Here it is, the transcription of my round table interview with Jared Padalecki at today’s “Supernatural” press room at Comic Con. We were very fortunate to get five minutes with him and we learned a lot in that short time, likely because he talks pretty fast.  Out of all the people we talked to, Jared spoiled the most. Beware, this is some major stuff. He also gave nice long answers. 

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! Major spoilers coming out of the Supernatural press room today. I’ve tweeted a lot of them but here they are in order of how I received them. This is only stuff in notes and off the top of my head. The more detailed transcripts will be published later. Remember MAJOR SPOILERS coming. You have been warned.
Hey everyone, I’m having a great time at Comic Con! More reports are coming soon, but in the meantime, a few people on Twitter wanted to know what I heard in “The Vampire Diaries” press room. Here is what I remember off the cuff without going through transcripts. If you squint hard enough, there might be some minor spoilers, but no one was giving away much. 
-          This season is going to gravitate more toward Damon embracing his gentler and good side, while Stefan is going more toward his darker side. There’s going be a big emotional push in their struggles and no doubt Katherine will be in the center.  Paul Wesley speculated that's really going to push Stefan into some angry territory just because of what he is.  He has only seen the scripts from the first two episodes though and doesn't know too much.  
-          In that big hot kiss between Damon and Elena, that was really Katherine. Ian Somerhandler said that when Damon finds out he will be pissed, but he could have been talking more from a speculative standpoint than actual fact.
-          Matthew Davis (Alaric) says that the partnership between his character and Damon will definitely continue. He joked it’s kind of a “bromance.” He loves working with Ian and they have great fun doing their scenes together. This part has also evolved into nothing he’s expected and he likes that. When asked what’s coming from his character in the season premiere, he smiled and said he couldn’t tell us. 
-          The second season will have Tyler becoming a werewolf and the mystery behind the Lockwood family will be unfolded.
-          Executive Producer Kevin Williamson said they will dig deeper into the 1864 backstory. They will reveal a lot more about Katherine that even Stefan and Damon didn’t know. There is so much story there left to tell. 
-          Everyone was a buzz about the preview that was showed in the panel where Katherine has come back for Stefan, not Damon. The cast was smiling a bit about that one but wouldn’t give away much. Ian speculated that we don’t know a lot about Katherine and her intention is still unclear. He also thinks Damon is a very lonely guy and uses humor to mask that intense pain.
-          Steven R. McQueen toyed with us, for he knows what happens to Jeremy but won’t tell us. He spent most of his time with us explaining his character deep down and how Jeremy clings onto one love because he has nothing else. 
-          Nina Dobrev is excited about getting this chance to play a dual role and finds both Elena and Katherine to be two of the best characters on television. She wouldn’t say if Elena will go toward Stefan or Damon. She also promised that the season premiere will be amazing.
-          Julie Plec called the relationship between Stefan, Damon, Elena, and Katherine as a “love square.” Complications galore! 
-          Multiple cast members and Executive Producer Julie Plec were blown away by the packed hall of over 4,000 at this year’s panel. Julie Plec remembered that last years was in a much smaller room and most everyone there was to see the Mythbusters panel after theirs. The audience last year rolled their eyes over the most romantic part of the pilot. 
Okay, that’s all I got. It was really fun seeing a packed press room this year (it was half the people last year) and this show coming to the con as a success instead of a question mark. Everyone was awesome to talk to and seemed gracious to be there. 
Kind readers, in need for fun on a really tough working day, I had to escape to a place where happiness, laughter and Supernatural was to be found... so, I figured I'd limerick a bit... Have fun going through this and - if you like - compose your own limericks, silly, dirty, angry limericks.... you name it. You're invited to spin your minds...
First off, bad news everyone, take a deep breath, sit down, grab a tissue or your pillow or puppy, kitten, bunny, frog, lizard - whatever it is that helps you get through bad news. Okay. Is everyone set? Good. I'm sorry to have to be the one to tell you this but Hellatus is halfway done. That's right. I'm sorry to say that we have reached the mid-point of 2010 Hellatus and there's nowhere to go but quickly into the new season. 
Everyone all right? Okay. Remember, together we can manage the fact that soon Hellatus will be all over and there will be nothing to do but enjoy a new episode of Supernatural each and every week.  Darn. Jas' couch is always open so pile on if you need to.
The question of faith has been a crucial one throughout the show. Not only when it comes to religious matters, but also in terms of trust between brothers, believing in friendship and family, the one of blood and the one that doesn’t end with blood.
We have rarely seen any of our heroes actually pray, though we have been informed that they do. Sam, for instance, told us that he used to do it every day (and I still wonder whether he continued to do so after finding out the quality of some heavenly angels). And Dean was pleading for help a couple of times. 
I'm pleased to be posting another guest article from Laurel.  It's been a long while since we've had a Top Ten (or 11 in this case) article, so enjoy!


Yes, eleven.  Dare to be different.

Note that a fair few of these characters have just about zero chance of coming back (I suppose I can’t actually say they won’t ever return; this is Supernatural, after all), but I don’t care.  Pipe dreams never hurt anyone.  

Starring Misha Collins (Supernatural), Torri Higginson (Stargate Atlantis), Hill Harper (CSI:NY), Peter Wingfield (Highlander)

Okay all you Misha fans out there.  Did any of you catch his SyFy movie Stonehenge Apocalypse?  I did, and I was very surprised. I was expecting the same 'ol SyFy, but instead found this an above average movie for the network.  The generic title makes it sound like just another doomsday movie going in, but the thread of the story is all tied together pretty nicely.  The script manages to offer a few new ideas, and they actually paid attention to small details as well, which added to the attraction. I was actually interested in most of the characters and wanted all to survive…all the good ones that is.  Baddies go into the pit.

As promised, here are the detailed transcripts from the panels held on Sunday at Creations Salute to Supernatural in Parsippany, NJ.  The panelists in order were Katherine Boecher (Lilith), Samantha Smith (Mary Winchester), Misha Collins (Castiel) and Rob Benedict (Chuck).