Season 6 Musings, by Elle2
With about five weeks left until the start of Season 6 I find my self wondering just what we’ll see in Season 6. So, I decided to put fingers to keyboard and get my musings out and find out what others are wondering.
First off, there will be some spoilers in this article. I’ve read the Comic Con reports, seen some behind-the-scene photos on Spoiler TV and read an interview or two from the writers and producers of the show, so my musings have in part been formed by that material. If you avoid anything of the sort, stop reading now.
Okay. For those of us that don’t avoid spoilers of that kind the rest of the article is fair game. This is simply my wonderings and some hopes of Season 6. It’s merely to whet the appetite, nothing more.
Bashing of John Winchester, by Elle2
John’s character is complicated to say the least, but has he been unfairly bashed in seasons of late?  My curiosity on this was sparked by hearing an interview with Jeffrey Dean Morgan in which he admitted that he’d not been watching the show, too busy and who can blame the man, but that he had heard that the character has been somewhat bashed of late. Since I’ve seen some comments to that effect throughout Season 5 mostly on BuddyTV, coupled with JDM’s comments, I thought I’d take a look at the character of John Winchester and see if he has truly been bashed or if it was something else going on; to me, it was something else.

As I've said many times ad nauseum, I discovered "Supernatural" in season three. I started blogging about "Supernatural" in March of that season (during the writer's strike). When I did my first recap of "Bad Day At Black Rock" after it ran in repeats, I was a green blogger who had no freaking idea how to do a proper recap. It's been my goal to slowly fix those mistakes. So, here's one more down. "Bad Day At Black Rock" along with "A Very Supernatural Christmas" and "Mystery Spot" are the season three episodes now crossed off that bad recap list.
In picking which episode to recap next it had to be a comedy. I desperately needed something light. Faster than you can say "I lost my shoe" a choice was made. Time to get my season three hat on. It fits kind of nice, but then again I've always had a soft spot for season three.

In light of the recent controversial mudslinging about this site and even our intrepid leader, I felt it was time to reflect on what the Winchester Family Business is truly about.

I stumbled upon Alice 's episode reviews the summer between season three and four and followed her from Blogcritics to this site. It has changed in many ways since the early days, but the core is still the same. For me, the WFB is a safe haven to unite with people from all walks of life about a show that we each love and characters that bring us back week after week. It is a site with a dedicated creator who goes above and beyond to bring us information about the show, whether it 's from comic con or interviews with the behind-the-scenes show-runners.

At the Winchester Family Business, we are invited to write our own articles expressing our individual interpretations and opinions about our great show. We have the psychological analysis, beautiful reviews, thoughtful discussions, clever games, great humour and even poetry and song-writing. Many talented individuals contribute to the Winchester Family Business and it is a pleasure to be sharing the show with so many different and wonderful minds. I have learned a great deal as a member of the Winchester Family Business, from the intricacies of the close-captioning on television to the way ratings are gathered and interpreted to the artistry of camera angles and score selection involved in episodes. There is so much more that what we just see week-to-week on our televisions and the Winchester Family Business is a world where all of these things can be discussed and appreciated.

This site is truly a safe haven for me. I know that I can come here and gain insights into the show, understand a variety of opinions and even disagree with them, without my personal character being attacked. I can come here and laugh. I can commiserate over the death of TV character that moved me to tears. I know that I can visit this site and have people who understand why I threaten death to anyone who interrupts me Thursday 's at 9. I know that at any given time, if I say “Winchester” or “wayward son” there is a whole community of people whose minds also instantly summon the Supernatural characters and world when these phrases are spoken. When I move overseas in the fall, I know that this site will be a touchstone when I am very far away from real-life family and friends. The Winchester Family Business is a wonderful community that has become an important part of my life.

Alice created this site, and she maintains it and though I didn 't create it, I do feel like it 's “my site” too. Just the way “my street” is my community; I feel protective of and love this site. Thank you, Alice for this fabulous site that brings us all together and for continuing to keep it a clean and positive environment in which to love our show.

So, I put it to my fellow writers – what does this site mean to you?
A hero is the one who does what he can. The others don’t.
Romain Rolland
Two independent, gutsy, at times goofy guys in a gorgeous classic car, some of the best rock music ever written, constantly blaring from the radio, a new town each day, all across the country – the epitome of the all American road trip.
Now, let me try this: two interdependent, damaged, albeit still functioning young men in an often absent father’s car, inner voices of guilt, fear and invalidation incessantly at work, seeking some kind of redemption by fighting evil as they go – the poster image of a ‘how-to-survive-under-the-most-traumatic-of-circumstances’ guidebook.

Both statements are true.

But there is more to it.
From the beginning of Supernatural, and even more as we have been taken further into the Winchester story, I couldn’t help but wonder: How do they survive? How do they manage to keep their sanity? As insane as some of their actions might seem, considering their psychophysical state within clinical standards, they do not show signs of – what a layman might call – insanity.
However – Sam and Dean Winchester experience one traumatic event after another, from early childhood on and even more these days as we follow their footsteps on a weekly basis to a more than ever uncertain future. The black and white days of the first episodes are long over, which adds to the fascination of the show, but also makes their journey a more intricate one. By the end of the fifth season the fate of the whole planet rested on their shoulders.
Sam showing us he's a pyromaniac at heart... 
It's called Supernatural, so of course magic is everywhere, even quotidian one might say, the highways and byways of America full of pointy-capped Gandalfs spreading joy and expensive special effects. Forgive me being painfully and uncomically glib, but I've rewritten this intro at least 79 times so let's get right to the heart of this essay: is there magic in Supernatural, and if so – it is indeed so, Number One, duh – how is it both defined and presented?
Here we go with part 2 of the Top 22 Previously Unseen Supernatural Beings I Want In Season 6.  These are the top 11, the cream of the creepy crop.  If any of these show up in an episode, I will be one happy fan.  On to the monsters!