In the grand tradition of mindless fun started all the way back in season four, it’s time for a popular and great work time killer. Yes, it’s “Rank Them in Five Minutes.” The rules are simple. I list all twenty-two episodes in season five and in five minutes you rank them from best to worst. The idea is by giving you very little time for contemplation, a list is generated more on gut reaction. There’s no going backward or changing your mind. The best part is, there’s no right answer and everyone’s list usually ends up being so different. In other words, opinions not only subjective, they’re entertaining!
Let’s get started. Here’s the list:
Sympathy For The Devil
Good God Y’all
Free To Be You and Me
The End
Fallen Idols
I Believe The Children Are Our Future
The Curious Case of Dean Winchester
Changing Channels
The Real Ghostbusters
Abandon All Hope
Sam, Interrupted
Swap Meat
The Song Remains The Same
My Bloody Valentine
Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid
Dark Side of The Moon
99 Problems
Point of No Return
Hammer of The Gods
The Devil You Know
Two Minutes To Midnight
Swan Song
(For Part One, the link is here).

 Teddy bears

Leave it to Ben Edlund to bring a warm, fuzzy childhood companion to life as a 7-foot bipolar nutjob. He’s scarier than a real bear. Tea parties are strongly discouraged.
I'm going to warn you all right now, this is a 100 percent lovefest. I think many people were unfairly critical of the episode and I'm determined to spell out in exhaustive detail why every single scene is sheer calcuated brilliance. Oh, but in doing that, you’re also in store for one crazy ass long recap. Seriously, it’s a novel. So make sure you’re stocked up on both coffee and Kleenexes. It’s time to kick off this intense emotional rollercoaster. 

First off is the grand tradition we know and love of our season finales. I've even been guilty thus far of failing to mention this in light of the rest of the episode being so good, but you know a finale is good when the most understated part of the ep is the traditional "Carry On Wayward Son" montage. What can I say about this montage? It's great as usual and sums up season five pretty nicely. My favorite bit oddly enough is that great shot of Dean leaning against the Impala in "Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid” although I’ll admit my emotions leapt when I saw Sam and Dean’s reaction to Ellen and Jo blowing up in the hardware store. That gets me every time too. 

Now for the finale (gulp!). This intro wasn't all what I expected. It starts documentary style, showing old footage of a Chevy being built on the assembly line in Janesville, Wisconsin in 1967. I think one of my Ford cars was built in that town too. I'm instantly emotional, for this is pure gold for a car buff born and raised in Detroit. Chuck is doing the narration and I adore his sentimental style with his storytelling all through this episode as well as the narrator's charming score.

He brings up April 21, 1967, when the 100th million GM vehicle rolled off the assembly line in Janesville. It was a blue two door Caprice.  I never understood the difference between a Caprice and an Impala. Thanks to wikipedia, I found out. They're the same car body wise but the Caprice had more luxury features. So that proves the Impala wasn't a glory car. Anyway, there was a big ceremony and speeches. "Even the Lt. Governor showed up." Too funny! Our Lt. Governor is too busy running for Senate now, which makes these Mickey Mouse ceremonies perfect for him. He'll show up at the opening of an auto parts store right now.

vlcsnap 00007
Loss And Grief – A Door For Two Brothers
As our favourite show’s finale Swan Song and the emotions it conjured up in me still rage through my system, occasionally like a thunderstorm, then again like a breeze that’s a tad too harsh, a short time into the summer hiatus I can’t stop thinking about it.

So, I’m going to snuggle into that couch of mine and take the Winchesters with me, as they are in such need for comfort as many of us are… trying to give their horrific situation some sense and meaning.

Again, Dean has lost his brother and Sam had to go. Experiencing the death of a loved one is fairly common on planet Supernatural. And we could assume they must be well enough acquainted with it to cope with the phenomenon easily.
And that assumption would be wrong.

The experience of loss is never the same. Neither for Sam nor Dean nor any of us. The intensity of grief is never the same, but varies according to our state of mind and the events responsible for our loss. It’s not only the kind of pain that settles into your mind - it also claims your body. This endangers the healing process right at the beginning, and perhaps at this moment healing, indeed, it not possible, yet.
How do you watch your Supernatural? By Elle2
It’s here, Hellatus 2010. [Deep breath in, hold for a moment; relax and breathe out.]
Here we go, Supernatural Siblings, somewhere between 119 days and 133 days until the next new episode. [Based on suspected start date]
So, here is the first of many Hellatus articles I have planned, and already written. I won’t list out to you what is already written and what is intended to be written or what is in the process of being written but I will tell you that I started writing all these various articles in mid-April, just after the 100th episode. I realized then that Hellatus 2010 was going to be harder than I had initially thought and knew I had to do my part to assist everyone, including myself, in making it through. We’re in this together. I’ll do my part, you do yours…come, read, add a comment, submit an article, vote in a poll, watch your DVDs…every little bit helps.
This is fluff, fluff and pure fluff to get us started but worry not, I’ve got some analysis, some meat and some character and writer bits coming…that’s all I’ll tell you ‘cause I said a few sentences ago I wouldn’t go into what else was coming; time to get into this bit of fluff and send us all on our merry way.
The “Things to Ruin” List
Eric Kripke is on a mission! With cheerfully warped and macabre assistance from his writers, just how many ostensibly good things can be ruined by Supernatural? We’ve heard the Krip keeps a list of loose ends he wants to tie up on a whiteboard—that obsessive-compulsive streak is one of the many reasons I adore the man. It’s fun to imagine that he also keeps a “Things to Ruin” list on that board, cackling and rubbing his hands with glee every time he gets to cross something off. Mission accomplished!
The idea for this piece came from a comment from Alice along the lines of “Cross that off the Things to Ruin list.” I cracked up when I read it, as well as Bethany’s response to the “Home” recap. Credit for the first item on the list goes to her! I thought it might be fun to take the idea further and see how many things I could come up with. And it’s bound to get longer--with a sixth season in the works, they’re sure to make admirable progress on the list in the coming year. I can’t wait to see what twisted awesomeness they come up with next!
The list that follows is in no particular order. Some of these are more amusing than others. Some will no doubt make you groan, so keep those rotten tomatoes handy! Let’s start with:
Don't get me wrong: I am more pumped about season 6 after watching "Swan Song" than I was before I saw it.  I'm really excited about where the show could go next year with all signs pointing toward a return to a more personal and intimate show, maybe a la season 2, and I can't wait to watch.  And since the only other show I religiously follow on TV is LOST, if Supernatural had ended this year, I would have been cast adrift in TV land with nothing to look forward to every week.

And yet...

This episode just felt like a series finale and not a season finale.  It just felt right somehow.  Kripke has always said he had a five-year plan for the show, and this was it.  It was always about family, about how the love for your brother and the strength to stand by him could withstand any challenge, even an Apocalypse.  Both Sam and Dean made incredible sacrifices to save humanity, Sam by giving up his life and Dean by giving up his brother.  They made their own choices, followed their own path.  Free will versus destiny, and free will prevailed.  What more could one want in a series finale?
Once again, we're honored to be sharing the English translation of the interview with Chad Lindberg (Ash - calm down Suze) done by Supernatural Russia.  Thank you so much Marta for letting us republish this here.
A swan song is a farewell. Swan Song is also the name of Led Zeppelin's record label.  That's so Eric Kripke.  Nothing has ever been as it seems with his scripts and "Swan Song" is no exception. The episode took on the ambitious task of closing out a mushrooming mytharc in one fell swoop and has sparked plenty of fervent fan debate. In other words, mission accomplished.
This is not an easy fandom to please. Eric Kripke went into this season five closer with the hardest task a creator and showrunner has to face. He had the pressure of trying to satisfy one of the most outspoken fanbases in the world. What he delivered was nothing short of a miracle. This episode is Kripke's love letter to all those fans that have stuck with him this long and taken his pet project farther than anyone ever thought possible. It's also for those fans that have constantly been a pain in his side demanding closure. 
Chuck the Prophet, who is known to be the voice of Kripke being interjected into the story, couldn't have said it any better. "Endings are hard. Any chapped ass monkey with a keyboard can poop out a beginning, but endings are impossible. You try to tie up every loose end but you never can. The fans are always gonna bitch, there's always going to be holes, and since it's the ending its all supposed to add up to something but I'm telling you they're a raging pain in the ass." That sounds like projecting to me, but no one has earned that right more. No one has deflected more hits for so long.  No one else though loves the fans more.
Out of all his scripts, "Swan Song" was written with the most heart.  Kripke wanted to deliver something memorable, something the fans would cherish for years to come. He's approached all his scripts like that though. The fan experience has always been a priority, but he also had an epic tale to share. I don't know of anyone who has done a better job of maintaining that balance of staying true to the story while keeping fans actively engaged.