Thoughts on Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid
Ah, Thursday night - at last you return with my Supernatural fix. I settled in with my tea, ready to continue on the Apocalyptic adventure with the Winchesters. But wait, what's this? A basketball game? That can't be right! Sadly, it was. Yes, the first new Supernatural episode in months was pre-empted by a basketball game. I was not impressed. So after waiting all this time, I had to wait another day for someone to get the episode online. This morning with my morning coffee and breakfast, I sat down to enjoy the gruesomeness that was Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid.
Most of this episode was sombre and sad from start to finish. You couldn't really rejoice at the return of the deceased loved ones because you knew there had to be a catch. And boy was there. The episode did have it's funny moments - such as when Sam and Dean's FBI boss-phone trick backfired. And who didn't love Sam's exchange with old zombie woman, the expressions on his face throughout that scene were priceless. Sadness was the primary theme running through this episode. Bobby's misery over his wife and her death. The sheriff rallying herself together after watching her newly undead son devour her husband (and who won't be haunted by the shot of the bloody-mouthed tot in PJ's for days to come?). Bobby's wife herself, recognizing that she was unnatural, trying to play the happy wife and pretend she didn't know Bobby had killed her. There was even something tragic in the simple idea that Dean has never been in love - because it's true. Yes, this episode was riddled with melancholic moments.
"Dream a Little Dream of Me"
--Robin's Rambles by Robin Vogel
Bobby, terrified, enters his own home, flashlight in hand. He opens a pair of double doors and a screaming woman attacks him, sending both of them to the floor. We realize Bobby is asleep and dreaming this. A maid enters his room with her cart, apologizes, and starts to back out. Noticing something is wrong with Bobby, she calls, "Wake up!" In his dream, Bobby's fight with the woman escalates. The maid shakes Bobby urgently, trying to awaken him; failing, she screams for help.
"Long Train Running" plays on the juke when Dean joins his brother at the bar. Sam is, to Dean's dismay, drinking whiskey at 2 PM. Sam insists, that he, like Dean, gets drunk in bars all the time and picks up girls. Dean remarks on the slim pickins' here, and asks, "What's going on with you?" I tried to save you, says a morose Sam. "Whiskey, double, neat," orders Dean. "I can't stop where you're going, what you'll become," continues Sam, "even Ruby can't, because you don't want to be saved. How can you care so little about yourself?--What's wrong with you?" Dean's phone rings, the caller asking for a Mr. Snyderson. "What? Where?" demands Dean, wide-eyed.
You know, I'm not sure whether to jump for joy over this second Winter Hellatus being over or drop my shoulders and weep in relief.  Either way, IT'S FINALLY EPISODE NIGHT!!!  As Homer Simpson would say, "Whoo hoo!"

So, once you see the episode, whether it be tonight or tommorrow or even next week, stop by here and tell us what you thought.  I heard it's going to be emotionally heavy, so make sure you have kleenexes handy!
You know, I’ve always taken a “we’ll survive this” mentality when it comes to long hiatuses for Supernatural. We as fans dig in and take the long break to analyze in exhaustive detail the episodes, where the mythology is going, and over-speculate what’s going to happen to our poor boys. I mean after all, haven’t they been through enough?
"Malleus Maleficarum"
--Robin's Rambles by Robin Vogel
I had early knowledge of this episode during my Vancouver visit when I learned they were filming a witch episode next, really, really scary and good, is what I was told. While this ep had its good points, it doesn't fall amongst my favorites. Meh.
Paul and Janet, an amorous married pair, return from a party; he unzips her dress and lets it fall to the floor. The wife retreats to the bathroom to brush her teeth. Somewhere, a woman begins to perform a ritual and chant in another language; all we can see are her lips, but one word we can understand clearly is "diabolic." While Janet brushes her teeth, the other woman unwraps a toothbrush on a table, slices the inside of her hand with a knife and lets the blood drip onto the toothbrush. Janet reaches into her mouth and, with a horrible snap, pulls out one of her own teeth. "Oh, God," she says, alarmed. The chanting and bleeding over the brush continue. Janet pulls out another tooth. Terrified, she calls, "Paul!" Her husband rushes toward the bathroom, but the door closes between them, and he can't get in. Bleeding heavily from her mouth, Janet begins spitting out more teeth while her husband bangs at the door. The chanting woman violently stabs the toothbrush. Paul is about to kick in the door, but it opens gently by itself. His wife lies dead on the floor, blood dribbling from her mouth. One of her teeth slides toward the drain in the sink.
Raider of the Lost Convention
Conventions? Why did it have to be conventions?
The name’s Jones. Jasminka Jones – I wish… I am preparing for one of the most unusual undertakings of my life: attending a Supernatural Convention. A European adventuress and a human psyche’s archaeologist I am equipped with leather jacket, gorgeous heels and a whippy mind and ready to board that plane that will take me all across the great divide to Los Angeles. The city of angels…
What am I going to find there? Angels? Demons? Real Ghostbusters?
Since the last convention in November, beautifully covered by Alice, who was actually there, various news found us – Supernatural won the People’s Choice Award for Best SciFi/Fantasy show. Cast and crew have celebrated their 100th episode (to air on April 15th) and given a special thank-you message to the fans on that occasion.
Jensen Ackles got engaged. Jared Padalecki got engaged and is now a married man. Impostors have pretended to be Jensen and Jared on twitter and/or facebook which made the actors voice an official statement via their faithful bodyguard. All this caused a massive uproar in the fandom, and not always of the polite or pleasant kind (which might have contributed to the Supernatural fandom earning the doubtful honour of being awarded the ‘craziest’ fan base around).
And it was announced that Supernatural would be back for a sixth season. 
"A Very Supernatural Christmas"
--Robin's Rambles by Robin Vogel
This episode would be on my top 10 list of favorites. It's a really sick episode with a heartwarming brotherly ending, filled with really terrible sick, funny stuff, including terrorizing children, which is SO cruel and wrong for a Christmas episode. Plus we learn where Dean got his necklace, watch Sam get his forefinger nail pulled out and I cry buckets more than once. I laugh, I cry, I wonder how the censors allowed this episode to be shown at all, to ANYONE!
The word "SPECIAL" in tacky 70's colors spins toward the camera, followed by "A SPECIAL PRESENTATION". I used to see that all the time, and it brought such warm memories into my head. A year ago, eager little Stevie greets his grandfather at the door and assures him he's been a good boy this year. Well, says Grandpa as they pass a beautifully decorated Christmas tree, maybe you'll get presents, then. Later, an open-mouthed, excited Stevie spies from the staircase as Santa (Grandpa dressed as him) arranges gifts around the Christmas tree from a huge sack. Loud, strange sounds from the roof cause Santa to look up in concern and Stevie to declare, "Reindeer!" Soot starts falling into the fireplace; Grandpa-Santa goes to look up there. As Stevie watches, Santa, amidst the sound of crunching bones and cries of pain, is grabbed up the chimney. A bloody boot falls to the floor. "Santa?" says Stevie uncertainly.
A Christmas ball lights up and explodes. The screen gets snowy. In the middle of the screen, we see "A Very" in red letters, "SUPERNATURAL" in blue, "Christmas" in red. A mini Santa hat falls down and hangs crookedly on the first A in SUPERNATURAL. The word "very" flicks in and out and finally goes out. We hear bells. 
This is a very creepy opening!
Destiny….or not?
This article is brought to you by my aggravation and annoyance every time someone says "It had to be you Sammy, it always had to be you!”  Do any of you get frustrated by that phase?  I do.  I don’t believe everything that has happened, or will happen, was determined since the dawn of time, either in this world or in the Winchester world. And as this whole destiny issue has increasingly become an underlying point in the myth arc, I thought it was time to  look into what the angels and demoms have been babbling about for 2 years, and see how it all fits together…….or not…….
Since season three, we have been told that it had to be Sam, no other choice. However, once the angels got involved, it wasn't just Sam, it was also Dean. There was no indication any where prior to season five that it also had to be Dean.  Let’s see….. how many times have the boys died? You’d think if they were predestined to be meant for the big ‘showdown’, they would have been more protected. Maybe have archangels tethered to them as well? However, we are told Sam was always meant to be Lucifer’s vessel, and Dean, Michael’s sword. Their human ancestry decided by a ‘higher authority’ using Cupid’s arrows to match the right people for the ultimate vessels directly descended from Cain and Abel, a very interesting twist to the Winchester gospel.
If you’re into genealogy, you will know in ancient times, when methods of transportation were slower, and moving more difficult over long distances, families in small communities married into each other over many generations. There just weren’t a lot of choices. In the world of genealogy, it is a given that a family’s history is its own back through four generations. After that, everyone is related to everyone else.   Cain and Abel would have passed on their genes equally, even if you factor in the biblical account of Noah’s Ark. Also, if Cain and Abel were suitable vessels for archangels, so would have been Adam and Eve, since Cain and Abel would have had to inherit the ability from their parents. However the selective breeding program does bring up the interesting concept of Sam’s powers. He certainly inherited them from somewhere! But does that make him predestined to be Lucifer’s vessel? So far, Sam’s powers don’t seem to enter into the equation, only the bloodline. But all it not said and done yet. Anyway, from a biblical stand point, all are equally suited to be hosts, which is kind of creepy really. But, from a genealogy stand point, we are all related to Jensen and Jared, and that’s just plain cool! 
"Fresh Blood"
--Robin's Rambles by Robin Vogel

Gordon Walker is out of prison and needs to find out where Sam is so he can kill him. He knows Bela has recently been hanging out with the brothers in Massachusetts, so he waits by her car and sticks a huge gun in her face, demanding to know where they are. "Kill me," says Bela, "and good luck finding the Winchester boys." He offers her three grand, but she doesn't get out of bed for that. Noticing a priceless mojo bag hanging from his belt, she says she'll take that and call it even. He refuses at first, but gives in when he realizes it's that or no info. Bela calls Dean, asks "Where are you?" and apparently gets the information. WHY he would so easily trust her enough tell her is beyond me, given their sketchy relationship, but I don't write the show, do I?