Love, love, love, love! this episode. "Home" is one of my personal favorites; my blue funk, down in the dumps, reaching for pint of Haagen-Dazs and settling in for a long night of comfort episodes. It's the episode that put season one back on course in a major way. It's the game changer that helped define the rest of the series to come. How much can I gush about this one? They went for kick-you-in-the-gut emotion and nailed it. The score is as dramatic as the family drama, violins and all. It's easily the most emotionally powerful episode of season one.   Sam's a psychic. Who knew? Not that there's an obvious trail of hints leading up to that, because there isn't. Sam's finally forced to tell Dean the truth in order to save Jenny and her family. Dean takes it about as well as one would think. "Come again?" That would have been my reaction. 
Before I post tonight's smile inducing entry from Karen, who shares her hiatus blues to rhyme in her own ingenius way (not to mention giving me a huge "Aw shucks" reaction), I wanted to make an official announcement.  Welcome Karen officially to The Winchester Family Business writing team!  Her poems have been so clever, heartwarming, touching, amusing, and downright awesome and I'm pleased to be able to post them.  Hers is indeed a unique talent that we're thrilled to showcase.  Below is her bio, which will also be found in the "Who Are We?" section.   

is our resident poet, finding extraordinary ways to share her love for Supernatural through poems.  She's married with one child, who’s in her first year of University.  She's from Southern Ontario and has worked for a large company for the past 30 years.  She found Supernatural the night they aired "Nightmare" and was immediately hooked. However due to shift work and a temperamental VCR, she was only able to catch a few episodes the first season and about half the second.  She was finally able to find the first season on DVD and caught up before season two’s came out. By the start of season three she had a digital box that she could record from and hasn't missed an episode since.

Welcome Karen!  We're thrilled to have officially be a part now of this crazy stuff we do.


The Supernatural Hiatus Blues
Well the hiatus just started and it's a long one at that.
Eight weeks to survive, 56 days to combat.
But wait what is this! I could just shriek,
For Elle2 just informed they've added a week.
Nine whole weeks! I need a drink, where's the booze?
Oh my! I'm coming down with the Hiatus Blues.
But Hey! I m strong, I can get thru without the brothers.
After all the first week is no different from the others.
I have my family and friends to help me pull thru.
There's always my work keeping me busy too.
And I have my DVD's, with lots of episodes to choose.
This will help me from the Hiatus Blues.
We're in the second week and I'm starting to fade.
I can't keep this up, this phony charade.
I guess I'm not as strong, with so many weeks still counting.
I'm starting to hyperventilate, my anxiety is mounting.
I need to calm down, I need to defuse.
Oh how I hate the Hiatus Blues.
"Bugs" is quite a monumental episode you know. Even to this day, when we switch off a weak effort like "Fallen Idols" or "Family Remains," our instant reaction is "Ah well, it wasn't Bugs." I've said it before and I say it again. Welcome to not only the worst episode of the entire series, but I think they actually show this episode in film schools now as a warning to students not to stoop to this level. Not if they want to work.  The really sad irony in all this is that poor poor Kim Manners was saddled with having to direct in this young show of his, this next major step in his brilliant career, the most unworkable script on the planet. It was logistically impossible. He begged Eric Kripke not to do it. Jensen and Jared, the unwitting victims, had little choice but to read their bad lines and hop in a tent full of thousands of angry bees.  No wonder their supposed all night stand only lasted three minutes. To this day, I'm working how Jensen didn't walk off the set after being told to provoke these bees with an impromptu flamethrower. 
Supernatural is one of the most amazing TV shows to be developed in a long time, and Dean Winchester is one of its amazing characters. He is a three dimensional, dynamic, realistic person brought to life by the incredible team of writers on the series and the extraordinary acting of Jensen Ackles. Jensen’s intense acting range and the depth of his talent gives him the subtlety to depict the complex and multilayered character of Dean Winchester with honesty and empathy, allowing us to feel Dean's pain, anger and happiness. I believe the writers and Jensen have done as awesome job of presenting, developing and nurturing the character, and believe in giving praise and credit where it is due. The best writers in the world can create the best character in the world, but if they don’t have an extremely adept actor to play the part, their character will never come to life. And the opposite is true as well. No matter how talented the actor, a poorly written script will give a writer a mediocre character at best. We have been fortunate to be blessed with both on Supernatural
There are many layers of Dean Winchester’s complicated personality. His actions are believable and understandable, a character many Supernatural fans can relate to very easily. Some simplify his character to that of being his brother’s keeper, but to do that not only takes away from both characters, but also from the richness of the story being told.
Ugh. I remember after watching "Red Sky At Morning" in repeats I did a review claiming it was one of the worst episodes ever. There were only four others worse. Guess what made that exclusive list? Yep, "Hookman." Granted number one on that list is tomorrow's episode, but I'm getting ahead of myself. 
This episode just stinks. Who knew the hookman legend on film is really boring? No, here, it's worse than cheesy horror. As the German dude in "The Real Ghostbusters" said, "Sigh." You won't get a worse guest actress that the preacher's daughter, Lori. Her and Sam? A pair of throw rugs have more chemistry than they do. This is easily one of Jared's worst performances, probably because he had no idea who Sam was at this point. Likely because the writing thus far made him a different person every week. Sam took interest in this girl so soon after Jessica's death? This piece of wood? Considering we learn in later seasons what a dirty boy Sam really is, chances are it's a preacher's daughter thing. 
Oh, this one's a doozy. You've got to admit, when trying to pick memorable episodes, "Skin" comes to mind. Upon watching this again, I forgot how much I liked it. It's not one I watch often. It's just too gross. However, there are some big bonuses. First, this is one of the best music selections for an episode. Forget how cool "In-Gadda-Da-Vida" is during that stunning and pretty graphic opening.   The entire sequence with "Hey Man Nice Shot" is thrilling and one of the best musical scenes done on this show. One of the freaking grossest too. But hey, a young show needs to make a statement. 
Quoting Supernatural
If you know what’s out there and once hoped to live a normal, apple pie life, you are quoting Supernatural. Needless to say, you despise chick flick moments and don’t do shorts, because saving people, hunting things is your calling.
After a while you find that this whole gig ain’t without perks, and the apple pie is freakin’ worth it. Furthermore, you are convinced that you’re not gonna die in a hospital where the nurses aren’t even hot, because after coming back from the dead you have been re-hymenated. And the dude will not abide.
So, fearlessly, you go on fighting, like your man Jack would, realizing that you get demons, but people are crazy, and, since his jokes are Bush league, you order your shotgun to shut his cakehole, while you’re quoting Supernatural.
When you’re happy to be tackling a straightforward, black and white case, you find that you’re a whole new level of freak. You don’t care, though, as M.Night level douchiness does not scare you, and when the greatest hits of mullet rock are on, you become the star of the zombie-ghost-orgy and hellfire rumba – and, don’t tell anyone, you’re quoting Supernatural.
Sometimes you meet a girl-drink drunk and no talent douchebags wearing sunglasses at night, but nevertheless you face Mission Pathetic in your loved-off MacGyver jacket, because you know that your friend built a ghost-proof panic room to hide in and you’ll always find a hoodoo priest to lay some mojo on you. You may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but you face with courage that river of crap that would send most people howling to the nuthouse, while you never stop quoting Supernatural.
Because clowns kill, you’re so occupied with honest-to-goodness monster hunts that your food in the fridge is not food anymore, it’s Darwinism, and, yes, it’s Supernatural, because all it takes are a couple of severed heads and a pile of dead cows and you’re Mr Sunshine, which is a whole new level of moronic, even for you.
Sometimes, though, you get careful, trying not to bruise this fine packaging, so you decide to rather man the flashlight instead of a gun and get gutsy by drinking purple nurples in a cheap bar, since you’re really pretty sure that will get you an actual case involving strippers.
And as long Santa’s shady brother or Ghostfacers don’t get in your way, as long as you don’t end up on soul plane, become a hellhound’s chew toy or an angel condom you will stay a bucket of sunshine and stop the big bad wolf and you will continue to be a rebel with a badge, frying ghosts extra crispy, dreaming of lollipops and candy canes, all the while quoting Supernatural. 
Many women have crossed the landscape of Supernatural.  They cover a variety of types:  maternal – Mary, Ellen, Missouri; some are lovers, Jessica, Cassie; some had potential for love/lover status Layla, Sarah, Madison, Lindsey, Jo; some were manipulative, Meg, Ruby, Bela; some were ‘in the right place at the right time’, Dr. Cara, Anna; andthere are the many damsels in distress.  For purposes of this article the ‘generic’ damsels in distress won’t be a focus, however, they might get a mention…maybe.

Many fans get overwrought when a woman character shows any interest in ‘the boys’, certain it seems that the CW and/or Eric Kripke are ruining the show by introducing ‘love interests’ or possible ‘love interests’ into the mix.  I’ll call those fans purists, the ones who only want Sam and Dean, two brothers fighting evil, killing evil, saving people and hunting with only each other to rely on.  I believe those fans are of the opinion that Sam should only have eyes for Jessica and that Dean should forever be devoted to mom and that no one, no one should force the boys to be with women as it messes with the core of the show; two brothers, driving the back roads, fighting evil.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with anyone who holds such an opinion, the purpose of this article is not to bash or berate or otherwise offend anyone’s sensibilities.  If you hold that opinion, that’s awesome.  It’s your opinion and by definition it is neither right nor wrong, it’s simply yours.  

The purpose of this article is to explore what I think women; especially women that the boys sleep with -- although others will get some discussion -- bring to the characters of Sam and Dean.  I believe the writers have been especially brilliant in using sex to show us another layer of the boys, you have to look for it, you have to analyze it and you have to ponder it at times but hey…it’s winter Hellatus, what else you got to do?

It's interesting how I'll easily cite the first half of season one as the weakest part of the series yet find two early episodes in a row I adore. Going for creep factor instead of emotional drama of "Phantom Traveler" serves "Blood Mary" very well.  As I said in a previous article, I think this is the creepiest episode ever done.