“The way I look at it, it’s really not jumping the shark if you never come back down.” —Chuck the Prophet

I welcome another guest author!  Fs425 has come up with a real fun (and lighthearted) look at the search for Sam Winchester's true personality.  Enjoy!



Every dedicated Supernatural fan will tell you they know everything there is to know about Dean Winchester. He loves classic rock, classic cars, David Hasselhoff , cheeseburgers and pie, he wears the same leather jacket, the same necklace (until recently) and has even had the same hair style for the past 5 seasons.  But what about Sam?! What are his likes and dislikes? The poor guy still really hasn’t figured out his place in the world, I mean just look at him!

And we're back!  Finally.  Let's just jump right into the recap for webisode 7, shall we?  This one clocks in at 2:55.  When we last saw the Ghostfacers, they realized that Janet's screentest film might have captured her soul, and that's why she was still around.  I predicted they would destroy the film but that Janet would not disappear, and that things wouldn't go so well because, well, they're the Facers.

Embarking on describing why I love the younger Winchester turns out to not be as easy as I first imagined it. After thinking about what I love about Dean, it came only natural to say a word about Sam. Ah, Sam… There is some ridiculous quality to it, some pathetic element as well, when you say that you’re in love with a fictional character.

He shows up in the first episode, a guy in the dark and the first words we hear him utter are ‘easy, tiger!’. It’s not James Bond. The name’s Winchester. Dean Winchester. The Dean.

Jensen Ross Ackles and Jared Tristan Padalecki both hail from Texas and they credit their similar Southern upbringings with their instant connection. “Texas is its own country,” says Ackles. “Things are just different there.” 

I remember comments throughout Season 5 about how we didn’t see Lucifer enough. Well, with an actor as well-cast as Mark Pellegrino in the role I can understand the frustration; however, true to Supernatural’s history, the season’s big bad is usually seen very few times. It’s the slow-build of the evil behind the scenes that adds to the atmosphere.
Supernatural Guests "Bonus Round" Part Four
Hi all! Here's the fourth installment of the Guests series - this one is quite long as I haven't been able to stick to one list/week during Hellatus plan very well.
Supernatural Guests Bonus Round #3 - The Children
One of Supernatural's trademarks has been the use of children to up the creep-factor of the show. Many on this list have served that purpose, while others have been hapless victims (in some cases, of the creepy children). This certainly isn 't all the children of Supernatural, but that ones that haven 't been included on any previous list of this nature. I tried to get them all (though in some cases - like Asher, brother of Michael in Something Wicked - they are an uncredited actor), so please let me know if I 've neglected someone.