The Road So Far, Season 5, Part 2, by Elle2
Whew, the wait to part 2 was certainly shorter than the nine weeks it took to get to Sam, Interrupted! Thank goodness.
Like the first part of the season there were good to great episodes, two clunkers "“ one clunked more than the other at least for me "“ and a lot of superb episodes. We get some old friends, some new allies and tie up a lot of loose ends, not all but that's impossible.
Here we go, Part 2 of Season 5's The Road So Far:
Another season has come and gone - how the time does fly! And it's time to update my Road So Far Seasons. If you're new and haven't read them and are dying for some fabulous insights, sparkling writing, witty and pithy thoughts - yeah, you guessed it, don't read my stuff. However, if you're looking to pass Hellatus with as much reading as you can, feel free to see how I worked through Seasons 1, 2, 3 and 4 during 2009's Hellatus. 
Those can be found in the archives, and it also appears that on the episode guide pages Alice is listing general articles, so you'll find links to them there as those pages become active.
So here we go, my thoughts on the 22 episodes that comprised Season 5:


When I did The Enigma of Sam Winchester's Hair last year, I highlighted some of the key disasters from seasons 1-4. In going back and analyzing season five, I found Sam's hair was pretty even keeled for the most part, but there were some unusual circumstances that happened to come up more than once.  So I'm switching it up a bit. 

For season five, I bring to you the differing yet perplexing styles of Sam's hair by category.  Sure, a lot of these hair circumstances stemmed from misfortune, but this is Sam Winchester we’re talking about.  Let the games begin...  
Open Supernatural Couch - Croatoan
Infernal Virus Cocktail, Shaken, Not Stirred
Every sound echoes through the hallway as Dean checks his gun in slow motion, the click of the magazine like a metallic drum... takes aim at an unarmed, bound young man, listening to the others' fearful arguments, the guy's desperate pleading... but in fact - he's already decided to have no choice. He hates to do this. In all likelihood hates himself this very moment for having to do this... and he shoots him...
The second book in the literary Supernatural spinoff series is Witch's Canyon by Jeff Mariotte. Published in October 2007, this story takes place right after the first novel Nevermore by Keith R A DeCandido but you don't need to read the first novel prior to this one.
Season five Sam Winchester was all about redemption.  There was a high price for that redemption though.
Supernatural's Pivotal Episodes: Season 5, by Elle2
We're here, the fifth and final article in this series. The genesis for this journey came from a comment by Mo Ryan after the episode I've chosen as Season 5's pivotal episode aired. The comment was in regards to the pivot points of Season 5 which got me thinking about all the seasons and which episodes best fit the idea of a pivot point. So, if you've liked this series, thank Mo Ryan; if you have not enjoyed the series"¦um, no comments necessary (but don't blame Mo Ryan!) 
So, without further ado, I'll present the rules and then get on with the last article in the series:
As I've learned from Alice, rules are necessary when embarking on such an adventure. Thus, I have some rules regarding how I decided upon the pivotal episode of each season.
First off, it must add to what we know thus far, either for Sam or Dean or for the storyline as a whole
Second, it must be built upon in future episodes and events.
Third, the episode as a whole must be strong, this is the pivotal episode, not necessarily the most powerful episode of the season but in no way can it simply have a pivotal scene while the rest of the episode is flat or uneven or even forgettable.
Here we go, Season 5's pivotal episode:
Supernatural Guests "Bonus Round" Installment # 2
Quite a few friends (and foes) from further back in this batch " a couple surprises for me, actors who 've since become more familiar on their own shows.
(Thank you again to SupernaturalWiki for the images!)
We are honored to get an eyewitness account of the Rising Con Barelona from Yirabah, a frequent visitor to this site.  This was her first con and it's always interesting to hear how things go at a new con held for the first time in such a historic city.  She has a great story to share about Jared among other things so enjoy the report!


The World Wide Supernatural Fan Family at the Rising Con Barcelona 2010

Alright this is it. My report of the Rising Con in Barcelona Spain. Mind you this is the first time I am typing something like that. Only do it because Jasminka asked me to. So if you don’t like it blame it on her.
Unfortunately I don’t have any personal encounters with the guests since I only had an ordinary weekend pass. So no stories about photo ops, autographs or meeting rooms. But I met risenshine after the con and asked her if she could write a little something up about it. Which she thankfully did. You will find the link to it at the end of this. Here are now my impressions.