Okay, here it is, the big 100!!!  I've already seen the episode, but I haven't seen it in full HD glory.  Given the LOADS of drama and strife in this episode, not to mention those non-verbal glares that kill us in about eighty different ways, HD is required. 

So, when its all done, or when you have to do the rewatch (which you will), come here and tell me what you think!  Do you agree with my preview?  Happy episode day everyone and enjoy this gem.

100 Guests: Part Three of Four
Well, here is part three. Now we're almost through everyone.
Up next -  the top 25 Supernatural Guests.
The first season had already been a revelation in terms of magnificent television, and the Winchesters' agonizing story became a part of our lives. Fictional characters we couldn't live without. And we didn't have to - the second season started with a bang and hardly ever allowed us to breathe, Not, as if that would change in the following seasons,

-atic. (or Doric. Groans and stares.)

-dom (or sub, if that's your gig.)
I have a friend I've turned into a Supernatural fan, of sorts.  He likes the show, but the problem is that he's a wimp about the horror bits, and will only watch as long as someone is sitting on the sofa beside him. 
I miss those days of pranks and jokes
The little digs, the jabs and the pokes.
The plastic spoon and crazy glue
Hearing of the Nair in the shampoo
Thursday, Supernatural will go where few television shows have gone before: The 100 episode mark. That is a MAJOR milestone for any series, let alone one on such a small network as the CW.
With the 100th episode of SUPERNATURAL being shown this week, I can't help reflecting on how I came to love this show. Oddly enough, it wasn't love at first sight.