So, while I was considering my choices for today's article I spent a half hour going through some material at other sites, especially trying to catch reviews about the most recent episode, "The Curious Case of Dean Winchester."   I decided after taking in way too much negativity that this analysis elle sent me would be ideal to share.  We all need these reminders once in a while, even though all I needed to do was come back here and feel better again!  Thank you again Elle for taking time to write this.  Enjoy!  

The Mechanics of Supernatural

The recent comments on The Winchester Family Business sparked an interesting thought in my twisted little mind that would not leave me alone. The idea is that we, as fans, can become very wrapped up in particular aspects of the show, such as characters we love or love to hate, but how often do we think about the utility of each component of the show and the way they all come together? Our show is a mosaic if you will, and all the pieces that we love to debate over individually come together form that which we spend our Thursday nights worshipping, Supernatural.
Consider the following example - Bela:
It's Halloween, and in reading various discussions about all the creepy episodes in Supernatural in honor of this secular holiday, I had to think hard which one I thought was the creepiest.  Want to know what I came up with?  My choice is...

Bloody Mary

bloody mary
Why did I find this episode creepy? I like anything that gives me chills without a boogey man popping out of the dark. The best bone chilling suspense is what lies beyond the dark that you can't see.   Believe it or not, I don't watch much horror. I find "teenage slice and dice" and excessive gore not doing the genre any justice and I don't enjoy it. I like stories of creepy suspense that mess with your head like Poltergeist or Jacob's Ladder.  
This episode, it's darkness, the use of mirror images taking its victims, the suspenseful pacing, the dark figure stalking victims everywhere - I'm not sure how, but it got to me. Even the Sam and Dean moments seemed unsettling, for Sam's dark nightmares and his inability to accept his guilt added an ominous sense of secrecy to the relationship. When the brothers aren't truthful with each other, people die. Fine, people die when they're honest too but Sam had a right to keep his dark secret too. It was pretty scary (at the time). Mary was also really scary looking. Good job on that! 
Early season one the show's mission was simple, go for the urban legends. I always thought the legend of Bloody Mary to be lame and adolescent. I have to give Supernatural HUGE props for taking the stupidest concept in horror and turning it into something bone chilling. The dark room of mirrors, the bleeding eyes, the smashing of mirrors, awesome! Sure, creepiness and sensational horror was eventually sacrificed for richer character stories and a frightening mytharc (which makes me happy), but for basic, spine tingling horror season one delivered the best. 

So, what's yours?  
(Updated 10/31- Now with more teasery goodness.)  I checked my email box like I do every Friday for some clips for the next episode.  Imagine my shock when Warner Brothers instead sent a link for critics and bloggers only to see in ITS ENTIRETY next Thursday's episode, "Changing Channels."  I needed to get some coherent thoughts together and come up with a non-spoilery review, but a day later I managed.     

Holy crap!!!!  That's nothing what I expected.  Nothing!  It's incredible.  Of course I don't want to be guilty of setting lofty expectations, but there's a reveal in there that blew me away.  Heck, the whole episode blew me away.  (Below is a list of teasers.  I promise, no massive spoilers.  I'm basing these comments on the fact that you've already seen the preview and have an idea of what's happening).

(For the Dean Winchester Troubled Profile of Doom, go here)

This is the Sam Winchester version of the WTPoD. I can’t explain this look. It just follows him wherever he goes. They’ve certainly progressed throughout the seasons, but if anything they’ve gotten more painful. You know, something happens to upset poor Sam and he takes it in by scrunching his lips together, flashing the eyes of sadness and taking it all in internally. He just swallows the pain. Honest, I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, how has this been healthy mentally? How has this not contributed to a massive nervous breakdown by now? He really is a freak. Our loveable freak.

Phantom Traveler

While I don't believe this is the first time Sam's used the SFoD, it's the first time I noticed it. He turns to it after he and Dean somberly listen to John's cellphone message with sitting on the trunk of the Impala. Sam takes the blow hard but swallows it all, then climbs into the Impala. Dean's more bothered by Sam's reaction than John's message. He rightfully should be.

Okay, I'm giving this episode benefit of the doubt.  First, it's written by Sera Gamble, who never disappoints. 

Second, Chad Everett!!!  Freaking Chad Everett!  Anyone who watched TV in the 1970's knows who he is.  Dr. Joe Gannon from Medical Center!  He was on all those iconic old TV shows like Route 66 (which in part was inspiration for Supernatural), Maverick, 77 Sunset Strip, The Man From U.N.C.L.E, Ironside, and the one show all 70's TV stars did at one time or another, The Love Boat.  He is the ultimate journeyman of television, but given his later credits in Murder She Wrote, Diagnosis Murder, Touched By An Angel, and The Love Boat The Next Wave, youth oriented Sci-Fi is definitely something new to him.  It's quite an interesting acting credit for his filmography.  I think it's awesome.  Judging by the previews for him as Older Dean, it looks promising.   

Anyway, what did you think?  I trust everyone to be on your best behavior.  I really do.  Happy episode everyone!

A while back (yes, I’ve been working on it slowly, as well as all the other suggestions I’ve received) Narcissus came up with a great suggestion for a feature. Let me just share in her own words this great idea and my challenge to deliver!

The thing is, during that last scene in GGY, through the flood of tears as Dean watched the truck driving away with Sam, I still had to giggle because I KNEW he would turn his head back and the episode would end with a shot of the ubiquitous troubled profile of that pretty, pretty face. I call it the Winchester Troubled-Profile of Doom. I don't know if you've noticed, but they do that A LOT on the show. The angst, the out-of-focus background, immediately followed by the Winchester Troubled-Profile of Doom...aaaand...fade to black. So, on to my main point, I think it'd be cool if there was a post on the best WTPoD's (excuse all the acronyms)..or a compilation of all the WTPoD there ever was (probably countless), or you know, whatever along those lines. I think you can see the insanity angle here :)

Hmm, an interesting challenge. I of course started pouring through 88 episodes and found that counting them all was an impossible task. Of course in this process, I discovered something else. Sam and Dean each have their own looks for the WTPoD. Dean’s is the afore mentioned profile. Sam, he just tightens his lips and takes it all in. So, we have Dean's Troubled Profile of Doom and Sam's Somber Face of Despair. Both use these trademark looks for heightened dramatic effect and have done so for all five seasons. When the chips are down, they go with what works.

Below is a selection of the more powerful ones from each brother by episode. If anything, we know that both of these guys know how to push our buttons.

Today, Sablegreen has some nice diversiony fun, sheer speculation on what Supernatural season six could have.  Join in and share some of your ideas.  I vote for that Grand Canyon episode myself.  We can run a bake sale to pay for the location shoot.  Save the Hawaii episode for season seven.  :) 

Recently, an article on Buddy TV discussed the pros and cons of a season 6 for Supernatural. One of the concepts against the renewal of the series caught my attention, because I have wondered about that same issue all during season 4. Where can Supernatural go after defeating Lucifer and ending the apocalypse? To me, it seemed that killing Lilith in season 4, and defeating Lucifer in season 5, was like writing themselves into a corner for any additional seasons. How do you top defeating Lucifer, and keep the show interesting for fans? 
I thought of some ideas I’d like to see developed in future episodes, and wondered how others would view them. So, here in lies the basis for this article. I warn you now, however, these ideas are purely for escapism, as that’s my cup-of-tea. Realistic drama I leave to someone else.
Please welcome Jasminka, who was nice enough to submit her first article.  She offers a unique perspective on our two favorite lead actors.  Enjoy, and thanks Jas for the submission.


Angels, Demons & Brothers On Top…
… Supernatural’s Luck of Being Blessed with Extraordinary Actors
From the first episode of Supernatural I became an addict, something I had never really believed possible… You can become addictive to drugs, booze, gambling… but to a TV show? Come on…
Of course, I have loved many a TV series or movie before, especially when I was growing up… when I was a kid I wanted to become Princess Leia and marry MacGyver, and I had a soft spot for Tribbles…. but I never really became the kind of super-fan I’ve seen some Trekkies be. Actually, it always struck me as very weird that a young guy would shave his head and dye the hair left grey in order to look like Picard…?
Now, what is it about this particular show? There are in all likelihood as many opinions as there are fans.
Who hoo! I finally get around to sharing this. All it took was almost two weeks of nonstop demanding family activities, an intense project at work, and more systems problems (Microsoft and Dell are both on my crap list right now) to make me think there was a definite demon plot to prevent this recap from getting done. Anyway, enough griping on my part; let’s just jump straight to the action. I should first note that my copy of the video is playing the last few seconds of The Vampire Diaries, which aired a really awesome episode before this one. The best one yet for that show by far and now the plot is kicking into action.

After another Now segment which reminds us in case we forgot that Sam started the apocalypse and Dean’s pissed about it, there’s teenage girl looking ominously like this week’s red shirt, watching of all things a bad Herbie movie. She picks up her hairbrush and brushes her hair while entranced by the video. I’m sure the impression is that she’s possessed, but it turns out she’s just extremely easy to amuse. She hears some rustling in the closet and goes to check it out. The creepy score follows her and she opens the door! It’s a bratty little kid with an obvious pencil-through-the-head prop and ketchup playing dead. She doesn’t fall for it. She sends the kid off, but he still has the nerve to ask if he could touch her boobs. What boobs? This chick doesn’t have an ounce of fat on her and those things on her chest are tiny bumps.