Folie à Deux – Sam and Dean in the Cuckoo’s Nest
Usually I don’t write reviews. This time, however, I couldn’t help myself. This was an episode worthy of the early Supernatural stories, the ones that made us love the show – a monster, a creepy location, a formidable team of charming hunters to bring the bad thing down. That’s what this episode would have been in season one or even two.
But we’ve come a long way since then – and now we are given a classic only on the surface. Underneath there are many layers. And landmines.
‘That’s good, Sam, you keep fatting up that fire in your belly.  All that penned up rage. I’m gonna need it.’
 (Lucifer in the flashback)
The scenario is well-known: the Winchesters check into Screw Loose Hotel to help Martin, an old friend and hunter-buddy of John’s who had saved their father in another lifetime. They did that before – in Folsom Prison Blues (season two) they arranged being arrested and imprisoned to help out another one of dad’s friends. Dean had insisted on helping Deacon, because they owed him, despite Sam’s objections.
This time the roles are reversed – Sam is the driving force behind this operation, and Dean keeps reminding him of how crazy this idea is. Hence the nuthouse.  What, haven’t you had enough already of paying your father’s debts, guys? But they keep doing it.
Okay, it’s quite easy to get into a psychiatric facility, and they don’t need to make up any complex stories. All it takes is the truth.
It's Friday!  It must be clip day!  I wasn't sure if I was getting these this week but I was thrilled to see them.  So, for those that haven't seen the official description, here goes: 

SAM'S BODYSNATCHED! - High school nerd Gary (guest star Colton James), conjures up a body-switching spell and changes bodies with Sam (Jared Padalecki).  Thrilled by his new handsome and built body, Gary (now Sam) investigates a case with Dean (Jensen Ackles) and takes advantage of Sam's good looks and age by hitting on women and getting drunk.  Meanwhile, the real Sam is stuck inside Gary's teenage body, dealing with intrusive parents and high school.  Also guest stars Sarah Drew ("Everwood," "Mad Men") as "Nora."  Robert Singer directed the episode written by Julie Siege with story by Julie Siege, Rebecca Dessertine and Harvey Fedor (#512). 

Clip 1 (from The CW)

Clip 2

Clip 3

(Note from Alice) As I mentioned in the "Share Your Reactions" article, Robin Vogel is going to begin sharing her episode reviews for Supernatural here on our site.  I'm very pleased to have her unique point of view.  So enjoy and try to answer the questions raised.  There's no right answer! 


Episode 5.11 – Sam, Interrupted
--Robin's Ramblings
Poor Susan! Who wants to be locked in a facility where patients scream and nurses and doctors just ignore it? Especially after there have been several suicides already? I was getting chills at the sub-par care in this place and making a note that I don't want to be committed there. Those screws untwirling themselves from the grate scared me. I was really afraid for Susan and wished the ghost of her son, who I truly believed had been there, could have helped the poor woman. I guess wraiths trump ghosts.
How ironic is their world that all Dean and Sam had to do to get committed was tell the truth about their lives? We hunt monsters, freed Lucifer, have an angel pal named Castiel who wears a trench coat and Sam was chugging demon Ruby's blood. If you don't know what WE do about their lives, it DOES sound nutty, doesn't it? No wonder the doctor canceled lunch and committed them right away.
It's here!  It's here!  Our 62 day ordeal is over!!!  There's no grander feeling than episode night, especially after a long Hellatus.  So, settle in, unplug the phone, put the kids to bed and enjoy!  Afterward, come back here and tell us what you think. 

I have an announcement too!  Robin Vogel, who's been doing some great work with her Supernatural page at and at the TV community (before they took those down), is going to start doing episode discussions and other things for us!  I'm thrilled to have her on board.  She wrote this little intro in anticipation for tonight.  Welcome Robin! 


--Robin Vogel
When you love a TV show as much as I do SUPERNATURAL, nine weeks--63 days--without a new episode, crawls along with the brutally slow cruelty of the Midwest winter of 2010. 
I've read so much fan fiction, I'm not sure what's canon and what isn't anymore, but I do like the way some alternative universe writers have given the Winchester brothers much happier lives away from hunting, or kept both John and Mary alive. 
One of the reasons I love this show so much is because the brothers have become real, wonderful, self-sacrificing young men to me, and I desperately want to see them happy. With them in Eric and Sera's hands, we know that won't be happening anytime soon, if ever. So seeing them given joyous endings in the hands of capable, sometimes brilliant fan fic writers soothes my soul. I'm aware that such stories are fairy tales, however, and we must return to the real world, Eric-and-Sera fueled episodes in which Sam and Dean are tortured, mentally, emotionally and physically, and I can't wait! Especially since the wait for a new episode after the four-hanky “Abandon All Hope,” has seemed particularly lengthy.
Tonight, at long last, that wait ends. Despite my devotion to remaining spoiler-free, I couldn't help watching a couple of clips that appeared on my computer screen requiring a mere click—they tease me so! I'm mostly human, I needed a fix of my show, don't judge me! I've already laughed and gotten upset over what I've seen, and those were only brief glimpses of what's to come! Oh, Sammy! Oh, Dean!
I watch SUPERNATURAL alone. If the phone rings, someone else must answer it. If the dogs bark, someone else must tend to them. If there's bleeding, I'll apply pressure to my own wound and tell anyone else to just apply pressure to theirs until 9:58 PM. 
I'm a SUPERNATURAL addict, and my show is back tonight!
If I ever get that extended interview with Eric Kripke one of the questions on my list is "Tell me, at the pitch meeting for "Route 666" how did the words "racist truck" make the cut?" I have a list in process called the "Eric Kripke WTF? Moments." Not to spoil too much, but it's there. 

I can't think of a worse episode plot description. Ever. This episode easily has the worst guest acting of the series. Cassi and Dean have some chemistry, but not the positive kind. We could smell their odor with every scene. Their sex scene TO THIS DAY makes me heave. They look like two hens pecking at each other. A total waste of a shirtless Winchester. As annoying, irritating, agitating, and just plain awful that Cassi is, nothing matches her mother. THE worst actress ever. That contrived, forced, insincere, stupid load of crap about a racist and his racist truck had me throwing things at my TV. Especially when her story mentioned the deep rooted racism that existed in those times. You know, because a neutral border state like Missouri is well known for that sort of thing. 
A Devil Named Lucifer
‘Better to reign in hell than serve in heaven.’
John Milton
The Lord of Hell. Lucifer. There probably is no greater enemy: Although the titles attributed to the devil are legion, in the realm of Supernatural this is his name. We are told a tragic story of a fallen angel, the most beautiful and loyal of them all… We meet a creature not only disgraced and lonely, but deceitful, ruthless, sadistic and manipulative. However he planned his ascension, he has succeeded impeccably, whereas our warriors of light have tried desperately to save the seals from breaking. In fact, they’ve largely contributed (however unbeknownst to them) to Lucifer’s rising by breaking the first and the final seal.
How do you fight an enemy that supernatural beings like angels have trouble dealing with? Information is crucial, as in every war. You need to know your enemy. According to the Chinese philosopher Sun-Tsu, the one who appear first on the battlefield, waiting for the enemy, is the best prepared. All art of war is based on deception – and timing.
We know that Lucifer is a master of deceit, more powerful than any demon, obviously strong enough to scare the hell out of all heavenly angels, forcing them to draw on eleventh-hour measures to bring him down. After enabling Lucifer to rise (by using the Winchesters and eventually keeping Dean from stopping Sam), because some angels wanted the great confrontation to establish paradise on earth, they need to break his power.
We have not yet been informed of their reasons – why do some angels believe that ‘God has left the building’? Why did Castiel allow Sam to escape from Bobby’s panic room, not telling Dean that he did it (I, for one, am still waiting for that to come out of the box and the field day our actors are undoubtedly going to have dealing with the matter)? Why does Michael need a human vessel so desperately – isn’t he a powerful enough archangel to smite the devil in whatever form? A question even more interesting as, according to Milton’s Paradise Lost that angelic clash took place long before man.  
Whatever answers our favourite show will give us; two brothers have already been caught in the crossfire. The colt is useless. Sam is supposed to be Lucifer’s vessel. Not exactly the most hopeful of prospects, since we already have been told that Sam eventually will give his consent (his reasons, however, still eluding us).
The Devil, Satan, Lucifer – who is he? What do religions, scientists, philosophers or writers know about him? How do they interpret his role?
I did a full recap of "Faith" during the last hiatus because it's one of those early episodes that had a deep impact on season four. It's the first episode to introduce Dean's issues with God, something that went from the background to foreground in a big way. I think Castiel had something to do with that. Still, I don't think "Faith" is an outstanding episode.  It has some great lines, it's a very interesting character study on Dean and his issues with low self esteem surface.   He also doesn't handle guilt well at all. However, despite this very emotional look at the older brother, the episode itself is very uneven. Layla is too freaking annoying for me because her sugary crap doesn't blend well with Dean. Her mother is the worst actress in the world, and I've said it before and I'll say it again, when you're rooting for death for a character like Sue Ann LeGrange, she didn't make a good impression. 
(Note from Alice)  I'm honored to post the very first article from Ardeospina!  It's been a while since we've had a guest contribution and she's the first to actually take on something that I've always wanted to do but haven't had the time for yet.  Needless to say, I've very pleased with what she came up with.  So enjoy her wonderful take on our favorite third full time cast member.


Hello, everyone!

Since this site has been such a boon for me during the Hellatus, I decided to ask Alice if I could start writing up some Top Ten lists as a way to contribute to the site.  She graciously said yes, and I went to work!  So thanks, Alice, for letting me join the fun.

Why Top Ten lists, you may ask?  Well, for one, I love making lists.  Two, I like seeing other people's opinions on the subject I'm talking about.  It's fascinating to see how one moment can resonate so much with one person and another person can have a totally different reaction.  Three, I don't really have a point three, but a two-point list isn't a very good list, so...

Without further ado, I present to you the Top Ten Impala Moments!

Top Ten Impala Moments

The Impala is the coolest car on TV.  But for Sam and especially Dean, it's more than just a car.  It's been there for some of the most important moments in their lives, offering silent support in their times of need.  It's acted as hotel, love nest, battleground, hiding spot, and so much more.  No wonder it's such a fan favorite!  Who wouldn't want a car like that?  That being said, it was really hard to pick just ten moments to highlight.  My criteria for this list were: only positive or fun or just plain cool things made this list.  The Impala gets vandalized enough for a separate list!  (Which I'm working on, naturally, since I'm in an Impala mood.)  Only one roadside confession allowed.  Why only one when there are so many good ones to choose from?  Well, that too could probably be its own list, so one will represent all.  Lastly, no Impala arguments allowed.  The boys fighting is so hard to see, and this is a celebratory list, so no arguing!  Plus, the added bonus with making your own list is you get to set the rules.

Honorable Mention - Side views for all - After School Special

Look at how they framed these shots.  So cool!  After four seasons, it's hard to find new ways to shoot the Impala, but they did a great job here.  Bonus points for making Sam look so small, too, because we all know what a giant he is.

Any episode that starts with a brutal hacking by scarecrow is memorable for me. Forget the intense brotherly drama, likely intensified by Sam's crazy moment the episode before. Leatherface is cool. The horror scenes are top notch, but that's because Kim Manners knows how to scare the crap out of people.