This weekend I attended my first SPN convention, and it was a blast! I have to say that the highlight of my weekend was the opportunity to have a semi-private Q&A with the classy,  witty, soft-spoken and all-around genuine Mr. Jensen Ackles-a very sophisticated gentleman!

I always get geeked out over an Edlund script. The guy is a master. I know what sort of thing I’m going to get and he rarely disappoints. There’s usually some outrageous dialogue, something pretty darned gross, and a story with well plotted twists and turns that exposes ramifications we’ve never considered before. Plus he is the master of pushing angst. â€œThe Third Man” didn’t disappoint and despite the new feel of the season, the classic Ben Edlund style is still present under that new facade. Welcome to the best written episode of the six season so far. 

This week's upcoming episode is a big first.  It's the directorial debut of Jensen Ackles!  It's Monday, so here are some clips to wet our appetite until Friday.  By wet our appetite, I mean drive us stark raving insane for more until then.  

It's time once again to take a look at some of the visuals for "Two and a Half Men."  John Showalter directed this episode, his second for Supernatural. His previous episode was "Dean Men Don't Wear Plaid."  Because this episode wasn't also saddled with setting up the premise for the new season, I think there was a little more room to play around with shots and things like that.  So, in chronological order once again, here are some things I liked about "Two and a Half Men."

A hooker, Sam? Really? You should NEVER need to pay any woman to have sex with you! NEVER! Except for the anonymity, I guess, but even the hookers want to give you freebies, you're that GOOD!
It was a memorable outing today for Jared and Misha at the Salute To Supernatural Convention breakfast for gold ticket holders.  They arrived late, muttering something about running a marathon) were in rare and fine form this morning.  Here's the rundown in no particular order based on some random notes of my part.  Also, anything I write is going to be pretty dry compared to actually being there.  These guys spent a lot of time joking and having tons of fun with each other and the audience.  So, if a video has leaked onto you tube, check it out.  They were that entertaining.  

You just know that when Ben Edlund discovered that he was writing the episode that returned Cas he bounded into the writers’ room declaring… “I’ve got the scene, you know THE SCENE!” Then he immediately regales all present with the joys of mocking (in a loving and respectful way) the fandom as to who Castiel prefers, Sam or Dean.

Whew, that’s better.  A fun episode to recap!  Granted, not easier.  This recap is actually lengthier than the season premiere.  So much to both squeal about and ponder.  Let’s get started...

Wow, episode three already!  It's Ben Edlund's turn, and he gets to depict the grand return of Castiel!  Up tonight, "The Third Man."  

After watching the episode, let us know what you think!  Unfortunately, I'm currently in Chicago for this weekend's "Salute to Supernatural" convention.  That's not the bad news (watch for reports in the next few days from me and Sablegreen who is here too!).  No, the bad news is Supernatural is FREAKING PRE-EMPTED IN CHICAGO TONIGHT!!  It seems the Bulls game is more important to them.  It will not air until tomorrow night in Chi-Town.  I'm going to do everything in my ability to get a copy of the episode before that time, but if not, you won't be hearing from me until at least late tomorrow, maybe Sunday.  

So, I feel your pain International folks!  For the rest of you, please share and discuss.  For those that want to check out a few spoilers in advance, Sablegreen has updated the Spoiler Page with a nice summary.  

Enjoy the episode everyone, no matter when you actually get to see it.