Thursday, Supernatural will go where few television shows have gone before: The 100 episode mark. That is a MAJOR milestone for any series, let alone one on such a small network as the CW.
With the 100th episode of SUPERNATURAL being shown this week, I can't help reflecting on how I came to love this show. Oddly enough, it wasn't love at first sight.
100 Guests -  Part Two of Four
Here is the second instalment of the Guests of Supernatural piece. Enjoy!
For anyone who loves learning the behind the scenes work that goes into Supernatural, this is a MUST READ.  As luck would have it, Ardeospina works for a close captioning company that captions episodes for Supernatural.
Jasminka has taken on the monumental task of looking through all 100 episodes of Supernatural, gorgeous screen caps in all.  It's a five part series.  Up first, season one!
100 Guests -  Part One of Four

In honour of the 100th episode of Supernatural, I thought it'd be interesting to look back at the people who have, in one way or another, furthered the Winchester saga
The Convention Temple of Loon
Part Three

He’s here all night, ladies and gentlemen.’
Jensen Ackles on Jared Padalecki, March 28th, 2010 L.A.
Sunday. Okay. The day most people were waiting for - well, guess why? The ‘Winchesters’ were going to be in the building. From the moment I stepped down into the vault (up in the ‘normal’ hotel premises you didn’t notice anything about the con, except for some fans walking around in Supernatural-T-Shirts) I felt the vibrations had changed. There was another, more frenzied kind of excitement flooding the corridors, and the fans waiting for registration were nervous and loud.

After having slept about only three hours at the most (well, I had to remain sitting in the lobby chatting with the lovely ladies I had met on this weekend, hadn’t I, and ask for that pain. Did I mention that sleep is highly overrated?) I found the room where the breakfast with Jensen and Jared was to be held. The first big thing of this day. I was ferociously hungry and was wondering if we were actually getting time to eat. As this was my first con experience, I had no idea how this was going to go down.

I found my table (the gold ticket holders were assigned to a certain table) and strategically chose a chair as nearest to the stage as possible, so I could just turn it around and watch the guys doing their thing (luckily I was early and had plenty of chairs to choose from). Another sweet gal generously explained to me how this would go, that we were safe to eat and ‘the boys’ would come in later (and in all likelihood late).
Here's a nice speculative article from elle2 for all of you that love to speculate but not be too spoiled.  So enjoy and everyone can judge on Thursday if she's right or not.  Speculation is fun!

Yes, I'm incredibly fortunate again to get from Warner Brothers a critics episode preview.  This time, I got to see the milestone 100th episode of Supernatural, "The Point of No Return" in its entirety.  So what did I think?