel gets her captured, but she’s proven right when Zachariah reveals the dastardly plan. This is enough for Castiel to come to his senses, which is no easy feat. Something tells me there will be more to come from her too now that the world is ending. Castiel needs a fallen friend. 

Before I share a wonderful project and the pictures that Erin sent me, first a note about the recent inactivity over the last couple of days.  As I learned the hard way, when a laptop that becomes your third arm goes poof! you truly are screwed in the world.  My barely year old Dell laptop went all wrong Thursday evening and I blame Lucifer.  Okay, maybe the Japanese, since they made the video card that went bad and screwed the whole thing.  It took a couple of days, but my hard drive is in another machine and I'm slowly back to getting back to reality.  The regular posts, like the Top Ten Unsung Heroes list or the upcoming Dean Winchesterisms, will resume tomorrow.  In the meantime, here's a great fan project to share.  

Here is the description of the project in Erin's own words:

We wanted to come up with something unique to send to the set to show our support and our little sister said "why don't you make a wall hanging?"  and so we did.   Basically it is a compilation of our favorite moments, quotes and themes and characters from the first two seasons. We came up with the idea for the wall hanging some time in the week between What is and What Should Never Be and All Hell Breaks Loose 1 and we completed it and mailed it on September 8th

Traditionally Supernatural is a dark show and we wanted to reflect that in our wall hanging, hence the black and grey fabric that we used for our quotes.  The red, brown and the blue striped fabrics were inspired by some of our favorite Sam and Dean shirts.  Dean’s red flannel shirt, Sam’s blue striped shirt from Tall Tales and they both have great brown plaid shirts.   So this one got shipped off to the set and I know they have it because Andie (who does the plastic!winchester theatre) took a picture of it when she was on set and also because it has gotten two brief mentions in the Supernatural magazine.