For anyone who loves learning the behind the scenes work that goes into Supernatural, this is a MUST READ.  As luck would have it, Ardeospina works for a close captioning company that captions episodes for Supernatural.
Jasminka has taken on the monumental task of looking through all 100 episodes of Supernatural, gorgeous screen caps in all.  It's a five part series.  Up first, season one!
100 Guests -  Part One of Four

In honour of the 100th episode of Supernatural, I thought it'd be interesting to look back at the people who have, in one way or another, furthered the Winchester saga
The Convention Temple of Loon
Part Three

He’s here all night, ladies and gentlemen.’
Jensen Ackles on Jared Padalecki, March 28th, 2010 L.A.
Sunday. Okay. The day most people were waiting for - well, guess why? The ‘Winchesters’ were going to be in the building. From the moment I stepped down into the vault (up in the ‘normal’ hotel premises you didn’t notice anything about the con, except for some fans walking around in Supernatural-T-Shirts) I felt the vibrations had changed. There was another, more frenzied kind of excitement flooding the corridors, and the fans waiting for registration were nervous and loud.

After having slept about only three hours at the most (well, I had to remain sitting in the lobby chatting with the lovely ladies I had met on this weekend, hadn’t I, and ask for that pain. Did I mention that sleep is highly overrated?) I found the room where the breakfast with Jensen and Jared was to be held. The first big thing of this day. I was ferociously hungry and was wondering if we were actually getting time to eat. As this was my first con experience, I had no idea how this was going to go down.

I found my table (the gold ticket holders were assigned to a certain table) and strategically chose a chair as nearest to the stage as possible, so I could just turn it around and watch the guys doing their thing (luckily I was early and had plenty of chairs to choose from). Another sweet gal generously explained to me how this would go, that we were safe to eat and ‘the boys’ would come in later (and in all likelihood late).
Here's a nice speculative article from elle2 for all of you that love to speculate but not be too spoiled.  So enjoy and everyone can judge on Thursday if she's right or not.  Speculation is fun!

Yes, I'm incredibly fortunate again to get from Warner Brothers a critics episode preview.  This time, I got to see the milestone 100th episode of Supernatural, "The Point of No Return" in its entirety.  So what did I think?

Thoughts on 99 Problems
When this episode opened with a high speed chase (featuring the Impala in all her glory and being wounded with a broken window) I thought we were in for an X Hours Ago to tell us the story leading up to the chase - not what happened. The heroes instead were saved by Sacrament Lutheran Militia and informed that "this is the apocalypse" (the truck and the group attack on the demons reminded me of Gunn's crew from Angel). The boys show their trunk full of demon hunting paraphernalia as proof that their hunters and on the same side. I found myself imaging the Impala tricked out like the truck, but I think the Winchesters are more subtle in their approach (and really, they're well known enough without an even more distinctive vehicle). As an opening, this was an effective attention grabber, no doubt. It was interesting to pick this episode up seemingly in the middle of a job and not let us know - did Sam pick up the amulet? I'm sure, nay, positive that he did but all the same, the curiosity is simmering here.
Castiel offered the macabre comic relief this week. As the cynical drunk who informed Sam of the "grating" quality of his "long" message he was humorous and helpful with research. How about the tone in which he identified himself as "an angel of the lord" to the priest - that had me chuckling. And who didn't enjoy the continuity of Castiel's ongoing struggle with the cell phone? I find it particularly interesting that it was Sam and not Dean calling Cas in the beginning. Call me over-analytical, but to me it testified to Dean's increasing and alarmingly passive attitude.  True that Dean did talk to Cas later, though Dean trying to perk up Castiel by comforting him and empathizing with the daddy-situation was too short a scene for me - I wanted a little more between the two of them. However, this was arguably the only moment in the entire episode where the old Dean shone through, even for just an instant - "you get to kill the whore" - he even had a little lightness to his expression as he said this.
The angels telling the whore that Sam and Dean are okay? Yup, that sent up a red flag. We, the audience, know that if the angels were truly speaking to this girl, allegedly a prophet, no doubt Sam and Dean would be blamed for the chaos that's going on or at the very least notified to Sam and Dean's whereabouts. I was surprised, before we knew she was the Whore of Babylon, when Leah was expressing the angel's commandments that she didn't inform the townspeople to capture Dean and Sam for the angels to nab. Very suspect "angel" behaviour.
"No Rest For the Wicked"
--Robin's Rambles by Robin Vogel
Dean dreams he is running from hellhounds. He awakens just as they catch up to and leap on him. He has fallen asleep on a particularly gruesome photo of a hellhound in a book, and he looks up to Sam's worried but hopeful face--Bobby's come up with a way to find Lilith. Only 30 hours to go, notes Dean ruefully, and suggests a Mexico run instead--senoritas, cervesas, donkey show? Sam prefers to NEVER do that, even if they save Dean. Sam sits next to him and promises him he isn't going to go to hell, "I'm not gonna let you, I swear." Dean looks at his brother's face, which distorts in the awful way faces do when a soul is close to going to hell. "Yeah, OK," says Dean, clearly not believing him.
Bobby's House - Bobby sets a giant scrying tool in the middle of a map of the USA. He assures them they will know what street Lilith's on by the time he's done. He says a bit of Latin and the scrying tool stops on New Harmony, Indiana. Dean doesn't want to just go in there--they aren't sure it's Lilith, and he doesn't trust Bela. They have no idea how to kill her! Sam wants to get Ruby in on this, but Dean is equally determined to keep her out; Ruby is the Miss Universe of lying skanks--for all we know, she works for Lilith! "Give me another option!" says Sam. "Sam's right," chimes in Bobby. "NO, DAMN IT!" yells Dean, "Just no--we are not going to make the same mistakes all over again. If you guys want to save me, find something else." Bobby leaves to "find something else." Dean sits down to do more research.
99 Problems
--Robin's Rambles by Robin Vogel
I need to buy stock in a tissue company. Seriously. Kripke has killed me again, my heart, my tear ducts, everything. It's obvious that Dean's sweet, tearful farewell to Lisa (and let's face it, although he saved her son who might be his), their affair was only an affair, and while she is surely grateful to him and would have kept him around as a daddy for Ben and a highly satisfying lover afterward, I never thought of her as Dean's true love. She appeared in his dream, yes, and even mentioned Ben being at baseball practice, like she did here, but I just never got that TRUE LOVE vibe from them. They make a gorgeous couple, no doubt about that. It would have been more emotionally satisfying (with a different ending, probably), if she had told Dean Ben was his. Then again, maybe not. Dean has made up his mind to accept becoming Michael's vessel. I wonder if he realizes what that means for Sam, who he left nearly tearing out his gorgeous hair back at the hotel?
How exciting was that first scene, with Dean and Sam being chased by the demons, Sam all banged up, begging Dean to drive faster? Then the demons got them and were dragging Sam from the car?  The contraption on top of the saviors truck was something I recall Jensen mentioning at one of the fests—a giant sprayer on top of a truck? That was GREAT!